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Metaphysical Questions and Answers 2

Subjects: Saint Germain, the Violet Flame, praying, testing demons, becoming unattached, hypnotherapy, karma.

Q.I’d never thought you would consider Saint Germain light, since he is associated with the Violet Flame. In fact, each and every written information about Saint Germain from the very beginning is about him teaching about the I AM Presence and the Violet Flame. In August last year you told me that using both, the I AM and Violet Flame decrees are serious deals and that I should break the deals I made. Then I stopped following St. Germain which I had done for 10 years, because without these two teachings St. Germain has nothing to say….

A.This Saint Germain is dark, the real one doesn’t do those things. However I don’t know what he does, I have no info about him. But I did come across one website whose owner used the light Saint Germain as a helper, like I have Archangel Michael. On the other hand, my guide told me that there is a light violet flame and Archangel Michael has it. We asked him once to use it in an Armageddon action. Note that the light violet flame should be used by the archangel himself. If you try to ask for it, you’ll get the dark one from Saint Germain.

Q.You said that Buddha is light. So it is safe and beneficial to contact him as long as I do not connect to an impostor?

A.Buddha was light when he was incarnated as such. His mission is over, so why would you wanna connect with him now? If you ask him for help, a demon will come instead. He doesn’t have the right to help people any more, just like the Olympian gods don’t any more. That said, there was also a dark Buddha and his teaching were used to create Buddhism, which is dark.

Q.So there are two different violet flames? The one which is light and the other which is dark, like it is the case with Buddha and Saint Germain themselves?


Q.There are dozens of reports about people casting out demons in the name of Jesus Christ, which is undermined by the Bible. As presented in the Bible, Jesus cast out demons without the Archangel’s name and he said that anybody could do this in his name. Do you think this information was manipulated too?

A.No, but very few humans can do that the light way. I have information about one such person in my forum, he lives in Nigeria. Then I have countless ones who do it the dark way, with ET’s, while they think they do it with Jesus… But casting out demons the way Jesus did wasn’t fighting, He did it in one second. And He didn’t have the right to send them to the Light, that’s why he put them into pigs (I asked my guide about that as I always had wondered why in the world He would do such a thing).

Q.This is the thing I consider a paradox. Yes, there are people who live with God each and every day. Other people, like me, tend to forget to speak to God when there are no problems (I know I shouldn’t) and so I remember God when I don’t feel so good. Either I am attacked, or depressed, or anxious etc… This means that almost all of my prayers (except those of gratitude) are motivated by negative emotions or by the desire to get rid of them. “Archangel Michael, please protect me.” starts with strong emotions of anxiety/vulnerability. “God, please forgive me” starts with strong emotions of guilt. And “God, help me forgive this person.” starts with a strong sense of non-forgiveness. So does it mean I make deals every time I pray with these negative emotions?

A.Not necessarily. Everybody but a few exceptions only remembers God when they’re sick or unhappy and pray for things to get better, but most of them don’t make a deal, because the main feeling is their faith in God, the faith that He will help them.

Q.What I meant about testing spirits is… for instance, there was a clairvoyant man who saw Archangel Gabriel and other angels who healed people though him. One day he had an idea to ask them “In the name of Jesus Christ, I test you, spirits.” This is when these angels showed their ugly demonic faces and started to chase him. There are plenty examples about that.

A.Archangel Gabriel doesn’t heal people, that should have been enough for that clairvoyant to know he was an impostor… One of my Bolivian clients tested my coworker’s guide when the channeling started, he asked him to repeat a prayer about accepting Jesus as his lord, or something like that. The guide did it, but in return asked him to repeat his prayer, which was about accepting archangels as God’s executive instrument, or something like that.

Q.So, when I start praying, do I say “I ask Archangel Michael for help.” And then I say “If there are dark beings, I ask you to go away.”?

A.No, say “If this isn’t the real archangel from the Light, go away. I will only accept help from the archangel from the Light.”

Q.This story about this young clairvoyant man mentioned above… The demon really had told him he was Archangel Gabriel and had shown him his false appearance of a beautiful angel for years. This is why I am wondering.

A.Well, I’m not clairvoyant, so I don’t see spirits, dark or light ones  (unless my guide shows them to me). So my method is different and it‘s useful to know for those who are like me.

Q.When reading about the Armageddon, I noticed  that so many entities are stronger than Lucifer and Lilith… Do darks have an ultimate boss on the top of their hierarchy? I thought this was Lucifer, but you said he is dead…

A.Samael has many parallels, and not all of them are dead. There are many Samaels and many Liliths… When it comes to infinite dark levels, it’s hard to tell who’s at the top, as there have been many entities other than Samael and Lilith who have had an infinite level  multiplied by zillions of times, whatever that means… But there are many independent darkies, who don’t work for Samael or Lilith. So there’s no absolute boss. Of course Samael and Lilith are some of the bosses.

Q.How can I keep demons out of my meditation if I have a deal?

A.There's no way to keep demons out of the meditation if we have a deal, even if we ask for protection and do everything else correctly. If we don't have a deal and have done the karmic  cleansing and rituals, they can't come, unless we ask questions on behalf of someone who knowingly has deals and has done the cleansing. Then a percentage of the answers for that person come from a demon.

Q.I have a method which has helped me go through some challenging situations. The thought behind it is that when we were one with God, we were self-sufficient. But then we got separated from God we began to worship other gods. However, our soul never worshipped another god but a principle behind this god. Ultimately, all gods just represent various values. When we start to worship single values, instead of the all-encompassing, all-mighty God we start to make several mistakes. For instance, in my Armageddon lives I might have worshipped several ETs and gods, but what I really worshipped – was power. Power was my god, in most cases.

A.Yeah, we all have tendencies. It can be power, knowledge, love, justice, money… It all leads to the same place of course.

Q.When we worship a value for a long time, God interferes and takes this value from us. This is how we are saved from these attachments.

A.Well, the taking away is done by demons. But you do have a point, because of past life deals, in this life I have none of the above aside from knowledge, which was a prerequisite for my spiritual work.

Q.For instance, when I worship health – I get ill. (Worshipping= taking too seriously, considering it by far more important than it actually is). When I worship a relationship - I stay alone.

A.Hmm, yeah, but not if you seek relationships with animals.

Q.When I worship control – I become helpless. In the stage before that I was a control freak. When I worship friendship – I am surrounded by enemies. Etc…

In other words, I am not ready yet for anything which I long for but I cannot have. I would take it too seriously and misuse it… That’s why I cannot have it now.

A.You do have a point. We shouldn’t get attached to this physical reality.

Q.So the method is detecting one’s false gods and affirming “I love God the Almighty more than (this value, e.g.) a relationship, and even if I stay alone for the rest of my life, I still love God.” This is a process of de-attachment. It has helped me to accept my life situation to a certain extent.

A.Yes, it does help. But it can also be done through one’s thoughts, by reading spiritual stuff, talking about it with others, etc.

Q.But the feelings from my childhood are too intense to deal with following this method.  The method was invented by a Russian author Sergei Lazarev. His books are available in several languages.

A.OK. In such cases hypnotherapy can be helpful.

Q.When I get hypnotized, do I retain my awareness and my free will or is it a hard version of hypnosis in which I am totally unaware of what is happening and do not remember what I saw in it afterwards? In other words: can I just stand up and walk away during a session in case I want to, do I have enough free will to do so?

A.Of course you do. Therapeutic hypnosis and past life therapy is light hypnosis, it’s like a deep meditation. Very few people go so deep that they lose their consciousness and can’t remember anything afterwards. Up until now I’ve only come across 3 individuals like that. So it depends on the subject, not the therapist. If you’re very open spiritually, you’ll go deeper. If you’re very closed like me, you’ll be basically totally awake and aware. Most people are in between. The hypnotists that make people go as deep as to not be able to control themselves, like stage hypnotists, work with a demon. The demon overpowers them and makes them do things. I remember a couple of clients of mine were standing up all the time, because they wanted to end the session. I persuaded them not to (one had the spirit of a child attached to her and was scared and the other one saw a past life on Mars and didn’t believe it was true).

Q.If there is a topic I don’t want to talk about can I decide not to talk about it during the session?

A.Sure, if it’s painful or you’re not ready for it. But if you see a life on Mars I will try to convince you to go on!

Q.My obsessive-compulsive thoughts got worse recently. Do you think I can enter the hypnotic state despite them? In your website you write that one should be able to calm down their thoughts…

A.I doubt you’ll be able to do so at this point. Such thoughts can halt the process and shadow entities, like the one you have, don’t let people see pretty much anything…I think it’s best to do it after the soul retrieval.

Q.Thank you for the answers. Now, I surely won't have the notorious "Oh God, why me? I haven't done anything this bad to experience these hardships" -approach anymore. Knowing that I sacrificed so many souls really clears things up. And I guess I’m not experiencing the whole karma, I just get as much karma in this life as I can probably bear...

A.Yeah, we only take part of the negative karma our red parallels create. But the one who sacrificed those people and animals was a parallel, so technically it wasn’t you. However the current karma system being dark, we pay for our parallels. They only balance their karma once they go to the Light and come back as lights.

Q.Is karma a geographic thing? Like when I move to Germany, the weight from German past lives falls on me and gives the right to the victims to bring forth curses. And had I moved to, let’s say, Great Britain, the British past lives would have affected me this way?

A.No, but when we move to another country we don’t necessary have spiritual protection, so we may die there. If we haven’t had a life planned by the Light in that country, or under other special circumstances, darks have the right to kill us. That happened to me in a parallel universe when I traveled to Samoa, just on vacation. But there is such a thing as geographical karma in the sense that each country and area has its own karma.

Q.Having all the curses I have sounds pretty depressing. But they all make sense, especially the one with being caught in a never ending loop - I feel it every day.
I thought it was an astrological phenomenon that you re-experience the same emotions, thoughts, circumstances, and consequently, similar situations over and over again.. Now, I know better.

A.It’s karmic, but I’m also in a similar loop due to the Armageddon…In fact the entire humanity is, because darks have made many rituals and have many machines that keep humanity in such a cycle.

Q.I think my obsessive thoughts come not only from dark beings but from a dark sub­personality of mine and will remain till I make peace and heal this subpers­onality.

A.Yes, subpersonalities are lost soul frag­ments who made deals.

Q.Can I ask somebody to pray for me or is it dangerous for them and they will be attacked because I’m red?

A.No, I don’t think it’s dangerous for other people to pray for you or any other reds, unless one wants to block them while having karmic issues with them. But normal prayer is safe.