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Lost Baby Souls

A baby that dies with a negative feeling, like the one of feeling unwanted, needy or angry is highly susceptible to get lost in the lower astral plane or attached to a human, not knowing or understanding much anything.

Yota, 27, suffered from depression. In session she saw an attached entity on her energy body. It was dark, angry and stubborn and wouldn’t budge. I convinced it to look inwards and it remembered that it was a human baby boy. His mother had entrusted him to her brother  because she had to go to the river to wash clothes. The baby was crying non-stop, the uncle got impatient and hit him. He fell over, hit his head and died. I called his mother from the light, she came and explained to him that she hadn’t deserted him like he thought, she had just left him for a short while. She also explained that his uncle hadn’t killed him on purpose, but that it was an accident. It took a lot of pursuing from my part to finally get him to move on and follow his mother. He was drawn to Yota because he felt she was compassionate, but he transmitted his negative feelings to her.

Artemis, 41, had a miscarriage at the last stages of her pregnancy. She actually gave birth to it but it died soon after the delivery. The baby’s soul staid trapped in her astral body. Later she saw a healer who took it out. The whole experience was devastating and she wondered if the baby felt unwanted. In our hypnotic session, she saw that the baby was still hanging around her, though not inside of her. To her outmost astonishment, she heard that the baby’s soul was an extraterrestrial from a far away planet. He had already lived a few lifetimes on earth, and this would have been his next experience. He was drawn to her because her husband also had an extraterrestrial attachment that he had attracted from a past life in the Middle Ages. Artemis’ baby changed his mind at the end because he foresaw that he wouldn’t grow into a big man, like in his latest life. And he wanted to be big and strong. So he checked out. I called his spirit guide who escorted him into his next level of development, which was a flower. We also remotely helped her husband out of his alien entity. Artemis was shocked, since she had never had any interest in aliens. She came back for another issue a month later, feeling much better, having realized that her baby’s death wasn’t her fault.

Gelly, 44, had many abortions, so we looked into the possibility that she might still be carrying one of the souls of the aborted babies. And indeed she did. The baby’s soul was angry at her and caused her a lot of stress. She explained to him that she wouldn’t have been able to care for him, that he would have had an unhappy childhood. In tears she told him that he could stay with her for as long as he wanted to. I had to step in and explain to him that he would be better off in the light, where he could prepare for his next lifetime. He finally forgave her and left.

Myriam, 43, was depressed and had a history of bad luck and things turning sour for her. In session she saw many dark entities attached to her. I asked to talk to the first of them. He wouldn’t say his name, but he told us that he had been with Myriam since 1452. Her soul was lost in the lower astral plane and he came up to her and struck a deal with her. He would give her power in exchange for her services. He was working for the dark forces. However, he had been unable to deliver, since Myriam wasn’t powerful at all. He admitted that he had failed. I convinced him to look inwards in search of his real power. After a very long journey in sheer darkness, he perceived that he was one of two twin babies who died. His soul was lost and was lured by demons into their legions. He wanted to be happy, so he let Myriam repeat the Renunciation of the Darkness for him. That allowed him to move into the light where his guardian angel awaited him.

A baby that dies with a negative feeling, like the one of feeling unwanted, needy or angry is highly susceptible to get lost in the lower astral plane or attached to a human, not knowing or understanding much anything.

Attached baby souls are very difficult to identify and deal with, because they have no name and no identity, and are often extremely stubborn and angry. Our society has the technological means to do away with their unborn bodies, but lacks the spiritual insight so as to help their souls. Souls do not always enter the embryo before birth, and when they do, they go in and out, they don’t dwell in it. But just in case, if you’re considering having an abortion, talk to your child. Explain to them why you can’t keep it, making sure it understands it’s for its best.