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Rescuing Lost Children’s Souls

Children who pass away are often so confused by what happens that they get lost in time and space and end up attaching themselves to a living person to get comfort and energy. Many clients of mine came for a past-life regression, totally unsuspecting of carrying an entity, much less a child. Others experienced problems and knew there was something wrong.  Some children actually found their mothers after many centuries, in their mothers’ new incarnation. Children’s souls are the most stubborn entities among all those I’ve encountered and I must admit that I have a very hard time convincing them to go to the light. I prefer to deal with hostile aliens or demons than with kids’ souls.

Rena, 36, felt lonely, insecure and rejected. In hypnosis, she saw a red and angry energy that stung her leg. By focusing on it and asking her questions about it, she saw that this energy had joined her when she still was in her mother’s womb. Her father’s family didn’t want him to be with that woman and Rena’s mother felt rejected and sad. She thereby attracted a similar energy, which went straight to Rena for comfort. I asked this entity to look deep into its internal light, and it soon remembered being a handsome little blond boy. His parents had abandoned him and he was being raised by his grandmother. But he felt very lonely. He didn’t remember anything else and I explained to him that he somehow died. He said his name was Spring, although I have to wonder if he remembered his real name or not. He did love his grandmother though. I called her and she came straight away. Rena got tears in her eyes by this reunion. They said goodbye to each other and Spring went happily into the light with his granny.

Yota, 27, felt sad, depressed, lost, lonely and abandoned. She even had suicidal thoughts once. In hypnosis, she hopped from one incident to another and what appeared to be one life after another. This is common when there are attached lost souls;  they make their host see their own and their other hosts’ lives.  This attached soul was Chris, a two year old boy. He was very angry, because his uncle had murdered him. He lived in Russia in the 1950ies. His mother had left him with her brother so that she could run her morning errands. The boy was very restless and the uncle had taken drugs. He got pissed off so badly by Chris’ mischief that he submerged his head into the water and the boy drowned. I calmed him down saying that drugs make people do stupid things. Chris said his mother forgave the guy, and that made him even more angry. I called in the mother, and she came. But Chris didn’t want to follow her. He loved Yota, and wanted to stay with her. He had joined her when she was 11. He said this man, Ramses, told him to go to her. Ramses was obviously some lower astral level spirit who somehow knew Yota. That’s when her personality changed for the worse. Chris refused to believe me that he affected her negatively and I addressed Yota. She clung to the boy even more tightly than he did. I explained to her that he will be happier in the light where he will see his soul group and prepare for his next incarnation. After another long talk I was able to convince her. I then called Chris’ spirit guide. He was a young looking man that Chris looked up to, but refused to follow. He said he’d rather be a girl, since he had this bad experience as a boy, so he would stay with Yota. After another long talk I finally persuaded him that he could be whatever he wanted and visit Yota whenever he wished. He accepted at last, said goodbye and went into the light with his guide. But Yota also had another entity attached to her: her 14 year old school mate, Helen, from this life! The girl had died of abnormal bleeding during her period. She had a blood disease and her parents didn’t get to her in time. Yota was in such a shock when she saw the obituary note on the wall of the school that her soul decided to hang on to her. Helen had lost both her brother and her father and was pretty messed up emotionally. And the two friends decided to comfort each other by staying close. I explained to both of them how detrimental that union was and called her folks. Her father showed up and she followed him. Yota’s case shows that more often than not we are the ones who keep our beloved ones earthbound from an unhealthy urge to keep each other company. Few of my clients keep in touch or even contact me again, but Yota sent me a couple of years later a friend of hers for a past-life session who reported that Yota was feeling much better and would soon come for another go.

Dora, 21, felt lonely and lost. I took her in session to the life that affected her the most, but she couldn’t see anything. She only saw light and felt she was looking for something. I patiently gave her more and more directions and suddenly she felt  a cold spot on her hand. She got scared and wanted to stop. I told her it was probably just an entity that had to get out. She then felt her hand get numb and got up from the chair in a panic, wanting to leave. I urged her to sit down, saying that it was no big deal, that others were far worse off. She obeyed and we were able to take it to the point where she saw the entity. It was an 8 -year old boy. He told me his classmates made fun of him because he was quiet and small. He started sobing  -Dora did so too- and never stopped until we were finished.  He lived in England in the 1950ies, but could hardly remember anything else, at first not even if he was a boy or a girl. With some persistence from my part, things started coming back to him. His name was Jacob. I told him he must have died suddenly. He went on crying. I called for a relative of his to come for him from the light, but no-one showed up. I went on to make a somewhat vaguer request for someone to come, and someone did show up and wanted to take the boy. He didn’t identify himself though and when asked where he would take him, he answered “wherever I want to”. The entity was clearly malevolent and came from the lower astral level, and I sent it right back there. I then called for Jacob’s spirit guide, who did show. He said the boy had run out of the house to pick up his ball when a car ran him over. It wasn’t meant to be, it was an accident, but he was meant to feel lonely, so as to become stronger. He also said his mother was dead. I called her again, and she came. She was also lost in the lower  astral plane. She felt guilty for not being able to protect her son, for not giving him a sibling to play with, for being a bad mother. I reassured her it wasn’t her fault, and all three of them (Dora, the mother and Jacob) cried together. He didn’t want to leave Dora, because she was kind, and that’s what attracted him to her. I explained to him that he could come visit any time he wished. He said goodbye to her and went into the light with his guide and mother. After he was gone, Dora was able to see her own guide more clearly and get some answers from him about her current life.

Marina, 38, was unable to see anything under hypnosis. Her friend Catherine was with her and she volunteered to be hypnotized and see what was wrong. Although she was afraid, she did amazingly well. She saw her friend had a dark weight around her. She felt it as something damaging and as something someone else had sent to her. I called in the angels, asked them to throw light on the dark entity and started questioning it. It said its name was Sergius and was sent by a woman called Helen.  He didn’t know if the two women knew each other, but Helen was envious of Marina, and sent him to her.  I helped him look into himself and he saw a lamp post and later a naborhood.  He then discovered he was an 8-year old Russian boy, Sergius, who lived in that naborhood. He couldn’t remember much of his life or his parents. Eventually he recalled he lived with his parents in a village and they even had a TV set. He couldn’t remember anything else. I called his mother who came and told us her son had drowned in the bathtub while she was out. The boy understood, took her hand and followed her into the light. So the darkness around him were just his feelings of fear and confusion. Helen’s envy functioned like witchcraft, sending a random lost soul over to Marina.

Sonia, 37, felt attacked at her energetic  body and asked us what was wrong. Our guide found two entities in her aura, as well as a fragmented soul. The first entity came from a past life and the second one from witchcraft in this lifetime, so she needed three sessions, one for each problem. In a channeling session, we brought over the older entity. It turned out it belonged to a two-year old boy who was her son in a life in 1653, in the south of France. Sonia had a relationship with a rich guy who was nuts for her, but who didn’t want any children. Unfortunately, she got pregnant and gave birth to a boy. Her fiancé didn’t want him, and neither did his family, and he left her. Sonia raised the kid alone, but she was very poor. Every attempt she made to get back together with her ex failed. So one day she went up to a cliff with the child and threw him off it. He fell onto the rocks, and got severely injured. The mother walked away while hearing her son’s shouting for help, and his cries went on for a whole hour before he succumbed to his injuries. The boy’s soul didn’t hold a grudge though, he didn’t even remember what had really happened. The story was told to us by the guide. The boy ‘s soul wandered around until he found Sonia in this lifetime and wanted to stay with her. He recognized her as his mother and loved her. But his pain was being transmitted to her. I expected Sonia to ask him for forgiveness for what had happened in France, but she couldn’t. She was totally confused and remained silent. The boy wondered whether she didn’t love him, but she couldn’t say she did. I called in Sonia’s old self from France, but she didn’t come. The boy decided to take over my co-worker’s body and no matter what I said to him wasn’t enough to convince him to go to the light. But our guide intervened, threw plenty of light onto him and he was willing to follow the light path he saw in front of him. Unfortunately, we will never know what exactly happened for him to find his mother in this life, because we never heard from Sonia again. She didn’t feel better after the session and couldn’t understand why we got rid of this entity first and not the other one, which was responsible for the greatest damage. She didn’t trust us any more and didn’t contact us for the second session. The procedure must however be done the right way. The oldest entity must go first, then the more recent one, then comes the soul retrieval. At least this was how it had to be done in this case, and I trust my guide for it. The other astounding thing was that she couldn’t say she loved him. Anybody would have said so even without meaning it, just to help a soul in pain. Sonia was not an evil person either. She told me later that she didn’t believe that entity was her son and that she had murdered him in order to be with a man. And by the way, her fiancé did get back together with her after the kid was gone and they lived happily. I guess I’m more bothered than she is by not knowing the rest of the story, how all of this could have been possible… But the main thing here is that the boy’s soul finally went to the light.

I also had a ten year old, an eight-year old and a two year old self that weren’t in the light. I wrote about the 8-year old in the article “Powerful Kids”, so now I’ll tell you about the two-year old. I was a little boy who lived in a Finnish village in 1669. I wasn’t baptized and didn’t have a name yet. In our home there was a poltergeist spirit who moved things around in my room. I found it amusing and I played along, telling it what to move next. The spirit and I one day overturned the big closet on the floor. My parents came in alarmed, but could not explain what had happened. Nevertheless, they took my bed into their room to keep an eye on me. But I went on playing with the spirit. And that’s when things got really nasty. He hurled a heavy glass frame over to the wall above my parents’ bed. The frame broke and the pieces fell on their heads, killing them both. Not long after that, a book fell off the shelf that was on top of my bed in front of me and opened up. It was a book of spells. A sword fell next from the wall and its shaft hit my head, killing me on the spot. My blood dripped onto the book, activating the spell. This sealed my co-operation with the demon. I turned into his servant, by doing evil and climbing up the demonic scale until I became pretty powerful. That kid’s soul became the leader of a whole group of demons that followed him throughout my lives between then and now and had big plans for me in this life. What happened in Finland may sound like the scenario of a scary movie, but it was all carefully planned by my soul and spirit guides. I chose to become a demon in order to have first hand experience on how the dark works. This would make me one day the ultimate warrior against it. The time for the kid demon to stop arrived and we had a session for me to help him into the light. My guide surprised me though, as he had done all the work himself. He knew I’m very bad with kids, meaning I can’t convince them, so he had talked to him for a long time beforehand and put some sense into him. In the session he asked me for forgiveness for all the misery he and his servants had caused me and we actually talked like friends. I even spoke a bit in Finnish to him, and he recognized his parents’ language. In this life, I learned Finnish as a teenager and went to Finland to study. On my fist day in Helsinki I felt like coming home. The kid and I said our goodbyes and he went into the light.

Gerrit, 51, knew he had spirits in his aura. He had once sought help from a healer who cleared the other entities who were with him (around ten), but  one of them came back and harassed him with noises and heavy energy. We had a channeling session, and the spirit came and told us his story. He was Gerrit’s younger brother in a past life in Norway in 1920. Gerrit was then Erik and his brother ‘s name was Johan. They loved each other very much. Erik would hug him and hold him and Johan was in heaven. When Erik got older, 15, he got a girl friend. His attention shifted to the girl. Johan got jealous and unhappy. Erik neglected him and seldom hugged him any more. One day, when the whole family and the girlfriend were strolling at the marina, Johan started shouting that Erik didn’t love him any more. His mother tried to make him understand, but the boy was adamant. His tantrum ended when he jumped into the water declaring that he would be with his brother for ever. He drowned and his soul stayed with his brother for the rest of that lifetime and the following ones, including this one. Johan was only ten.  Erik, filled with guilt, split from his girl friend and spent the following ten years mourning his brother’s death with the sole company of the only priest who comforted him. That priest turned out to be my co-worker in this lifetime. Erik died of a broken heart. Johan told us about Erik’s next incarnation in Germany. He communicated with his brother’s soul and the Nazi scientists ran experiments on him to establish why he was psychic. With the help of gray aliens, they experimented with his brain and with drugs. He was eventually rescued and escaped to Holland, but succumbed soon after that to the brain damage the drugs had caused him. Johan took revenge and turned every single one of those scientists crazy. In this lifetime, he had an encounter with those gray aliens, but Johan protected him. In the session I didn’t even come close to persuading Johan to leave, so he went back to Gerrit. Our guide and my co-worker have been working at it for a week now, filling Gerrit with light and talking to Johan. Gerrit’s old self Erik is lost in the lower astral level and the guide is looking for him. As soon as he finds him, Johan will be more than likely to follow him into the light. One thing I could add is that Johan was actually in love with his brother. In this lifetime, he stopped Gerrit’s attempts to bond with women. Moreover, Geriit’s current brother is the reincarnation of Johan. He seemed also to be in love with him as a child, but eventually he grew past him and found a boy friend of his own.

As you can see, children can be everything adults can, from weak and scared to obstinate, manipulative and vengeful . But they are also gullible, thus becoming easy targets for dark spirits to manipulate them for their own purposes.