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Soul Retrieval and Healing

In strong emotional shocks a fragment of our soul evacuates taking with it the traumatic feelings, thereby helping us cope. Nevertheless, this creates a void within us which leads to lack of energy and concentration, making us vulnerable to manipulation, disease and spirit attachment.

Theodore, 42, had many fears, panic attacks, obsessions, stress, low self-esteem and difficulties in his relationships with women. He also wondered if he had homosexual feelings. In session we found an attached entity. After healing it, it turned out to be one of his school mates at grammar school, Anthony. Theodore got angry that his old buddy had been possessing him. I asked whether Anthony was still alive. The answer from Theodore’s guide was positive. We had thus a fragment of a living person that had attached itself to my client. We brought forth Anthony by asking Theo to think about him, and he did. Anthony said that he didn’t realize he had attached himself to Theo. The two boys had had some sort of sex play with each other and Anthony had given him a cross to wear. But his own feelings of insecurity and fear were inadvertently transmitted over to his pal, Theo. He asked Theo for forgiveness and wanted his fragment back. The angels healed the fragment and gave it back to Anthony. Theo was relieved and received his own angelic healing. His guide said he’s not gay, it was Anthony’s fragment the one behind his doubts. Anthony is the one who is gay.

Alexandra, 35, had a competitive relationship with her mother, filled with arguments. She went back to a lifetime in Scotland, in the 12th century. Her name was Abby. She had a sister, May-Ann. Abby got married to a nice man, but her sister became more and more overbearing towards her and started picking fights with her. Mary-Ann is her mother now. She was secretly in love with her sister’s husband. He was nice to her, and she mistook this kindness for a romantic interest. However, nothing happened and she grew more and more jealous. She spent her whole life pining for him and never loved another man. Her jealousy and suffering made her lose a fragment. Alexandra’s spirit guide said the man was Abby’s twin soul and that they were destined to be together. Mary-Ann was not supposed to fall in love with him. She did so out of envy and isolation. Had she gotten over those feelings, she would have met and loved a man of her own. We connected Alexandra with her mother’s soul and we explained to her all of this. She understood and wanted her fragment back. I told her to look for it as a second thread leaving from her silver chord. She did that, located her fragment back in 12th century Scotland, and incorporated it.

Efi, 26, had divorced from her husband of three years Akis, but was till wondering what had gone wrong. In session, we scanned his body and found a spirit attachment. It belonged to his ex girl friend Kula, who was still alive. He had left her and she still wanted him. She was sabotaging his relationship with Efi. We brought her consciousness close to us and explained to her what she had been doing. She didn’t do it consciously. She understood it wasn’t healthy for either of them and asked for her fragment back. Although now Akis and Kula are whole and healed, it doesn’t mean that Efi and Akis will be back together. But I get amazingly often female clients who are more than willing to heal their old boy-friends or ex-husbands. Since it can be done remotely, without their knowledge, we go for it.

George, 33, had broken up with his boy-friend Andrew, but was still upset. Andrew had treated him very bad, but in spite of that George couldn’t let go. Were they supposed to be together? What went wrong? Whose fault was it? Under hypnosis, he saw that Andrew’s soul was a parallel life of his. George’s past life had been a difficult one and he was possessed by a dark force entity. In this lifetime, Andrew took the entity on himself. The entity made him treat George bad. Moreover, George had lost many soul fragments during their fights and a few of Andrew’s fragments had attached themselves to George. Fragment exchange is typical in close and dysfunctional relationships. But George had to heal first before we attempted to free Andrew from the demon. So I directed each soul fragment back to its rightful owner, each time explaining to the fragment what had happened. George had more fragments on him from other lovers. He had to forgive them in order to release their fragment. So the procedure was quite time-consuming. We needed several sessions. George is still healing.

Alice, 42, felt that each time she came in contact with her inner power, she somehow lost it. She would start a new project or working out and soon she would give up. In session she saw a past life as the great Hellenic hero Leonidas who fought against  the Persian army at the battle of Thermopylae in 480 B.Ch. The Persians were under the influence of the dark and the Greeks’ mission was to slow them down. And slow them down they did. Although there were just a few hundred of them against hundreds of thousands of Persians, they stood up heroically against them and their ultimate defeat wasn’t really seen as such. They got divine help and their purpose was served. Alice saw the moment when Leonidas’ heart was pierced by the enemy’s sword and died. He was so dedicated to his mission and his thirst for victory was so great, that he left a fragment of his soul right there, as if he wanted to fight for ever. Alice had always had trouble with her heart. We talked with Leonidas’ fragment and convinced him to rejoin Alice, his future self. He was reluctant to leave the battle ground, but as soon as we told him that he has a new mission as Alice, he came gladly. Alice felt an immediate relief and warmth in her heart. Years ago she went to Thermopylae, sensing that something was pulling her to that place, but didn’t know what. She’s into alternative healing and teaching and will have an important role to play in the coming years, after 2012.

Eve, 41, used all kinds of drugs for many years, from the age of 11 up until lately. Drugs as mild as hash are known to make the aura thinner, which can lead to missing soul fragments. Under hypnosis, she saw that she had missed two fragments from her chest area. We followed up the silver thread leading to them and found them in a parallel universe, in a town called Sodoma. The first one left when she was 15, and said she was the one who had told it to leave. It was her sensitivity. Eve didn´t want to appear sensitive in front of her pals, so she cut herself off from that part of herself. That fragment had found refuge in the body of a sewer. It gladly came back when it heard that Eve was now married and wasn´t hanging out with those people. The other fragment was lost at the age of 16. It was in the same parallel universe, in Sodoma, in a tree. It left because it was disappointed at Eve for leaving school and not pursuing any studies. Her soul mission was a career in investigation, but instead she just hung out with drug addicts. I suggested that Eve now could study something and the fragment could help her do that, so it gladly came back. Eve felt a warm feeling in her chest after the return of those two soul parts. We also sent away an attached dark entity. When we spoke over the phone a few days later, she said she didn´t feel the urge to smoke pot any more ever since the following day of the hypnosis!

These are samples of partial soul retrievals, i.e. one fragment at a time.  My co-worker’s and my work guide can nevertheless gather all the fragments from all lifetimes where a person has lost them, including the ones that got lost or turned dark side or attached themselves to other people and give them back in one single session. The fragments are thus homogenized which makes it more difficult to lose them again.