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Pets and Reincarnation


Usually plants are reborn as animals and when they are ready they incarnate as humans. The final step before that is often that of a pet incarnation. But sometimes our pets are a bit more than just animal companions. They may have been with us as humans in a past life, they are often in our soul group or they may even become our spirit guides.
In session, I led Nancy, 29, to Spirit so as to contact her spirit guide. She walked into a temple and into her own communication room. I called in her guide and encouraged her to do the same in her thoughts. I gave her a few minutes and asked her what her guide looked like, whether he took on a male or a female shape, whether he was pure light or whether he appeared as a different being. Without hesitation, she said that the only one who walked in was her late doggy! I told her to ask him if he was her guide. The dog wagged his tail. That meant yes. I went on asking more questions, and when the dog would sit still, the answer was negative. We managed to do a very good job, just as good as with a human-like guide!
Sophie, 33, had a past life in Scotland as a sorcerer who, under the influence of darkness, turned into a serial killer. At some point, as he was about to slay his next victim with his sword, this man’s young son aimed at him with his arrow. The arrow pierced the sorcerer’s neck and killed him. He then remained earthbound and through his pact with a demon he became a demon himself. His higher self has now sent another aspect of himself, Sophie, who is a therapist. The demon found her and persecuted her throughout her entire life. She has two cats, an older one and a younger one. Through the channeled session my co-worker and I had for her in order to send her past self (the Scotsman) to the Light, our guide told her that that young boy’s soul is now her younger cat. He had to come to her as an animal because of his own karma, in order to give her some tenderness and support in the middle of her ordeal and at the same time make it up to her for ending her (his) life back then.
Niki, 24, came to me because she was very upset after her kitten’s death. Pipaki had passed away a few weeks earlier, but she still felt him in her bedroom. He had been very ill. The reason why she picked him up from the street was his illness. She tried to save his life, taking him to the vet and caring for him. But he was too weak and she couldn’t save him. In session, she saw Pipaki wander around in her home, trying to figure out a way to come back to her. We both tried to explain to him that he needed to cross over into the Light or just follow Archangel Ariel, the one in charge for animals. But the kitten was too upset. He wanted immediate resolution. I asked Niki’s spirit guide what was keeping Pipaki earthbound. He brought forth images of a past life where this kitten was Niki’s baby. She loved him very much, but sadly he took ill and died. I asked why he didn’t come back as a human. The answer from the guide was that he was too eager to be with Niki and didn’t want to wait until and if she had children. She was in tears. I should add that back then I didn´t know that people who have lost all their souls have to come back as animals, in order to build up the necessary energy and become humans again, so the guide gave me this excuse. A big part of the truth about souls that involves dark forces is secret and guides don´t have the right to reveal it to us, honoring an agreement with the dark side. We both tried to explain to Pipaki what the process of reincarnation and life in Spirit are like, but he was making his own plans. He told her he would find another pregnant cat and come back to Niki. His plan was to get ill again, because he knew that Niki would pick him up. Sometimes, in spite of my efforts, spirits have their own will and their own plans. Pipaki had obviously a deal with a demon who didn´t let him see clearly -but at that time I didn’t know about such deals. A few years later I checked Pipaki. He had once again incarnated as a kitten and was with Niki. I mentally  explained to him that he had stricken an unconscious deal with a demon in order to be with her, that the demon  had already killed him once and given him illnesses twice and that he would not hesitate to do it again. This time Pipaki was receptive. I told him to repeat the Renunciation of the darkness after me. That way his deal would be broken and he could decide for himself when and how to leave this world. And he did it! I killed the demon and this case ended happily.
I’ve always wondered about my own cat, Sossi. I picked him up from under a bench when he was 2 months old. He fell in love with me from the first evening and he was even sexually attracted to me. Furthermore, he was very jealous and possessive. He’d be jealous of a new plant I’d buy, or my male pals who dropped by, a stray cat who fell from the roof on to my terrace, the new cat I later got, you name it. He was pretty intelligent, he had weird cravings like for chocolate, cookies, bread, Swedish saffron buns, green olives, cake. So it crossed my mind more often than not that he might have been human in the past. And I was right, he was actually my husband in Uppsala, Sweden, in a past life in 1863! Even then he was somewhat possessive and jealous. We had a good life in Sweden, but unfortunately he messed up in his lives after that and all the energy of his higher self was lost to the dark side. So with the energy left he had to start over the incarnation cycle as an animal. He went through many illnesses and nearly died 7 times. Ever since I got my second cat, Keo, he started peeing pretty much everywhere. When I found out about his karma and started praying for it, after 7 years of peeing on the chairs, couch and bed, he miraculously stopped! That’s what he had been trying to tell me all those years: he got upset when I got another cat instead of fixing his karma. Sossi had 4 red human parallel lives: two of them as Don Juan bon viveurs, one as a dark superior monk who prevented the other monks from communicating with God and a hunter who killed animals and gave their souls to a dark sorcerer. After 3 months of praying, their dark activity was blocked. I also asked my guide to send his entities and past lost selves to the Light and gather his soul fragments. So in his next incarnation he’ll be able to be human again. He actually lived 20 years waiting for me to discover and fix his karma. His illnesses were a sacrifice in order to balance the activity of his human parallels and mine, until I neutralized them with my prayer. I later found out he´s in the same soul group as I am and we´ve had another life together, in Spain, where he was my husband and where we had a pastry shop. We had two more lives where he was my brother. In one of them we did the same job as in this one, cleansing people from negative energies, breaking witchcraft and exorcizing demons. So our relationship couldn´t have been any closer. He sacrificed his life at the age of 21 years and 8 months in order to save me from getting blind from the attack I got from a client´s parallel freemason. His loss was extremely painful to me. Sossi was an El, so his sacrifice also counted for erasing his higher self´s fall caused by his red parallels (see my article on the Els, ). Finally, he also sacrificed himself to stop the Cern experiment, like many souls did at that time.
My younger cat Keo on the other hand doesn’t act as a human at all, and in fact he was a squirrel in our past life together. Unfortunately, back then I was possessed by an evil ΕΤ who used me to kill anything alive in front of me. So Keo was one of my animal victims. I just touched him and his soul exploded with the alien power in my hands. In this life he used to be afraid of me when I touched him, but loved it when he was the one who took the initiative and lied in my arms. He has gotten over it now. He also had red parallel selves, a snake and a dog, but also light ones, a squirrel and a dog. I said the prayer for him and I saw a slow but steady improvement in his behavior. After the soul retrieval he calmed down completely. After Sossi’s death he matured greatly. From being an insecure, playful, mischievous and jealous kitten he became a quiet, mature and wise cat who acted like a real father to the new kitten who came into our home, Kappi, just like Sossi had treated Keo when Keo was small. He was also a real hero when Kappi’s parallel did black magic to him. Keo attracted to himself part of Kappi’s black magic, part of the black magic that was directed at me and the whole black magic that was done to him. He saved me from liver damage and he saved Kappi’s life. For ten days he didn’t eat or drink anything and had his liver damaged, but fortunately he survived. When I contacted Sossi mentally, he was with Kappi in the spirit world’s sanatorium, and Sossi told me he was proud of Keo’s development. Sossi was a good example to him.
Kappi came to our home on his own after having been outside together with his brothers and mother whom I had been feeding for a couple of months. Keo loved him straight away and they became best friends. And I loved him too, especially after finding out that we could communicate. I would ask him several things, and he would respond with a meow for yes and just stare at me for no. He had special powers, as my coworker and I sent him astrally over to other people and he came back and told us what they thought about what we had asked them. He also participated in astral battles that we had with the nephilim. He wore an armor and jumped at them like a lion. He had his own special cry that frightened the enemy. So they did black magic to him and killed him. He actually sacrificed himself to save an acquaintance of my coworker´s, who was his mother in a previous life. Without Kappi´s sacrifice she would have been kidnapped and forced into prostitution. But it was very painful for me. I was also his mother in a previous life, when I was married to Sossi in Sweden. But his mission now was to save that lady and be born as her son. He had a dangerous parallel sorcerer who had killed him in two lives and tried to do it again, but we saved him and blocked the sorcerer. Unfortunately, Kappi only lived to be 5 months. After we had broken the second round of black magic against him, he died of a heart attack overnight. His death also saved my life from a curse I had to die young.
Another kitten that I adopted, Punkki, lived even less. He stayed for 5 days with me but was under constant psychic attack by a nephilim from one of my past lives, who was incarnated at that time. He finally told him to jump from the top of the fridge where he was eating and died. He didn’t die from the fall, since the height was very low, but of fear. In his own past life he had been a beaver. He was climbing up on a tree when another tree fell on top of him and killed him. That left him traumatized. As if that weren’t enough, he encountered me in my life as a witch with alien powers and got killed again. While he was with me in this lifetime, he wasn’t afraid at all while in my arms. That was actually the only time he was happy. We will have to meet again in a future lifetime, because now I owe him twice. I did cleanse his karma though by praying for him. The nephilim’s motivation to kill him was to stop me from rising in soul level through my love for Punkki. The nephilim attacked Punkki psychically during those 5 days so that he would make a deal with him. And he did, when he jumped off the fridge; the nephilim promised him security and Punkki accepted. And the nephilim killed him and took his soul. After dying, the kitten’s soul was fragmented in three parts. One of them wandered around in my apartment and naborhood, another one was lost and another one found his siblings. After I buried him and came home, I heard a purr in my ear when I lay down to sleep. It was his way of saying goodbye to me!  The nephilim was eventually led to the light, Punkki’s soul fragments gathered and he’s incarnated again as a cat.
Another pet who made a deal with a demon is Abu, belonging to my client and student Dimitra. He asked for a comfortable life when in fact he should have sacrificed his life for Dimitra’s sister, who was his wife in a past life and who also has a deal. Such a sacrifice would help her see more clearly what she has done and fix it. Abu is also an El and his higher self has run out of energy. I’ve been saying the prayer for him too, so his lost selves went to the light and he got new human incarnations. He and Kappi are in my soul group. We had a glorious life together in the thirteenth century, in Canterbury, where we made a coup and imposed a socialist government, after killing the tyrant. I visited him mentally and told him that if he broke his deal he could once again become a man and we could have another glorious life together, fighting evil. He got excited and broke it! Souls can incarnate in the past in order to meet us as adults and be able to carry out any mission we have together while we are alive.
There have been many kittens and other animals in my home, like birds, insects, snails, mice and lizards (and even plants), that are currently incarnated as humans in Greece, from ages 4 to 24. They saved me from cancer, a kidney and a liver dysfunction, more flues, sprains and broken bones, and a more severe economic disaster.  Greece was chosen in case the physical Armageddon came about, so that they  all are close to the battle site, Thessaloniki, where the forces of the Light and the nephilim are to confront each other.
Another kitten of mine who sacrificed himself is Herrerito. He was born at home, as my female cat Witteke’s son, together with 3 other kittens. I’ve had past lives with all of them. Herrerito has been a blacksmith, whence his name (“Little Blackmith” in Spanish). He has also been my son in the US, but although we had a very happy life, he preferred me to speak Spanish to him. Two of the kittens got their own home with a nabor’s friend, but Herrerito and his little brother didn’t, and they spent the winter with us. When spring came, they were already 7 months old and my guide told me they needed to go to a protected place where people gave cats food, water and care, and the Council of the Light would soon send someone to pick them up. I did that, in fact Herrerito stepped  voluntarily into the transportation bag. That was a sign that he was sacrificing himself, but I didn’t recognize it at the time. I prepared them emotionally a few nights before, telling them they were going camping for a few days, like some sort of adventure and then took them there. I thanked them for the lovely months we had had together, said goodbye and promised  I would go visit them. I went back the following day, only to find Herrerito dead and his brother gone. That was great shock to me, as I couldn’t understand what had happened. My coworker and I talked to him astrally afterwards. Herrerito was in the Light, at the sanatorium, very happy. He was indeed supposed to go to another home, but the need for a sacrifice came up the very day I left him at that place. My coworker’s mother was going to die that day and as Herrerito had been her son, his higher self chose to have him get the heart attack instead. Had the mother died, my coworker wouldn’t have been able to go on with his important spiritual work (which needed to be completed at that time). Herrerito’s sacrifice also qualified him as a priest of the Light in his next incarnation. The thousand years of Light started on 1.17.2017 and instead of faulty religions the truth of the Creator’s Light will be widely known. Herrerito already has the cloak he will be using, characterized by the colors gold, blue and red. Finally, his sacrifice also served for the successful execution of the plans of the Light. The brother who escaped is too adventurous to live in a house, and he found himself a restaurant. There he will help other cats though guidance and humans through some sort of attack upon himself. His higher self arranged for him to go out on an exploration to avoid seeing Herrerito die and by the time it had happened, the brother knew intuitively and stayed away. Herrerito wasn’t supposed to die at home, because the shock for me would have been too intense, I would have lost a big soul fragment, making me too sick to go on with my spiritual work for a long time.
I also asked about my previous co-worker’s dog, Diego. He has been human too. He was one of the little boys he rescued in his past life as Fernando, a priest in 18th century Spain. In those times children were often abandoned by their families due to extreme poverty or they ran away. Fernando had many such lifetimes in many countries where he picked up those kids and gave them shelter and food until they grew up. That boy wanted to return the service and be his companion, now that the energy of his higher self ran out. The Spanish name he got was certainly no accident either.
Eve, 42, in hypnosis, talked to her living dog Hulk. He was angry at her because she had married and was neglecting him. He wanted to be able to sleep in her bed, but that wasn’t possible any more. He said he wouldn’t live much longer anyway, because his mission was fulfilled. His mission was to help her sister, who wanted to take her life. Hulk helped her with his devotion see that she wasn’t alone. He has been a human before and will be again in his next incarnation.
Astrid, 64, in hypnosis, spoke to her deceased dog Rudy. He had grown very old and passed away a few months earlier. His mission had been to give her comfort in her unhappy marriage to a red man, an instrument of the darkness. Rudy ha also been human before, but since he had to start over, he chose to be with her as a dog, because that was the only way he could help her.
I could name dozens of pets who are in my clients’ soul group and who started over their incarnation cycle with them, due to an empty higher self. After their sacrifice they all reach level ten and thus have a great privilege in their next incarnation.
So our pets are more often than not ex humans who are starting over and the following prayer will work wonders for them:
“I ask God to neutralize the dark activity of (pet’s name) parallel selves and help them to the light. I also ask that his/her lost selves and entities are taken to the light, his/her implants taken off and his/her lost soul fragments returned to him/her.”
Say it twice daily for a year, since the soul retrieval takes time. The angels will gladly do the job.
Our pets absorb the negative energy around us in order to help us and if need be they sacrifice their life for us to save us from major health risks. So the least we can do for them is say the prayer and give them some relief, a new break and an easier next life. What I also discovered is that they understand human languages -at least the ones they have learned in their past lives, if they have been human. They also perceive the other side and remember their past lives. They actually understand things better than children, so don’t hesitate to talk to them and explain your plans involving them or even ask them what they want or like. They will show you their preferences either by meowing/barking to you or in some other way.

Souls are usually born as plants first, then as animals and when they are ready they incarnate as humans. The final step before that is often that of a pet incarnation. But sometimes our pets are a bit more than just animal companions. They may have been with us as humans in a past life, they are often in our soul group or they may even become our spirit guides.

Ζήλεια, φθόνος, προκαταλήψεις

Προσωπικά δε βλέπω μεγάλη διαφορά μεταξύ αυτών των δύο συναισθημάτων, ίσως γιατί η ομάδα ψυχών όπου ανήκω δεν μπορεί να τα νοιώσει. Ακαδημαϊκά, φθόνος είναι το μίσος γι’ αυτόν που έχει τα αγαθά που θά’θελες να έχεις και ζήλεια το μίσος γι’ αυτόν που έχει ή μπορεί να αποκτήσει το άτομο που νομίζεις ότι σού ανήκει. Πάντως πολλοί φόνοι και δεινά διαπράττονται εξ’ αιτίας και των δυό συναισθημάτων.

Soul Retrieval and Healing

In strong emotional shocks a fragment of our soul evacuates taking with it the traumatic feelings, thereby helping us cope. Nevertheless, this creates a void within us which leads to lack of energy and concentration, making us vulnerable to manipulation, disease and spirit attachment.

Kατά συρροή δολοφόνοι

Τι οδηγεί έναν άνθρωπο να σκοτώνει άλλους τον ένα μετά τον άλλο, συχνά χωρίς πραγματική αιτία; Πώς φωλιάζει ένα τέτοιο τυφλό μίσος στην καρδιά του; Τι τον σταματάει από το να νοιώσει τον πόνο του συνανθρώπου του;


Witchcraft is a controversial word. Some think of it as pure evil, some consider it some sort of secret power, some as paganism, some see it as a modern white magic practice, or even a religion. I’ve had many clients who saw that they were witches in a past life, some good, some evil, and many who were victims to evil witchcraft both in past lives and in this one.

Καταπιεσμένες γυναίκες

Λίγες κοινωνίες παρείχαν πλήρη ισότητα σε γυναίκες και άντρες, ίσως καμμία. Μετά από τόσες χιλιετίες καταπίεσης, η παθητικότητα, η έλλειψη πηγμής και πρωτοβουλίας, η δειλία και ο φόβος είναι ακόμα βαθειά χαραγμένα στη ψυχοσύνθεση πολλών γυναικών, ακόμα και στην τωρινή εποχή. Μερικές γυναίκες κρατάνε τον εαυτό τους δεμένο με αόρατα δεσμά και αρνιούνται να κάνουν ένα βήμα μπρος.

Twin Souls

According to channeling and hypnosis sources, souls are created by detaching themselves from the divine source. After some time in Spirit they are split in half and start incarnating as two separate people. In most incarnations they meet, since their very special closeness offers unique opportunities for learning lessons. Twin souls are the two souls who are most alike and most compatible. They become legendary lovers, very close siblings or friends, mother and child, etc. Eventually, after level 7, they rejoin as one soul. Some people mix up a twin flame and a soul mate, which actually means any soul that is meant to share a lifetime in a deep, loving relationship. A twin soul often sacrifices itself to help the other one or both of them. They influence each other in every way, just like regular twins do. When a twin soul goes dark, it persecutes the other one relentlessly.

Ο πόλεμος των άστρων

Τα σήριαλ και οι ταινίες επιστημονικής φαντασίας με διαγαλαξιακούς πολέμους δεν είναι τελικά και τόσο φανταστικά. Αυτό που δεν μάς αποκαλύπτουν σ’ αυτά είναι ότι αυτοί οι πόλεμοι, οι κατακτήσεις και οι απαγωγές γίνονται κάτω από την επιρροή μίας συμπαντικής δύναμης: των σκοτεινών δυνάμεων ή αλλιώς της ενέργειας του Εωσφόρου.

Για πάντα μαζί

Κάποιες ψυχές που μένουν εγκλωβισμένες στον υλικό κόσμο έχουν μια σπαραχτική ιστορία αγάπης. Παραμένουν εδώ για να είναι κοντά στον αγαπημένο τους, που συχνά είναι και αυτός εγκλωβισμένος, για άλλους λόγους. Ή τον ακολουθούν σε κάθε ενσάρκωσή του.

Encounters with the Devil

So, does the devil exist? And who or what is he? Some believe he doesn’t exist, some that he’s a creation of human consciousness, some he’s the fallen archangel Lucifer. One of my clients whose soul was born before Lucifer’s claims that he’s not an archangel, but a much higher entity, on the top of the ladder of creation. Even so, he’s not natural evil, but constructed evil. Real evil or God’s enemy is the Non-Being or else Anti-Matter. The devil wants power and suffering out of revenge, while Non-Being seems to be God’s (or Source’s, the Creator’s) natural enemy, his opposite force. But no matter who or what the devil is, he’s a very real entity in some hypnosis sessions.


Πολεμιστές του φωτός

Όσοι βγαίνουν στα μέσα μαζικής ενημέρωσης και παρουσιάζουν σενάρια μιας μεγάλης Αρχαίας Ελλάδας, μιας πολύ μεγαλύτερης Ελλάδας από αυτή που είναι ευρέως αποδεκτό, καθώς και σενάρια για την σύντομη επανάκτηση εκείνης της υπερδύναμης , χλευάζονται από πολλούς Έλληνες και χαρακτηρίζονται ως γραφικοί ή και εθνικιστές. Μήπως όμως όλοι αυτοί βλέπουν κάτι που κρατήθηκε συστηματικά και επιμελώς κρυφό;


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