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Encounters with the Devil

So, does the devil exist? And who or what is he? Some believe he doesn’t exist, some that he’s a creation of human consciousness, some he’s the fallen archangel Lucifer. One of my clients whose soul was born before Lucifer’s claims that he’s not an archangel, but a much higher entity, on the top of the ladder of creation. Even so, he’s not natural evil, but constructed evil. Real evil or God’s enemy is the Non-Being or else Anti-Matter. The devil wants power and suffering out of revenge, while Non-Being seems to be God’s (or Source’s, the Creator’s) natural enemy, his opposite force. But no matter who or what the devil is, he’s a very real entity in some hypnosis sessions.


Lambrini, 19, has seen Satan many times in her dreams. Albeit he’s at a distance from her, she is terrified. In session, she saw him again. I took her to her spirit guide who explained a few things to her. It turns out that she’s at level 6, but she can’t go beyond that unless she overcomes this fear. This has been her challenge ever since her soul was created. When she, in spirit, heard about Lucifer leaving the spirit world and becoming God’s and humans’ sworn enemy, fear entered her soul. Her very fear is what’s attracting the evil one in her dreams. Her latest incarnation was 10 centuries ago. In Middle Age France, she again saw the devil in her dreams. Influenced by what was said about witches and pacts with him, she killed herself. Her soul remained for all those centuries in the lower astral plane, in constant fear for him. Eventually, her guardian angel was able to retrieve her. How hard can it be to overcome a groundless fear? For her, apparently very hard. But she needs to do it to get rid of the nightmares and to evolve.

Catherine, 23, in deep hypnosis, was describing the murders and black magic rituals she committed in past lives. She praised the god the victims were dedicated to, refusing to reveal his name. When I tried to take her to her guide, an elder came and said she doesn’t have a guide or angel. She is one of the souls who followed Lucifer when he left spirit. She stole the body she has by entering it before the lawful soul did. No matter how hard I tried to make her see how wrong she is, she expressed only admiration and obedience to her god. I asked Archangel Michael to bring me this god there and then. And bring him he did. A snug smile appeared on her face. I asked him his name. His answer was “You know”. I asked him which name he preferred. “Lucifer” he said. I let him go and shortly after he made her wake up before I had a chance to further try to make her see reason. She woke up, not remembering a thing. Her friend who was present through the whole thing and I told her what happened. I advised her to do a research on the devil and God, so that she could make a decision on which path to follow. She must cut her ties with the devil, so that a guide and a guardian angel can be given to her and she can join the rest of the incarnating souls.

Dimitra, 53, came to do a remote spirit releasement on her son. He had had a session with me a year earlier, where he jumped from one traumatic life-time to another, not following my inductions, unable to go anywhere near his guide. His mother saw later in her own session that he was possessed. She had been prompting him to come back for a session, but he kept postponing it. So she decided to do it herself. There were two entities. One had been a soldier at the time of Alexander the Great. After that lifetime, his rage and thirst for blood made a demon out of him. He attached himself to Dimitra’s son because he was a military officer, and he was hoping to make him kill somebody. As soon as we started the depossession, the devil came and stood in front of Dimitra. He couldn’t come any closer though. A whole army of warrior angels had surrounded us, plus Saint George on his horse and a whole horde of horses along him. I helped the demon remember who he was before he became a soldier. He was overwhelmed by feelings of sadness and low self-esteem. His parents were killed when he was 3, and someone tossed him over to the foot of the Parthenon, to be raised there thanks to people’s charity. I brought his twin soul, who was a beautiful angel. Memories of his time as an angel came to him and he gladly followed his twin soul into the light. Lucifer, watching the whole procedure, was enraged. The son also had a skull on his astral body. It was attracted to him by Dimitra’s uncle, who practices black magic. It contained a lost soul who died in New Zealand two centuries ago. He said he was beheaded, a group of humans took his head and did rituals with it. This is how he was dedicated to the evil one. I set him free and did the same thing for the next three souls inside the skull: one bird, one octopus and another human. They were all grabbed by Lucifer’s minions in a moment of weakness and made into slaves. The skull was left empty and Satan wanted it back. I thought it would be a better idea if Saint George’s horses crushed it instead. And so they did, leaving Lucifer with sheer rage. I must say, Dimitra was very brave. She suffered through the whole procedure, as the octopus squeezed her, the bird hit her with its beak and the human demons made her body ache. Upon awakening, she was of course intact.

The evil one made Eve, 20, suffer even more. I cleared many demons through her that were both on her and on other members of her family. Each time they caused her intense pain on her left leg. We finally got to the last one. It was a witch who had lived with Eve in 12th century Switzerland. She was her step-mother back then. She hated her and put hexes on her. Ultimately, she threw her over the balcony, killing her. Her husband never found out that his own wife had killed his daughter. While I was working on the witch, making her realize the time she has lost from real development and peace of mind, worms came out of her stomach. Then came out a wolf. Before I had the time to do anything with them, they changed into the devil. I released the witch into the light and a thirty minute battle started between him and Eve. He had no right to remain, because Eve had forgiven the witch. Eve was in pain, I was spraying her leg with holy water, and the devil was telling us (through her voice) how he was going to kill her soon. I asked him if he wanted to change sides. His answer was “I don’t want to change sides, I want all sides mine! All mine! All mine!”. And he went on raging for a long while. At some point Eve’s guide (who also was her twin soul) stepped in and little by little chased the evil one away. Success! Some people aren’t able to endure the torture, but Eve is at level 7 (and Dimitra at 5). Advanced souls can take it.

The evil one has many names: Lucifer, Samael, Satan, the devil. But none of them is the real one. Even so, the mere mention of one of these names gives him power. What we must do whenever we have to say his name, is to think “non-existent”. This will take power away from him. It’s some advice that a monk on Mount Athos gave us.