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Werewolves and Malcheh

Do werewolves exist? And if they exist, what is their relationship with the full moon? There are many legends about werewolves, but no one knows for sure if they were ever real, and if so whether they’re still around. While looking at my clients’ past lives I have discovered under what circumstances someone can turn into that wild creature and what its fate is like.

Anna, 39

-England, 1616. Anna lived in the countryside and as a child she would play with animals. Among them was a wolf cub that grew up with her and became her pet. They often played catch and when Anna caught him they would roll over on the floor, laughing and hugging each other. Her mother warned her to be careful, because the wolf had grown up and it was after all a wild animal. But they loved each other and nothing bad happened. When Anna grew up, a boy from a well-to-do family came along and she decided to marry him. So she moved to the city. The boy's family had profitable businesses and he was in charge of promoting them. At the same time he studied mysticism with a few friends. They ran experiments and rituals that they found in occult books. Thanks to them they achieved success and power. He talked a bit about those experiments to Anna. She didn’t know anything about all that and listened to him with interest. He saw the whole thing in a rather scientific way. They couldn’t have children, so he investigated about that. He found a ritual with menstruation blood and suggested to her to do it. At first she was reluctant, but he convinced her. She put some of her period blood in a vial and went to the castle where they performed the ritual. There were his friends who also wanted to participate for their own benefit. They brought wolf blood, because the ritual was dedicated to the wolf-god and the characteristics of that animal. As Anna had fond memories of her childhood friend, she didn’t think negatively about it. They mixed Anna's blood with the animal’s and her husband’s, as well as her husband's sperm, in order to beget a son. They read the words of the ritual and asked to be like the wolf-god. With this ritual, Anna became pregnant, but they also all became werewolves. It was activated by the full moon, which had more strength than its other phases, since the ritual mentioned its strength. They became wild animals that smashed the windows open and ran to the forest to kill animals and humans, eat them and drink their blood. At dawn they went back home, where they slept and woke up in human form, not remembering anything. They thought that a wild animal had come in at night and broken the window. Anna gave birth. Her son was also a werewolf who did the same thing as his parents every full moon. But the community was alerted by the deaths of so many people and the bodies that were found and sent patrols with shotguns to the forest. All three of them were caught while killing an animal. The patrolmen shot them dead. The wolf god of the ritual was a nephilim called malcheh who had a gigantic, human-like hairy body and a wolf's head. The malcheh took them to Agartha where they were also born as malcheh. Their mission was to make deals with humans, like the malcheh they belonged to.

Anna's childhood friend had been given to her to help her distinguish between pure friendship between humans and animals on one hand and satanic rituals which encompassed mixing human and animal DNA on the other. But Anna didn’t get the message.

Marcela, 48

-Guatemala, 1811. Marcela was from a very poor family and she spent her childhood days on the streets, begging for money and food. One day a woman approached her and offered her to work for her as an assistant and in return she would get food and shelter. Marcela told her parents and they wanted to see the woman. She told them she was a seer and helped people heal with herbs. The parents agreed on the condition that if the girl wasn’t pleased she would be allowed to leave. Marcela became the woman's assistant. She also cast spells when clients asked for it. She had spell books and many pots with herbs and other ingredients. Marcela was fascinated by all that and soon became the witch’s apprentice. She helped her throughout her life and the woman told her that when she went to the next world her house and work would belong to Marcela's. The witch died and Marcela got everything. She became very successful. She bought more shadow books and learned more spells. She married a hunter who would bring her animals to be sacrified, because the new spells she found required it. In a grimoire she found the ritual of the great wolf-god that gave absolute respect and power. She decided to do it as an experiment. When her husband killed a wolf he brought her some of his blood. She mixed it with hers in a bowl, uttered the spell words and waited for the results. They were immediate. Her clients and acquaintances showed her more respect and no longer questioned anything she said. Her husband acted the same way. However, upon the first full moon, she turned into a wolf. She killed her husband and ran out of the window. She went to the nearby forest and killed several animals and even humans. At dawn she transformed herself back into a woman and returned home, her clothes all torn up and not remembering a single thing. She found her husband dead and assumed a wild animal had attacked them and she had fled to the forest. The police thought the same. But when the next full moon came, those events repeated themselves. She got worried and asked the police to watch her house every full moon. When she transformed and jumped out of the window, the cops shot the wolf they saw dead. They got into the house, afraid to find Rita dead, but she was nowhere to be found. At dawn, the wolf turned into Marcela. People concluded that this was the punishment the witch got and burned her and her house. Her malcheh took her soul and incarnated her in Agartha as another malcheh.

Aurora, 27

-Ireland, 1682. Aurora was a quiet child who helped her mother and brother at home. She dreamed of having her own home. Her father was a carpenter and she used to sculpt decorative wooden objects. When she grew up she met a boy, the son of one of her father’s clients. She made some objects for them and they met. They were compatible and they got married. The boy worked in his father's business. He met some influential people who were in some secret organization. Aurora and her husband didn’t seem to be able to have children and they were very worried. The members of that organization told them they could help them, because they knew innovative scientific practices, since among them there were doctors and biologists. They wanted to have some of his sperm and her period blood in order to study their case. The husband told Aurora all this and she accepted, albeit with some misgivings. The people in the organization did a ritual dedicated to a malcheh with their DNA without telling them and gave them a potion to promote fertility. They took it and Aurora soon got pregnant, believing it was because of the drink. At the next full moon they both became werewolves, ran into the forest and killed animals and humans. That happened with every full moon. At dawn they became human again and got back home without recalling anything. Nine months later Aurora gave birth in the forest, while a werewolf. Her son was also born in that state. The transformations continued until the night patrol killed all three of them, believing they were wolves. When their bodies were transformed into humans, they thought they were witches and burned them. The malcheh of the deals took their souls to Agartha where they were born as malcheh.

Antonio, 34

-England, 1525. Antonio was a rebellious and lively boy. He and his friends had progressive ideas. They recognized social and religious oppression and were looking for a way to create their own world. When they grew up they went to college. One of Antonio’s friends studied history, the other one medicine and Antonio studied chemistry and physics. They became respectively a history professor, a doctor and a physics and chemistry professor. They sought hidden knowledge so as to excel among ordinary people. Antonio developed further into an alchemist and magician and his two friends helped him with their knowledge. They cast a spell for success and power and Antonio investigated the grimoires and experimented with several things. With the help of his medical friend, he cast a spell to create life. He had intercourse with a dead woman and 9 months later a homunculus was born, a 4 inches tall human being. He served Antonio as an assistant in his magical investigations. Antonio’s friends got married and had children, whereas he chose to be alone, as he didn’t want to get distracted in his explorations. All three of them decided to cast the spell of the great wolf-god, after the suggestion of the homunculus. It would give them more power and glory. They went to the forest to hunt down a wolf and get some of its blood. They took it to Antonio's house and at the next full moon they cast the spell. They masturbated and mixed their sperm with the wolf’s blood. The spell was successful, because after that everybody admired and respected them. But at the next full moon, they were transformed into wolves. The two friends killed their wives, because they saw them turn into wolves and screamed in horror. Then they ran to the forest. Antonio, also transformed into a wolf, found them there. They killed and ate some animals and even hunters who were out there at dawn. Then they regained their human form, having forgotten everything. They returned home all bloody and with their clothes in rags. The police was waiting for them there, at the friends’ house, since the neighbors had heard the noise and seen the dead women. They also found the other corpses at the forest. They figured out they were sorcerers and sent them to the stake. Antonio wasn’t discovered, since he lived alone. The homunculus told him that this was the preparatory phase before becoming gods and that there was no other way. Antonio took his precautions and went to the forest every full moon before the transformation. There he turned into a wolf, killed animals and humans and came home at dawn. The police realized that there must be more werewolves around and patroled the city, controling who went to the forest at night. They ended up seeing the professor head there and return all bloody. And he also ended up at the stake. Finally, they got into his house, found the homunculus and threw it along with all the books and other materials and objects to the fire. The malcheh who helped the three friends took their souls to Agartha where they were born as malcheh.

Demetri, 25

Germany, 1816. Demetri was the son of a second-hand shop owner and when he grew up he worked there, while his father ran another business. He discovered some occult books and began to read them, out of curiosity. He decided to cast a spell for professional success, just to see if it worked. Soon the clientele increased considerably. Later he cast a spell to get himself a good and beautiful wife. He met one like that and they got married. They had children and everything went well. One day a client asked for occult books and the two men got to know each other better. He was an occultist. He lived in a castle with his wife and children and he invited Demetri over. He was also an alchemist and had made gold. They became friends and the two families got acquainted. One day he told Demetri he was planning to do a very strong ritual, for absolute power. Everyone would obey them with that ritual. But a wolf had to be hunted down. Demetri thought it was a good idea and they went hunting. They killed a wolf, extracted a portion of its blood and took it along. Once in the castle they masturbated, stored the sperm and mixed it with the wolf’s blood. Then they did the ritual, dedicating themselves to the great wolf-god. After that their children and wives obeyed them every time, there were no arguments any more. And other people consented in everything. But with the next full moon, at night, they became werewolves. That happened in bed. The first thing they did was to kill their wives and break out of the window. They met in the forest, where they killed some animals and people. The children heard the noise, went to see what was going on and saw the wolf jumping out of the window. And they found their mother dead. They alerted the neighbors who called the police. Patrols were sent to the forest and the bodies were found. Some policemen stayed near the houses. At dawn the two men returned each to their house, with their memory erased. They were covered with blood and had remains of torn clothing on. The police suspected that they were sorcerers and arrested them. They told them that if nothing unusual happened at the next full moon, they would be released. If not, they would be executed. After a month in jail, both turned again into werewolves. The guards executed them from outside the cell, horrified. The two men were born as malcheh in Agartha.

Rita, 56

-Wales, 1474. Rita was from a poor family and her mother was often sick. Her father was mostly absent, working or getting drunk. The mother eventually died and Rita had to take care of herself and her sister. Later on the father died too, in an accident, and the girls were left alone. They lost the house and they had to live on the street. They went to the city and Rita was picked up by an old woman. She turned out to be a witch and taught her all the secrets. When she died her house and work went over to Rita. She had many clients she did sexual bindings for, but also black magic, healing, you name it. She also bound the men she wanted. She enjoyed them for a while and then sent them away. The power intoxicated her and she wanted to have more. She decided to do the wolf-god ritual. She sent a hunter out to bring her wolf blood, mixed it with her period and cast the spell. And she did have more power. Everyone obeyed her and everything went her way. At the next full moon, she became a werewolf, tore her clothes off and went to the forest where she killed several animals and humans. She returned at dawn half-naked and with blood all over her body. She didn’t remember anything about what happened. The wolf-god (malcheh) she did the spell for told her telepathically that to thank him for the power he had given her she should serve him every full moon in the forest. There were enemies there who attacked her, but thanks to her new supernatural power they couldn’t harm her more than with a couple of scratches. And not to worry, he wouldn’t let the authorities or wild animals do anything to her. The police began to investigate. The same thing happened again at the next full moon. The policemen saw a big wolf attacking blindly and they shot it dead. At dawn, it got back its human aspect, so everyone knew it was Rita, the witch. They burned her and her house. The malcheh took her soul to Agartha where she was born as a malcheh, having forgotten everything about her life as a human and the nephilim’s deception.

Elena, 55

-Germany, 1611. Elena was a merchant’s daughter. When she was all grown up, her father did business with another merchant and his son. Elena met them and there was attraction between the two youngsters. They got to know each other better, they got engaged and married. They lived outside of the city, in a big house. They traveled a lot for the husband's business. He often met two of his friends, an alchemist and a doctor. They studied occult books and exchanged information. They also ran experiments. Elena couldn’t get pregnant and her husband suggested a recipe he had found in those books, mixing sperm, period blood and wolf blood while saying the words of the ritual. She accepted, since she saw it as something scientific and not magic. They did the ritual together with their two friends and Elena became pregnant. But at the next full moon they turned into werewolves. They ran out of the house and into the forest where they killed animals and humans. They came back at dawn, not recalling anything. His friends had the same experience and concluded that it must be some kind of tribute to the wolf-god of the ritual. They heard that after their escapade there were dead people, but they thought that the wolves had become enraged with the ritual and that those wolves were responsible for the killings. Elena gave birth and her son also turned into a werewolf at each full moon. Then one of the friends was killed by the patrols. They buried him the same night, so they didn’t see him turn human. The other three believed he had disappeared. At the next full moon, the other friend was shot. He was seen change into a man and people assumed he was a sorcerer. That’s when Elena and her husband figured out the truth, horrified. They decided to chain themselves and the child to the bed before the next full moon. That way they would stay at home and wouldn’t kill anyone. However, they didn’t know that werewolves had supernatural strength. All three broke the chains off and went to the forest. But the patrols had increased and they were all killed. The malcheh of their deals took their souls to Agartha to reincarnate as malcheh.

Another way to become a malcheh is to do this ritual on purpose, knowing that one will be transformed at each full moon. It’s done in some secret organizations like Freemasonry. The difference is that these werewolves don’t run to the forest to kill, the process is under control, as they have consciously chosen it. What I don’t know is whether they make animal and human sacrifices every month to honor the wolf- god who has made them into supposed gods. Most probably, as such sacrifices are common in those organizations.

In the Armageddon that has been taking place between 2015 and 2018, all the Nephilim were killed in all the planets and universes and can’t be born again as long as the Light Millennium lasts. Whoever does the wolf-god ritual loses their soul but will be reborn as a simple red, an instrument of a demon who will take the malcheh’s place. After the Millennium, the malcheh will reappear and take over these souls.

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