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Benevolent Aliens

I’ve already written about hostile aliens who possess people and suck their energy, so it would be unfair not to write about the good guys. Those have either incarnated as humans to help us evolve in every aspect or visit us in their energetic/etheric bodies in order both to study us, check up on us and help us evolve. The former are also called wanderers.

Erasmia, 36, in session, saw that she came from a far away planet where life is etherical. The planet has vegetation, trees, lakes and even animals, like white wolves. It has an atmosphere and the climate is rather cool. Its inhabitants have etherical, human-like bodies and are in regular contact with their guides, who give them assignments. One of Erasmia’s assignments was to come to earth and help out. She has come three times in the past, but she had a hard time adjusting. The first time she incarnated her lover left her to go to another country and work. It wasn’t possible for her to follow him, and she became severely depressed. She would spend her days on the edge of a cliff looking out, until she couldn’t bear it any more and jumped. In her second life she couldn’t control her feelings of arrogance, so again she wasn’t able to be of service. The third time around, in Russia, she lived near a forest. Her parents died when she was still a child. She wandered into the forest where she took residence. She lived on berries  and became friends with the animals. The people who saw her thought she was crazy and left her alone. She didn’t feel comfortable around people anyway. Her current lifetime didn’t start out too good either, since she was in a relationship with a drug addict who dragged her into doing drugs herself. She attracted dark energies and had a very rough time. But she was able to pull herself out of the depression and quit the drugs and came to me for help. She had two demons who were fallen angels and one thought form in her aura and I helped them into the light. She is in a new relationship with a man who also came from another planet. His task is also to help, but he’s doing it in a more mundane way, through organizations. Erasmia has learned some reiki and she will offer a more psychological and healing type of assistance.

George, 19, under hypnosis, saw that this is his first lifetime on earth. His people are the so-called tall grays, i.e. they look like the small gray aliens who have skinny bodies and large heads, but these ones are tall. Other hypnotherapists have written about them through their clients’ accounts. George saw that his planet had a precious crystal which gave its inhabitants unlimited energy. This also made them a target for hostile aliens, who constantly attacked them to steal the crystal. So his people were in constant battle, but only the males. The females had another task, that of reproducing. The way to do that was through thought. They would think about and wish to have a child, direct the divine light into them, and they would become pregnant. George’s spiritual level is 30, but that is impossible on earth, so here he’s at the highest attainable level, which is 10. This is due to the earth’s low vibration. He also saw that he’s a candidate to become one of the 144 000 spiritual warriors who fight evil on other dimensions. This will be done while his physical body is asleep. While awake, his life will be normal with a job and a family of his own.

John, 34, saw that both he and his daughter come from another dimension where they are rays of light. This is their first incarnation on earth. His daughter is adjusting beautifully, but he has encountered huge problems. He married a woman who had done black magic in a past life in order to help her improve her karma. Unfortunately she is making the same mistake all over again, and they had to break up. She got obsessed with destroying him, put a hex on him and tried to stop him from seeing his daughter. She’s a succesful lawyer and she was able to win every trial. We had two sessions where we removed the dark entities she had sent him and put protection around him and his new girl friend. Our guide also gave the ex wife some metaphysical signs as warnings, so she would get scared and stop the black magic. Soon John started winning the trials and he’s on his way to gaining joint custody of his kid. Both John and his wife are new, level one souls. Such souls are easily influenced and can make huge mistakes as well as struggle to pull themselves out of emotional pits. John’s stress was so intense that he turned to alcohol. I also had to have sessions to help him get some balance, and he was able to cut back on his alcohol intake. His mission on earth is to help humanity, but he has to help himself first. Due to his many problems, he couldn’t see more impressions about his world, but he was able to contact his guide, who is also a ray of light.

Luz, 39, went into a deep hypnosis and saw a past life on earth, as a little girl in Scottland, in the 17th century. She would astral project at night and fly over the mountain and enjoy nature, or visit her grandma who lived at the foot of the mountain. At age 8, she astral projected to the US where something attracted her. She saw a very bright light that was put into a square hole between mountains, and a heavy stone above it. Men in uniforms and helmets were guarding it. She was pulled towards that light and flew around and above it. I asked her if it came from space, and she got very emotional. It came from her planet! She started crying and I gave her suggestions to calm down. I took her to her planet and she described it as a green planet with mountains, an atmosphere and a sun. It had rain but no snow. The climate was mild to warm. The houses were oval, eye shaped, and were covered with grass. The people were humans, but had etheric bodies. They were very evolved. They could practically do whatever they wanted with thought alone. The planet was in a distant galaxy and humans had no name for it. I called in her spirit guide. He belonged to the group of tall, snow-white, skeletal beings that other hypnotherapists have written about. He wore a white robe. He came from another dimension. His species only knows positive feelings and is even more advanced than Luz’s. In her life in Scotland, Luz was trying to wake people up and make them understand that they could fly just like her if they just believed hard enough. But no-one would listen to her except for children. Adults were very limited and believed blindly the priests in the church, who were arrogant and power thirsty. Her mother was just like the rest of the adults. Luz couldn’t bear living in those surroundings any longer, and at age 20, one night she asked for the light to come and take her back to her planet. A stream of light came through the window and she left, leaving her physical body lifeless in her bed. In her current life, she‘s more well-adjusted, but she still has a feeling of not belonging and a frustration of not being able to help people. She had had two romantic relationships but none satisfied her, except for the daughter she had, who also comes from her world. Her guide told her that her dream of going to Peru is actually her mission. She will attune herself with the energies there and meet the right people who will take her to a near-by country where she will help poor children. A friend of hers who was watching the session will go with her, as she has the same mission. Another lady she met at a meditation course turned out to also be from another world. Her species doesn’t know negative feelings either, and she’s here to experience them. Shortly into the second hour of hypnosis, and before I was finished asking all the questions I wanted to, I had to quickly bring her back at her guide’s request, because she started coughing and he said she was tired. When she woke up, we discovered that she had sweated all over, in spite of the air conditioning. That has never occurred with any other client. I remembered though Dolores Cannon’s book The Custodians, where a similar subject would get too warm or too cold during the session. Her energy as well as the alien being channeled was too high to adjust to earthly standards and her body reacted that way.

More and more beings from other galaxies and dimensions are coming to earth to assist us with our spiritual growth. However, we must learn to discern who is legit and who is dark. If in doubt, ask them if they come from the light. They can lie about many things, but not this.