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Child Sex Abuse and Hypnotherapy

I got some clients who were victims of child sex abuse and I directed them to the life that influences them the most, in hopes of getting some answers..

Bella, 52, saw this lifetime as the one influencing her. She started being sexually molested by her father at age 5. She sensed it was “wrong” but couldn't tell him to stop. She felt powerless and didn't want to displease him. He fondled her genitals and breasts and even performed oral sex on her. She didn't enjoy it. She had relinquished her power and her rights and couldn't react. Her uncle was violent and beat her up and she felt terrorized.The molestation went on until she was 18. That's when she reacted angrily and stopped him.Her mother didn't know and when Bella did tell her, she didn't believe it. At age 23 she was beaten up by her boyfriend and she had a nervous breakdown. She became neurotic and self-destructive and she has been on drugs ever since. She also got addicted to smoking. She never had a stable relationship or children (she had 3 abortions). Basically, her life was ruined.

In higher-self and in contact with her spirit guide, she saw that her father was a tiger in a past lifetime who killed her puppy dog, 5000 years ago. He then incarnated as a human who was a gigolo. His soul remained earthbound for 5000 years until he got back to Spirit and they decided to incarnate as father and daughter. Bella held a grudge against him for killing her dog and she wanted to work on forgiving him. But neither of them did well. Now she realized that she had to forgive him or else she would have to come back again with him. And she did. She also has to forgive herself (it's always more difficult) for allowing him and other men to victimize her. This is the way to empower helself and get rid of her addictions and emotional troubles.

This is an example of how we can get women (and men) to stop feeling as victims and at the same time showing them the way to forgiveness, thereby preventing them from hating all men, creating scapegoats or having feelings of shame and unworthiness.

Marina, 35, had a very bad relationship with her father. He used to shout at her and beat her up when she was a child and there was never any communication between them. Her mother was too weak to react. When she grew up, one of her father's friends tried to rape her, and her father never bothered to tell him off. Marina saw a lifetime in Constantinople in the 19th century where her father raped her ever since she could remember and her mother was powerless. She spent her childhood looking out of her bedroom window and left home to marry someone she didn't love just to get away. In Spirit, she realized that her parents then were her parents now too and that she needed to forgive them. Her father both then and now was influenced by demons, so he wasn't really responsible for his behavior. In a previous lifetime he had experimented with black magic and had attracted demons, who stayed with him. So forgiveness was easy and thereby emotional healing and spiritual growth. She also started trusting men more.

Anastasia, 32, came to me because she couldn't write properly for the past 5 years. She would drop her pen, start trembling and her letters would be nearly illegible. She saw a lifetime in 17th century Holland, in the countryside, in a very poor family. Her father raped her from age 7 and she hated him. Her mother knew but depended finacially on him, so she did nothing. Furthermore, he took her out of school after grade 2. She stayed at home until he decided to marry her off with a rich old man at age 19. She toof off to the beach one night hoping to die. A man assaulted her and tried to rape her. She hit him, but not hard enough and as revenge he drowned her. In Spirit she understood that she had never forgiven the two men. They didn't belong to her spiritual family, but she offered to help the first one overcome his violent instincts by being his daughter. He had failed and she didn't need to come back with him. The reason why she couldn't write any more was that she at some point during an exam got linked to the moment she had to drop school in Holland in the past lifetime. She somehow reacted to that and since there was no-one to punish, she punished herself. She forgave her father and her assassin and realized that all of her relationships had failed because she didn't trust men. Now that she knew what was wrong and why, she could start moving on.

George, 26, is a slightly different case. He's gay, but he had a devastating separation from his boyfriend. His psychic defenses went down and he basically lost large pieces of his astral body and attracted dark energies. He came to me for soul retrieval and spirit releasement therapy. I insisted on doing past-life therapy first, so we did. He saw a lifetime in Holland in the1920ies. His father raped him from age 7. He cried and moaned in disgust. His mother found out and whenever she was at the house she stopped her husband. But he got plenty of chances to rape his son. This went on until he was 21. I asked him why he let his father rape him when he was strong enough to defend himself and his answer was that from age 14 he had started liking it! At 21 he left home and joined the army in France. There he got raped by entire groups of soldiers, but also had sex with some of them. He died at 27 in the second world war. In Spirit he saw that his father back then was his father again. This time his father was impeccable. They had a real bond. George was even sexually attracted to him when he was 7. But he didn't dare show it to him out of fear for rejection. His father in both lifetimes was his twin soul, his closest soul possible. In Holland he was demonically possessed and that's why he raped him. When the boy became 21, the demon got out of the father and went into him. That's when he started pursuing his father, who lost interest in him. So he went to the army to get laid by other men. For this lifetime, his twin soul's energy split into two bodies and aside from incarnating as his father, he also incarnated as Andrew, who later became his boyfriend. Andrew started having an awful behavior at some point and treated him cruelly. From higher-self George saw that Andrew got demonically possessed and wasn't really responsible for any of the bad things he did to him. George came for many sessions, crying and forgiving. He had always felt ashamed for being homosexual. Now he understands that it stems from the lifetime before the war, when homosexuality still was taboo, even in Holland! That shame stopped him from expressing his attraction to his father. When I asked why his higher-self chose to be gay in this lifetime, he said that he had to, because this was the only way to overcome his shame. He has to learn how to be gay and proud. His mother from Holland was one of his boyfriends in this lifetime, the only one who treated him well and still wishes to look after him. We went further to do soul retrieval, getting back the missing fragments of his astral body. He had no evil entities, but he had attracted other people's dark fragments of their astral bodies, which we cleaned up and sent back to them.