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Alien Implants

Here is an interview I gave to the Crystal Channelers’ Oddities e-club Newletter about etherical implants:


And here is a list of some the countries that currently have deals with ET’s and the approximate dates these were made:

1922-1925 USA

1932 Canada, UK

1935 Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, Venezuela, Netherlands’ Antilles, Surinam, French Guyana, Colombia, Brazil, South Africa.

1992 Denmark

1995 Germany, Sweden, Norway, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Lichtenstein, Belgium.

2000 Finland

2012, Greece

2015, France

2016, Italy, Germany

2015, France
2016, Italy, Germany2015, France2016, Italy, Germany

2017, Spain, Catalonia

Among other countries, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, Jamaica and Haiti also have such contracts. The list is by no means complete, but the following countries do not have such a contract: Cuba, Ecuador, The Bahamas, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Russia and the United Arab Emirates.

This information has been given to me by my coworker’s and my spirit guide.

I’ve had countless cases of implants and abductions consulting me, but who never sought therapy. Here are some of them who did start the treatment, as an illustration to the info already given. The one origin in common to nearly everyone´s problem are negative karmic issues:

Åsa, in Sweden, got her 124 implants from associating with the wrong people in one of her jobs (but she also had several entities form past lives). She worked closely with a supervisor who turned out to have a subconscious deal with aliens. Along with her, the same thing happened to her boyfriend. We worked thoroughly on her entities and guided her for over a year and we even started taking off her implants. She then sent us a list of over 500 people to be blocked by our spirit guides (to stop their entities from affecting her) but interrupted the implant operation procedure. Hopefully she’ll resume it once the blockings are finished. The implants caused her bodily aches, misperceptions, negative feelings and bad luck.

Cynthia from the UK, 65, pulled through up to the end. She had picked up hundreds of implants at the meetings of a group that was supposed to channel archangel Michael. That was however not the case, since the channelings came from ET’s who used soul energy as fuel for their planet. We worked for a year with her, and she proved to be one of our most cooperative implanted clients. The aliens put up a fierce fight against her and us, turning her electrical appliances crazy or causing malfunctions, giving her nightmares, bad luck and bodily aches. Somewhere in the middle of the operations, they placed a gigantic machine on top of her, with the intention to suck in her soul. Our spirit guides got rid of it, she had a brain implant operation session and she was able to free herself totally. A few months after that, she wrote to us again, complaining about similar nightmares and symptoms as before. These appeared right after she got a shiatsu therapy session from her nephew. It turned out he had a subconscious contract with some dark ET race and his aliens were attacking her. Our guide’s advice was to stick it out until they stopped, or have a session to block them. No aliens could place any implants into her again, after the protective coating she got from Spirit, so she wasn’t in any real danger. Unfortunately, people with a contract from this lifetime are nearly impossible to persuade that there’s something wrong with them, so I don’t think she even bothered to alert her nephew.

Bertrán from Peru, 32, had four implants in his hand and brain. He couldn’t sleep, his life was at a standstill, he couldn’t find a job nor go ahead with any plan whatsoever. Those implants came from a lifetime on another planet, where he was a slave. He made a deal with his superiors to become the slaves’ boss, in exchange for attracting more slaves. He suffered a lot and for a long time until his karma was balanced. He went to 207 spirit releasement therapists who were unable to help him, and then he found us. We freed him from his entities and our guide took off the implants. The same night he told us that at last he had been able to sleep.

Sarah and Sylvia from the US, two psychics whom I had hired many years ago to set my boyfriend free from black magic (before I got involved with doing it myself), proved to be totally controlled by the entities they were mistakenly cooperating with. They didn’t remember or realize major matters about the work they did and e-mails and letters to them were kept from arriving to their destinations. They asked for exorbitant amounts of money and the results were practically zero. When I asked my guide about them, he revealed to me that they had hundreds of implants that had also caused them a poor health. We have been leading to the light hundreds of malevolent ET’s that worked with them and who were attacking us, and our guides have been extracting their implants, since we’re connected karmically. I doubt that I’ll ever get any money back from them though.

Anette from Canada, 54, had hundreds of entities and implants and several karmic past life issues. She had bodily aches and bad luck and had been a victim of sexual abuse. We started working with her, but she disappeared before the last SRT (Spirit Releasement Therapy) session, so we never got around to taking off her implants. Unfortunately, these devices are highly effective so as to deter people from making the right choices. The aliens had also taken most of her soul fragments away, but they were gathered by our spirit helpers and are now awaiting her to seek therapy. We have free will down here and only when we ask for help is Spirit allowed to give it to us.

Another similar example was Johan from Sweden, 19. He had around 140 implants which had karmic origins. He had suffered in every way and felt practically dead. Once we did the soul retrieval session, he started smoking pot more and more, he didn’t take the medicines the doctors had prescribed (and which our guide deemed necessary for a while), and that made him going totally paranoid. He wrote dozens of e-mails to us daily, accusing us of being pirates and conmen, and many other things. He even posted such accusations on public forums. He apologized at some point, but the accusations started all over again and he stopped the treatment.

Yet another Swede, Peter, 43, interrupted the therapy just before the last SRT session. He had been very uncooperative, since our guide had told him to stop experimenting with metaphysical activities and objects during the treatment, and he didn’t. His symptoms weren’t apparent yet, although he had hundreds of implants, and that’s what must have misled him into underestimating his need for treatment. During the therapy he was nearly abducted many times, but our helpers stopped the alien attacks. We never heard from him again though, so there’s no telling what happened.

Felix, from Spain,36,  had a karmic entity which invited alien races to experiment on him. They had filled him with implants, making it impossible for him to get a girl friend or a steady job. Moreover, he had been going to all the wrong people for help, which ruined him financially. During the session, he stumbled on his own fears and prejudices. He refused to believe that he was gay in his past life and dropped the therapy.

Another unfortunate example was Trygve, 29, from Norway, who also got his implants from the aliens his past life entity had invited. They made him fall in love with the wrong woman. The aliens transmitted commands to him through the implants, telling him to stab or kill her. He got locked up in an institution. He had a great will for healing and our cooperation was beautiful. We had taken off every single one of the hundreds of implants he had, and the time for the brain session had arrived. His answer was that he didn’t feel like having it at that point. Soon after that, the implants turned him dumb and without any emotion whatsoever. He was transferred to another clinic. After three months he got back and wrote to me about what had happened. He had lost faith in healing and wasn’t even sure what God wanted for him. I told him God wanted us to get stronger and fight back whoever wanted to enslave us, but it was up to him to get his faith back. Unless he asks for help, Spirit cannot give it to him.

I’ll add one more similar example, Helena, 54, from the US. She had many phobias and blockages, her life was at a standstill, she was practically unable to get out of her house and she was in and out of the hospital, with serious physical illnesses. She had also been abducted at least once and had her eggs removed. We did a great job with her at the beginning, getting rid of all her entities, contracts, curses and leading to the light her earthbound beloved ones.  She became more active and joyful. She had 5 huge implants that resulted from a past life deal with an alien. We took all of them off and she only had the brain sessions left. That’s when she canceled us time and time again, until the day when she accused us of wanting to take off to Brazil with the 100 euros she was supposed to send us for the session. I must add that she hadn’t even paid for the last implant we had taken off. People’s reactions never cease to amaze me…

Cecilia from Sweden had around 20 implants after having been tracked down by dark ET’s, because of her positive implant. The positive implant had been put in place by her spirit guide, to cover up a lost soul fragment, but it was a signal to the dark aliens. The dark implants were however inactive, and she only needed one session to have them all taken off at once. After that she felt lighter and happier. Her relationships also got better. This proves how important it is to do a spiritual check-up. Etherical implants, when still caught fresh, are easy, quick and inexpensive to remove. Once they get old, they become one with the body and the personality and the therapy takes a year.

Joanna and Kostas, a young couple from Greece were financially ruined, their decisions turned out wrong, they had many aches, no work and constant bad luck. Aside from having each their entity, they also shared many implants. These stemmed from a life in Utah, in 1845, in which they were mormons.  They were siblings back then. Their mother had died young and their father was raising them and their baby brother. When the girl was 15, her father started having sex with her. He felt he had to get satisfaction in order to be able to work better. When the boy was 12, he was told by his father that he also had to have sex with his sister, for the same reason. She didn’t even know what sex was, and she thought it was normal. However, one day their brother-in-law heard the baby crying when he was near the house. He thought the father was out working and stepped in. He saw him naked while taking care of the baby and the two siblings having sex. He was so shocked that he grabbed his gun and shot father and son dead, as well as the girl, by accident. He took the baby to his wife. The same night, the wife woke up. Her husband was missing. She went to the kitchen, and there he was lying dead. He had shot himself. She ran away with the baby, but the whole village was in turmoil, after finding out about the killings. They put the houses on fire so as to chase away the demons that had gotten a hold of them.  They accused the woman of participating to the orgies. She couldn’t live in that society any more, she climbed up to a hill and jumped to her death, together with the baby, who survived. This weird behavior from all the people involved was the result of their implants, which they got from being members of this sect and which controlled them.  Unfortunately, the couple interrupted the treatment for unknown reasons after the SRT session.

Eleonora, from Sweden, was also born a mormon, but she got more implants from associating with the Galactic Federation and the Evangelical Church, in total 18. The implants made her see false images during meditation and blocked her from remembering the truth. The Evangelists’ implant was physical, in her brain, and very painful. She faced countless attacks during the therapy but demonstrated great courage and perseverance and she is now coming close to the end of the operations.

Donald from Australia, got 17 implants because he went to a therapist associated with the Great White Brotherhood and the Ascended masters. During therapy, the ET´s got to him for a while, when he felt life useless, but a mere reminder from my part put him back on track, and he´s also approaching the final success.

Roberto, 23, Puerto Rico, had 9 implants because of his mother, who had a deal with ET´s, both in their past life and their current one. Unfortunately, the implants made him paranoid about his parents, since he thought they hated them and were attacking him psychically. When I insisted that that wasn´t true, he dropped the therapy.

Panayotis, Greece, had 12 implants, but none in his brain, which is very rare, especially for people with karmic issues. He had made a deal with an ET in a past life, in 1949, when, as a little boy, he wished he’d do anything to experience flying in a flying saucer. The alien helped him become a pilot and he had the privilege to fly on an antigravity spaceship, but later on the alien decided to kill him by making his plane crash. The fact that he in this lifetime always prayed didn’t allow the ET’s to put an implant in his brain. The treatment is developing fine, and he´s not getting the extreme symptoms that others are.

Debbie, 22, from the Netherlands, had a relationship with an incarnated dark ET (without knowing it of course) and felt stress and body aches. She went to a shaman who found two baby beings inside of her. He put some sort of powder into her vagina and they came out. One of them bit the shaman. They looked monstrous, like some of the beings being born by other women. One can see such births in Youtube video clips. Debbie contacted me after that, as she felt under psychic attack. She had broken up with her boyfriend, but she felt a third baby inside of her. My guide confirmed its existence. The ET´s mission was just that, to bring more of his kind into this world. His astral companions had also put 22 implants into Debbie. We have just started the treatment, but she has been very courageous so far, in spite of the shock. Usually those ET babies are astral, and their mothers never find out that they had them, but occasionally they are of flesh and blood.

Gerald, 62, also from Holland, was having trouble with several entities who brought stagnation to his life and made noises in his apartment. He went to many therapists. Some of them were light, but could only help him partially, others were dark and made the problem worse. One of them cooperated with aliens without her knowledge, and they placed 7 implants into him. He also had a powerful shadow which we worked for two years with. He eventually got much better and we are now proceeding with the operations. He´s taking a reiki training and has a good contact with his intuition, telling apart the truth from the lies. He has also done something hardly anyone does: He has been asking the angels for signs about me and my guides, to make sure he´s on the right path. And they have been giving lots of them to him. In his case he saw for years the numbers 22 and 11, whenever we talked on Skype, or met in person. When he would glance at the clock, the time would be 11:22, 22:11, or something similar.

Steve, 35, from Belgium, got attacked while reading a book about how aliens are collaborating with government agencies and since then things got worse and worse for him, up to the point of him not feeling his soul. He felt empty, like a robot. We found out that he had a past life deal with an alien entity, one he made unconsciously when he wished he would give anything to have a girl he liked. The entity gave him that girl, but after a short affair they both lost interest and parted. He spent that lifetime alone and after death the alien got his soul. In this lifetime he found him again, placed 5 implants in his body and stole a big part of his soul. This happens to many people who nevertheless don´t feel it. Steven could feel it because he´s psychically very sensitive. My guide started working at debilitating his ET and gathering his soul, but Steven didn´t have the necessary patience. When we had gathered 69% of his soul, he asked me to interrupt, although he had paid for the whole therapy. I found out what happened to him through another client whom I had put in contact with Steven, because they had similar problems. She told me Steven went to a dark shaman, thinking she would be quicker than us. Within two weeks the shaman´s alien entities had taken the rest of Steven´s soul and switched it with one of their own in his body. This is what most dark aliens do. But that client of mine is a spiritual warrior, and although she wasn´t all cleansed yet, she was able to send that alien and Steven´s prisoner soul to the light with her divine sword. The light proceeded to placing a light warrior into that body who´s destined to fight against the dark powers at the upcoming armageddon. Steven and my other client are to be in the same army. Steven will have to work on patience in his next incarnation. The light warrior soul is not feeling his soul either, so he is also being tested. Hopefully he will chose the right therapist.

Lennart, Sweden, contacted me about his mother, who had many problems, among others depression. My guides found she had a bit over 100 implants, but Lennart had also implants, albeit inactive. He paid for starting the therapy, and the guides also took part of his implants off, but he soon focused on another issue. His communication with other people was always thwarted by some sort of invisible power. People would just stop communicating with him. My guides found that some highly placed people were doing that to him, and they couldn´t help him with that at that point. He said that that was his most important problem and I didn´t hear from him again, except when he sent me some friendly e-mails.

Dimitri, 24, from Greece, sought to join the freemasons in a country I won´t mention, in order to get help with his carrier, ignoring that they belong to the dark forces. They asked him for a huge amount of money, which he didn´t have, so he turned them down.  Their goal was to make him do something illegal, by going against his principles. Upon returning to his home country he started feeling under psychic attack. He told his mother it came from the freemasons. He felt something foreign in his brain and he had a brain scan done. He got worse and worse, to the point of not being able to function socially. His parents went to several therapists and priests, and at some point they did see some improvement. But their son got worse again, and after his mother prayed to mother Mary and asked her for the truth, she found my website. The truth was as follows: His mother´s sister is a red soul, an incarnated ET who got back at the whole family for escaping her scam in a past life. She sent him an ET who placed 234 implants in his body and started stealing his soul. Moreover, she´s the one who made him think of joining the freemasons. They made a golem and sent it to him, turning him crazy. Dimitri didn´t just visit them, he took part in some rituals and it was too late to change his mind. He had seen too much and he had to be exterminated. The golem is being nourished with human and animal sacrifices. The worst part is that the chief freemason who made the golem is Dimitri´s red self, a part of his own higher self who turned dark side. So we have our work cut out for us.

I had three implants, stemming from a life in Mexico, in 1680, in which I made a pact at ten with an alien in exchange for acquiring riches and language skills. The aliens’ plan for this life was to get me raped and give birth to a red one, thanks to the implant they had placed in my womb. They have failed, since I didn’t renew my contract from that lifetime and found my way to the truth. The implants caused me fatigue, myomas and head aches.

The most extreme example is my boyfriend Theo, who has hundreds of implants which are a result of black magic from his brother. They are twin flames, but because of a curse, the brother has been making a deal with ET’s in every lifetime he has had until now. This has given him great power, but has also turned him into a robot, who can’t stop calling dark entities and sending them to us two. His soul goes in and out of his body and has a relatively good position in the ET hierarchy, while many ET’s are inhabiting his physical body. We cleared Theo of around 40 karmic entities and hundreds of aliens, 140 thorns and three slave collars. These collars are placed right before a soul is taken away as a slave to the alien planet. Ethericil thorns are put in place with a code number on each one of them which keeps changing, to make the extraction difficult. His implants ran also in the hundreds. For this task Spirit has sent entire armies of helpers who are blocking the armies the brother is calling in. Theo has made noticeable changes, from being an obedient and programmed slave to his brother, to rebelling and leaving the family business and starting a business of his own.

Finally, implants are placed by many governmental and private organizations whose goal is mind control, human sacrifices, terrorism and enslavement of the human race. High technology is used, like cloning of humans, human-like robots, zombie viruses and other mindboggling experiments. But only the top members of those organizations know the truth. The rest think they´re helping humanity. These matters are exposed in two forums I helped set up, and . The languages are Swedish and Dutch, but the forums consist mostly of video´s, which are in English.