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Forgiveness: The Key to Healing

In past-life therapy we get answers for our emotional limitations and choices. Once we acquire this knowledge we can move on. We get past those limitations and we are enabled to make new choices. Cleo, 48, wanted to know why she 's been so criticizing and negative towards men. She hasn't married yet nor has she had any children. Her father was an alcoholic and beat her mother until she walked out on him, when Cleo was 6. However, after examining the lifetime that mostly influences her, we got some really deep understanding.

She had a life in Jordan at the time of Jesus Christ. She got married and had three sons. One day, a group of soldiers walked in and kidnapped her children, while they were still toddlers. She was alone at home and couldn't do anything. This sort of thing happened often. The children were raised in an enclosed environment, brainwashed into becoming soldiers. Their only goal in life was to defend their country. Their parents never saw them again and grew old and gray, withering away. Their relationship deteriorated as well. The mother died of heartache and old age on a street bench. Her guide came and took her to Spirit. There she got to see those children again. They came as she remembered them, as toddlers. They told her that they died young in the war. They weren't bitter, they had chosen that experience to learn discipline. She learned something too, for her it was an exercise in humility, forgiveness, accepting what is and becoming stronger. She hadn't forgiven the kidnappers and now was the time to do so. Her parents' bad relationship was all a charade for her to become stronger, since she had failed the previous time. Cleo woke up overwhelmed. For the first time, it all made sense. She had always been afraid to lose her children, had she had any. She kept herself safe so as not to go through a similar painful experience again. Now she forgave her father and realized how much she loves him. She can also start being more open to men. She came in for a second appointment where we experienced a happy lifetime, but again the one in Jordan. Three of the kidnapping soldiers are her brothers now. Like back then, they don't accept responsibility for their actions. But that is their lesson. Cleo's lesson was to forgive them. But mostly, she had to forgive herself for letting herself wither away and for dragging her husband into it too. She was young when her kids were taken and she could have had more kids. We looked into that possibility. Had she had more of them, they wouldn't have been abducted. She would have had a happy life. But she chose the role of the victim. She got society's sympathy, but were did that lead her? To lifelong misery and pain. Her husband was weak and got sucked into the same situation, but had she been more dynamic, he would have followed along. After a lot of tears and self-forgiveness she saw that he was again in her life now. He was a spiritual leader who was very close to people (also physically) but had never hugged or kissed her. She realized the pain she had put him through and she had a long crying but healing session. She will now go to him, tell him what she found out and ask him for forgiveness for her past-life mistakes.

Evangelos, 35, was extremely afraid that people might hurt him. He was very intuitive and sensitive to people's bad energy which he sucked in. We explored the lifetime that influences him the most and he saw himself in Reims, France (he had no clue about the existence of that town), in the18th century, as a boy named Jacques. His father was a sailor and was away for many years and he and his baby brother were being taken care of by their mother and grandmother. He was ten when some men walked into his home and kidnapped his mother. His grandmother died after six months and after another assault in his home, he took his brother and fled. They slept in the wood, but upon awakening, Jacques found his brother missing. He never found him again. He spent his life missing him and feeling bitter and miserable. He grew up and got a job at a printer's. At 26 he was appointed by the queen to join the army and stop the uproars (the ones that led to the French revolution). He got sick and died after a year. In Spirit he saw his guide Jean who had lived in that same lifetime in France as a colleague. He found out that the baby had been adopted by its kidnappers while the ones that took his mother put her to work. She died after a few years. His father went back to their place, didn't find them and died after a few years as well. Jacques had a lot of forgiving and letting go to do. Even under hypnosis he was protesting against God who had let those evil people unpunished, including the ones that took the baby and not him. I had to do a lot of convincing and explaining of the spiritual laws to make him understand and start letting go. At his request, we searched for the kidnappers to see if they have been punished. They haven't and they haven't improved their ways either. I eventually convinced him that they were responsible for their growth and he is for his own growth. The day after he gave me a call congratulating me. He felt much better. He promised to come back for more healing after some time.

The key to healing is forgiveness. We must forgive, not for our aggravator's sake, but for our own sake. Unforgiveness creates pervasive perverse frequencies in our bodies which make us sick. When we forgive completely and unconditionally, we welcome a better and healthier future.