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Twin Souls

According to channeling and hypnosis sources, souls are created by detaching themselves from the divine source. After some time in Spirit they are split in half and start incarnating as two separate people. In most incarnations they meet, since their very special closeness offers unique opportunities for learning lessons. Twin souls are the two souls who are most alike and most compatible. They become legendary lovers, very close siblings or friends, mother and child, etc. Eventually, after level 7, they rejoin as one soul. Some people mix up a twin flame and a soul mate, which actually means any soul that is meant to share a lifetime in a deep, loving relationship. A twin soul often sacrifices itself to help the other one or both of them. They influence each other in every way, just like regular twins do. When a twin soul goes dark, it persecutes the other one relentlessly.

Irene, 45, felt guilt and was depressed. In session, she saw a lifetime in Russia, in the 17th and 18th centuries when she and her twin soul were twin brothers. They were princes, but only one would become king. The rules required for them to fight to death for the throne. They did and she killed her twin soul. She (he) felt terrible guilt afterwards and refused the throne. She (he) ended up in jail. We found out that her brother’s soul was earthbound, still upset because of what had happened. I asked the Mercy Band of Angels to track him down. They did and brought him over. Irene asked him for forgiveness, saying that she couldn’t go around those rules and that she felt sadness for having to fight with him. Had they refused to fight, they would have been exiled. She now understood that that option would have been better. But back then she was too weak. He accepted her apologies but he still needed time before he moved to Spirit. He was concerned about another planet he had lived on, where there was war. That’s another story though. The point is that her guilt and depression came from what had happened with her twin soul. We heal fast when the guilt we feel is a false perception. In this case it’s justified. But the mere knowledge, the apology and the acceptance from the other part help.

Alexander, 53, was a victim of mind control. He had been having terrible headaches for years, he saw compulsive scenario visions, he woke up just as he would fall into sleep, etc. Our session was taken over right from the start by the spirit of the head of the meditation school Alexander had attended, George. The guy had died a couple of years earlier and was possessing him. He was a megalomaniac , self-centered and sarcastic man whose only ambition after death was to destroy Alexander. The mind control upon Alexander had started several years ago, ever since he left George’s school. George thought of him as his best student and was reluctant to see him leave. So he worked obsessively on his mind with remote suggestions in order to make him insane. I tried to perform a spirit releasement therapy, but the man was relentless. He threatened and scorned us. He wouldn’t let Alexander contact his spirit guide or see a past life. For a moment there I thought I had convinced him, but he suddenly lashed out saying he had us going. I resumed the session and told Alexander to have the next session through my psychic co-worker. Two weeks passed by and we had the session. My co-worker’s guide Sebastián said that there had been a big battle between George and Alexander’s spirit guide after our first session. The guide had succeeded in ousting the angry spirit. He was now wounded and weak and was recuperating in one of Spirit’s healing rooms! George turned out to be Alexander’s twin soul . He turned dark in an ancient lifetime in Egypt as a priest, where he threw Alexander into the fire and dedicated him to Lucifer. Now he posed as a spiritual leader, teaching spirituality to students. However, like so many other such gurus, evil thought forms and spirits were transfered through his words onto his weakest students. Arrogance and megalomania were the two sins that kept him within Lucifer’s clutches. Such a battle doesn’t stop until the twin manages to purify itself. The other twin is always willing to step in and be helpful.

My ex boy-friend Theo is another example of such a scenario. His twin soul Basil is his brother. He did black magic and mind control to Theo. He was always jealous of him and managed to make a slave out of him, working in their father’s store with himself being and acting as the boss. Their parents were out of the picture, since their mother died young and their father had alzheimer’s. Basil introduced his girl friend to Theo and with her consent and with witchcraft to Theo he made them a couple. Of course witchcraft can’t create love, only slavery. Basil maintained his sexual relationship with her. Then Theo and I met. We fell in love and started having an affair. From day one I noticed how unbalanced, forgetful, conflicting and weird his behavior was. Basil knew about our relationship right from the start and sabotaged it. Within three weeks we stopped seeing each other, much at the distress of both of us. With more black magic on Theo, in a matter of one year Theo had become stone cold towards me, after a series of incredible events, in which he acted like a mere robot. He even forgot who I was. He then married that woman and they had two children. Or so it seemed, because they are actually Basil’s. What better way for a heterosexual man to humiliate and take revenge of his brother than to sleep with his wife and have kids with her? Diabolical, I’d say. Nevertheless, his real goal is to eventually break them up, marry her and get her part of his father’s inheritance, the sum she will get after divorcing Theo. Greed is a powerful motivator and once you succumb to it and make a deal with the dark, it makes you want more and more, leaving you for ever unsatisfied. But I should be grateful, because it’s through his actions and my 8 year-long quest that I became a hypnotherapist and acquired my metaphysical knowledge. Basil turned dark a few hundred years after Jesus’ birth. He was a king and his thirst for power made him cruel. Theo and I were in the palace and had him dethroned. He was killed and swore revenge. Ever since that time, he has been following us lifetime after lifetime trying to separate us, and succeeding. He used our weaknesses to achieve that. He has physically tortured us, he has made me abandon Theo and our kids in order to follow him, he has murdered me, he has made me commit suicide, he has made me leave Theo after which Theo killed himself, etc. Pick a scenario, we’ve lived it! And we’ve grown stronger and wiser for that matter. Now is the lifetime where we will rise above his manipulation. During the 8 year long battle, his store burnt, his wife abandoned him taking along their daughter and now he’s all alone in the store. Once the whole truth is out it will be up to Basil to seek help, hopefully from me.

My own twin soul Vangelis and I have been together in many lifetimes as alchemists, white magicians, adventurers or just as a happy couple. In one of those lives we were the target of a very strong curse. It has been making our lives difficult ever since and totally destroyed this one. The power of the dark was tremendous and we nearly yielded. But through all that suffering we learned our own lessons and grew spiritually. He chose to give up his life as a sacrifice to have the curse lifted. His way of putting an end to his life was allowing himself to become ill and doing nothing to treat the illness, but instead focusing on his human rights activism. His was a twenty-year plan of action in which he cleverly used his friends’ and family’s weaknesses and strengths to keep us in the dark about his intentions. It wasn’t a conscious plan of action, but a subconscious one, driven by his superconscious mind. He’s now sending me light from above to assist me in my mission, which started once I got free from the depression that the curse had put me in. My spiritual teachers were waiting for me in elementary school, but the dark ones manipulated everyone around me and had me sent to another country. They also manipulated my thoughts and decisions and made sure I fell into a dark pit of suffering for the rest of my life. Had I found and followed my soul’s plan at a young age, the curse would have lifted and my twin soul wouldn’t have chosen to give up his life. As a matter of fact, we wouldn’t even have met. It may be sad and tragic, and God knows how much I grieved for years, but from a soul’s perspective suffering and a short earth life are worth it if soul growth is to be achieved. Sacrificing one’s own life is a common method that souls use to overpower curses and black magic on their beloved ones. But as I already mentioned, suffering or sacrifice most often aren’t necessary. Spiritual dedication and service to others are a much easier way to get free from the dark forces.