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Witchcraft is a controversial word. Some think of it as pure evil, some consider it some sort of secret power, some as paganism, some see it as a modern white magic practice, or even a religion. I’ve had many clients who saw that they were witches in a past life, some good, some evil, and many who were victims to evil witchcraft both in past lives and in this one.

I was a witch myself in a lifetime in the 4th century BC in the Basque Country. My name was Isabel, just like now. I used herbs to heal people, I could communicate with spirits and tell people about their future and I was sort of a magician, an illusionist, transforming myself and things around me. I was also sexually precocious. I seduced a girl my age at 7, showing her how grown-ups make love. Later in my life I married my twin soul, a man. But my first lover never forgot me and came to see me as a client. She was missing our lovemaking and wanted to experience it again. We did, but one day my husband caught us. He had us tied up together at a pole in the central square of the village while people were throwing tomatoes and eggs at us. My relationship with him was never again the same. I grabbed the girl and we eloped. We went to Valencia and started a life there. Unfortunately, a sorcerer heard about our story (thanks to my big mouth) and tracked us down. He offered us his house to stay in in exchange for the knowledge that I had and that he needed. He threw big parties and we had lots of fun. His motivation was however dark. He was after power. This alone is enough to attract demons. So one day, after having convinced the villagers that their land will be fertile again if we were sacrificed to the goddess of fertility, he drugged us and threw us into the fire. I had drunk the whole drink I was offered and being totally out of it, I felt no pain and had no awareness of what was happening. Once dead, I went straight to the light. My lover however only drank part of the potion. She felt no pain either, but was fully aware that we were being sacrificed. She lost track of me and in her despair she got stuck in Valencia, looking for me. Only now, after 23 centuries, did I find her, thanks to my guide and a channeling session I had with my co-worker. I had the angels bring her over and I talked to her. She blamed me for deserting her, but when I explained what really happened, she forgave me and crossed over into the light. Her last words were “I love you”. Of course she didn’t realize that 23 centuries had gone by. She heard me say that I had found out about this two weeks ago and thought that that’s the time she had spent in limbo. Spirits don’t feel time like we do. As to the goddess of fertility, such sacrifices are futile. There are no such gods and no good results come from such hideous murders. The supposed gods who asked for blood in ancient people’s religions were nothing but nephilim (half-animal half-human creatures who sucked the energy or/and the blood of the murdered victims. Thank God their souls walked free.

Sophie, 26, came to me because of repeatedly failed love relationships. She also suffered from stress, fatigue, phobias and guilt and she felt unhappy. She had an affinity for witchcraft and did some on an amateur basis. In session she saw that she had dark entities in her astral body. We found three entities, all of which were demons. I helped them recall their latest lives and go to the light. They were with her from a past life in which she was a witch. She had helped a friend of hers get a romantic relationship with the man she loved. She thought of it as a good deed. But the man didn’t return the girl’s feelings and he was tied up to her for his whole life. He was deterred from his life path. This can’t be anything but dark magic. And that’s how demons join the sorcerer, not to torture them, but as collaborators. These demons follow the sorcerer to her next life. Unless she once again does dark magic, they make her unhappy. And that’s Sophie’s case. She now understands the difference between dark and white magic and will not make the same mistake again.

James, 27, is a shy and very sensitive young man. When he contacted me, he knew he was surrounded by demons and that a fragment of his soul was taken away. He went to an acupuncturist for a treatment. His third eye was too open for his own good, making him absorb other people’s fears and negativity. Moreover, he couldn’t let go of his ex. So he thought acupuncture would help him. So did the therapist. After the therapy session, she had him perform a ritual in which he threw out some water from a bowl saying goodbye to his soul. That’s when his health started to deteriorate and more and more dark spirits joined him. I told him we would do spirit releasement therapy and soul retrieval. Something must have stopped him though, because he didn’t book a session with me until after two months, when he felt like he had reached the end of his rope. He had quit his job, he wasn’t eating much, he was on antipsychotics, he couldn’t sleep, he couldn’t breathe and his whole body was numb. When he did book a session, he revealed to me that he had spent the past 6 months going from one therapist to another, including a psychiatrist, in search for help. The shamans and other alternative healers had removed negative energy and some entities from him, but he was getting worse. The psychiatrist had given him drugs which were only making him worse. He was too weak to go into trance, so we did the session through my co-worker, channeling our guide. The “acupuncturist” had done black magic to him. She was unbeknownst to her collaborating with demons. This is unfortunately a very common situation for many alternative healers and psychics. The lady thought she was helping him and wasn’t really aware of how outrageous that ritual was. Our guide said that the words of the ritual had allowed her demon to take away James’ fragment and the water had transformed into ice within James’ body. This ice was making him numb. The defragmentation allowed every entity to take hold and further weaken him. The healers James had visited couldn’t recognize or break the spell. Our guide and a helper took out the ice and inserted it into my co-worker, who then turned it into heat with his body heat and a candle light that I had lit. He also took away the fragment from the demon and put it back in place. We then got instructions for a reverse spell and other devices to make the witch lose track of James. The spirit guides will spend a week with him helping him heal. They will chase away the dark entities and fix James’ sensitivity to other people’s negative energy.

The bottom line is that you have to be very careful with witchcraft as well as who you ask help from and think before you follow their instructions. You have to learn how to trust your own intuition and if that takes time, you can read and acquire knowledge.