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Extraterrestrials:Close Encounters of the VI Type

This term was coined by Dr William Baldwin who found countless cases of aliens attached to his clients under hypnosis. A large part of them were hostile, either driven by demonic entities or running detrimental experiments on humans, after having stricken an agreement with the US government. In Greece, I’ve so far only encountered either friendly, lost or dark force driven extraterrestrials.

Dimitra, 52, saw a skinny blue creature who was watching out for her. It was a companion from a past life of hers when she was such a creature herself. She perceived living on another dimension back then , but no pictures of what it was like came to her.

Sofie, 27, had imps, a demonic thoughtform, elves and three extraterrestrials attached to her astral body. Each species was dealt with in its own time. The aliens were skinny, short and brown. They had been with her for hundreds of years, in many of her past lifetimes. They came from a planet where they were standing upright in small groups, debating on which their next destination would be. They astral traveled to other worlds back and forth, experiencing new things and sharing them with the rest of their kind. Unlike us, they could take their whole bodies with them (they didn’t need a spacecraft or to separate from their biological body). They liked Sofie and they were trying to teach her how to astral travel, so that she could follow them to their planet and see for herself what it was like. Except she didn’t have a clue about any of this until she came to me for therapy, feeling lost and confused. I explained to the creatures that they were the cause of those feelings. I asked Sofie if she was willing to learn how to astral travel, but she wasn’t. I told the aliens that they had to leave. They apologized for having unwillingly harmed Sofie. I told them that there were many humans who knew how to astral travel or wanted to, and that they would have a better chance of convincing them. They asked if they could visit Sofie from time to time, and we agreed that they could do so for an hour or so every few months. And they left. Two weeks later Sofie’s mother called me and told me that her daughter was a new woman, determined, focused and clear-headed.

Spiros, 20, had many lost soul attachments that had turned demonic, sent to him through his grandmother’s witchcraft to his father. Once an attachment sets in, the astral body is weakened, allowing more attachments to join in. Once I had made the 18 human dark force entities to repent and go to the light, he saw two amphibian-like creatures. They said they were lost and came to Spiros by accident. These too had left with their whole body in one piece. They were exiled from their planet because they didn’t agree with its totalitarian and unfair government. They couldn’t go back there, but I knew that there is a safe place for that kind of beings. I called in a group of spirits from the Light who were responsible for exiled beings. There the two lost ones would meet others of their kind and put together a strategy to help their planet. They were grateful and left.

Eve, 45, also had several entities, attracted by a curse she had put on her uncle. Once the curse was dealt with, I proceeded with helping the entities. One of them was an extraterrestrial. This one also got lost, while drifting away from its dimension. It had a boring job, having to carry 24/7 a lamp back and forth in the air across a street. Everybody had similar, routine-like and senseless jobs. They didn’t know what love or happiness was. They lived up to 33 years old and then they dropped dead on the ground. The alien had no clue as to what happened to their souls afterwards, or that they had a soul in the first place. I called in their governor. He came gladly in. He said he knew this being got lost and he wanted to take it back. But I couldn’t very well send it to a dull rut and a pre-programmed death. I questioned the governor as to his dimension’s circumstances, and he was just as ignorant about spiritual matters as the stray one. He said he had inherited this system from his ancestors and could not change it. The gods were the ones who had imposed it, with nothing in exchange for the people. But he didn’t know who they were. I explained to him about freedom, love, purpose, personal growth and what the difference is between a real god and the one who was obviously posing as a god. He didn’t really understand or trust me and didn’t think that a better future was possible for them. He became restless and begged me to release him. I told him that his ancestors must have drawn a contract with the forces of darkness, which explains their meaningless and empty lives and enslavement. The number 33 is not a random choice either. Lucifer loves to mock Jesus Christ by using significant numbers from his life on earth. He agreed to repeat after me the “Renunciation of the Darkness” in exchange for being allowed to go back to his planet with his citizen. I told him that the real God would send them a master of the light to teach them and help them grow. He promised to cooperate with him and left.

Lina, 28, had two entities, one of which she perceived as being extraterrestrial, but she couldn’t communicate with it. It had a low IQ and felt like an animal, but had no specific shape. It was like a blub of energy. I called in the governor. He came and told me about his world. The scenario wasn’t much different from the previous one. His people didn’t know what love was either, albeit he did have a notion. After a fixed amount of years, his people died and their god took their souls, enslaving them for all eternity. He said there was a contract with the god and had to be renewed. He felt very bad about his people’s lot, but couldn’t do anything. They were under the threat of total destruction, were they to disobey. I told him that we’d simply invalidate the contract by him repeating after me the Renunciation of the Darkness and his people would be set free. He was afraid of retaliation, but I assured him that there was divine protection for every being in the universe who chooses the light. Mission accomplished. He left with the stray animal to a finally free planet.

Satan and his minions are not confined to our tiny earth, but take over any other world that doesn’t know any better but to succumb to their trickery.