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The Sabbath and the balah

High-rank demons such as Samael or Lilith have their own rituals, but of special interest are those dedicated to the Nephilim, since whoever does a ritual in their honor gets  transformed into a Nephilim after death, and not in a simple demon. We have already seen the bahomeh and the malcheh and now we have the balah, who have a goat’s head and legs. Here is a list of the characteristics of all nephilim races:

Miran, 56

-Germany, 1477. Miran and his friends went out every afternoon to play. One of them found a grimoire in his grandparents' library and took it away secretly. The children were intrigued and very interested. They had found a new toy. They read the spells and the information about the occult and commented on them. They came to the conclusion that all that was forbidden because it could give you a lot of power and those who already had it didn’t want ordinary people to discover it, because they didn’t want to share the available riches. So they started doing the spells. They cast a success spell where they used their blood. And they swore they wouldn’t reveal the secret to anyone, or else they would die. There was also a ritual that made them laugh, because a goat had to participate. They decided to do it when they found an animal they could use without anyone suspecting. They grew up and they were very successful. Miran became a wholesaler. They went on seeing each other and shared their experiences. One of them had set up a farm with crops and animals. And he bought a goat. So they decided to do the ritual. It was the so-called Sabbath, named so by the Inquisition. They put robes on, stood in a circle and read the secret words, giving their adoration to the goat god. They used the symbols of the spell and one after the other went up to the goat to kiss its testicles. Then they masturbated. The one who was done first had to masturbate the animal. They collected everyone’s sperm, put it in a container along with the animal's and finished the ritual with a few more words. After that ritual their power increased exponentially. But once reaching its zenith, when almost the whole city was theirs, the plague came. All of them died, the first one being the farmer.

Their souls were taken to Agartha and Miran and his friends were born as balah.

Tim, 25

-France, Bordeaux, 1511. Tim was a boy who lived in the countryside. As a teenager he had a girlfriend, his neighbor. One summer they were lying in a corn field and she heard him talking about the future and the world. He told her that the world was unfair because a few people had absolute power thanks to hidden knowledge. He thought that the church had imposed itself in that way and had forbidden that knowledge by calling it satanic, to maintain its power and wealth. He said that in the city he could find books that contained those secrets. He then went to the city to work. He asked around where he could find old books and they sent him to an antique shop. The seller told him he had a book with secrets, but it was expensive. Tim worked until he earned enough money. Then he went to buy the book. In the afternoon, after work, he read it. He decided to do the ritual dedicated to the goat god, because it looked different from the others and very mysterious. It was to acquire power, respect and riches. When he returned to the countryside to spend his summer vacation, he told his girlfriend everything. He told her they would need the village goat. They organized it and one night they took the animal and went out to the field to do the ritual. She had brought blood from her period and he masturbated. Then he did the same to the animal, gathered those three elements together in a bowl, read out the ritual text and at the end kissed the goat’s testicles. Tim went back to the city and his job, which was in a store. One night he found a bag full of valuable coins in a street corner. He took it and left. It was enough money to start his own business. He set up a food store. He imported part of the products from the farmhouse and bought other products. They ones from the farm contained the cheese from the sheep that had mated with the goat. His girlfriend went to work with him. They got married, had children and many loyal customers. One day one of their children took ill. The doctors couldn’t cure him and he died. Several of their clients had already died. It looked like an epidemic of a stomach ailment. Later on the same thing happened to his other children, then to his wife and finally to him. The balah chose that way to take all those who ate the products made with dirty DNA, from the goat involved in the ritual (they had a second deal with dark powers, since they sold that spiritually contaminated product). The balah took the couple’s soul to Agartha where they were born as balahs.

George, 48.

-Germany, 1517. George was an active and ambitious boy who went around doing errands in order to earn some money. When he grew up he went to school to study engineering. There he got some friends who were also ambitious. They knew there were useful secrets in occult books. They found one and studied it. They decided to do the goat ritual, because it was the most convenient one and they didn’t have to kill anyone. One of them got a hold of a goat and one night the other two went to meet him, out of town, and do the ritual. They masturbated the animal, themselves, said the words of dedication to the great goat-god and kissed the animal's bottom. The goat god gave them a successful life and a lot of money. Each one prevailed in a different city and they often traveled to one of the other two cities to see each other. George got married and had both children and lovers. When he reached the peak of his professional success, the goat god gave him syphilis. He died in horrible pain. The balah nephilim took his soul away and he was reborn as a balah.

My grandmother, my mother and my father

-France, Paris, 1840. My mother and father were siblings and lived in the countryside. My grandmother lived near them and they were friends. They often played outside, exploring. My father was good at fixing things and finding practical solutions. As they grew up, he thought a lot about society, religion and culture. He criticized the oppression imposed by religion. It was clear to him that women’s positio and sexuality would never change if religion didn’t disappear, since all prejudices were caused by that. He also said that people could acquire power and live as they wished, but that information was in occult books, which the church had forbidden to make people afraid and submissive and to be able to govern them. The girls listened to him and thought that his thinking was logical and correct. My grandmother's brother had gone to the city to work, at an antique shop. She asked him to find one of those occult books. He did, the children (teenagers by then) gathered the money and bought it. My grandmother hid it in the barn hay and took it out when they met for their studying sessions. They decided to cast some spells, but only a few, because they might be seen and that was dangerous. They did one at night, under the moon light, to free themselves from oppression and to have clarity of thought. Then they decided to do the goat ritual, for which the Inquisition had sentenced so many people to death. They thought he must give a lot of power, since so many had been persecuted because of it. The girls put blood from their period in a bowl and the three of them went out at night. They brought out the goat from my grandmother's stable. They said the ritualistic words and my father masturbated the animal and himself. He put the animal's semen and his in a container, along with the girls' blood. They said more words and proceeded to kiss the animal’s testicles one after another, giving thus their veneration to the great goat god. My father went to the city to study and became a business advisor. He married my grandmother, while my mother married my grandmother's brother. They all moved to the city and worked with business and commerce. They did well financially. My father had high ideals, he wanted to change society, liberate it from church oppression. He ran into people with the same ideals and spent many afternoons talking about various topics. The plan was to free women and sexuality. He joined the Masonic lodge, which could carry out that plan. My mother and grandmother founded a women’s group to work with women’s lib. They worked a lot on that and they got many more women to join them. They introduced high magic and various witchcraft rituals to them and even performed sexual rituals, the orgy style. When their balah was satisfied with their work, he gave them all three the syphilis from which they died. The nephs took their souls to Agartha, where they were born as balah. Freemasons had thus laid the foundations of the new world order. The price of this slip was very high for my parents. Their nephs took them to Mexico, to 34,000 BC, where the Nephilim reigned openly on this side of the Earth. There they became the local balah king and queen. They demanded human sacrifices because human flesh and blood are their favorite dish, since they have been created that way (by cloning). Their victims were the disobedient, those who broke the laws or caused problems. The soldiers arrested them and took them to the priests who killed them and offered the lords their blood and flesh. I was destined from birth to be a priestess of the Nephilim at that time. Although I didn’t want to, I did it to study them closely and find a solution. There were more humans who wanted the same thing, but we didn’t know how. Until one day when I was sitting out on a rock, thinking about what to do, Archangel Michael appeared to me and told me that we could kill them with copper swords, since copper was lethal to them. They would later kill us, but it would be a sacrifice to get rid of their rule. He would protect us until we could set up the whole thing and kill them. We did that, and the day came when we got together with the swords and killed them in the palace. Many more of them came, chased us and ate us alive while we were hitting them with our swords. Our sacrifice, as well as that of many other priests around the world, built up the necessary energy for the Olympian gods to arrive and defeat them worldwide, in 33,000, in the great war of giants. I went to that life from the future to create energy with my sacrifice and my contribution for that high cause, since my higher self was out of energy, and to block a dangerous parallel. Many others did something similar around the world, by becoming Nephilim priests and then destroying them. I had to sacrifice 80 people until I could kill the nephilim kings. I drew their blood with many cuts in their body and just before they died I ripped their heart out. With women I had to first break their virginity hymen, because that gave power to the Nephilim kings. After that I went on like with men. Among those 80 were my parents’ light parallels, who had taken on that soul mission to block their parallel nephilim king and queen. They put 57 curses on me which persecuted me in many future lives. My parents also suffered because of those curses. Two of those curses were wanting me to suffer forever and die whenever I lost my virginity. The first curse worked in many of my lives, while the second curse only in 4 of them, since both of my parents sacrificed their life in 80 lives of ours so that I wouldn’t die. In alternate universes, I did die thousands of times when losing my virginity. In spite of that, seen from the point of view of our higher self and our soul, those sacrifices were worthwhile, since they led us to finally achieve our noble goal. Now that the Light Millennium has begun and the Nephilim can no longer exist during these one thousand years, someone who does this ritual won’t become a balah after death, but a simple demon. But after the millennium they will be reborn as a balah.