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How to save your child´s life and soul


You’ll be amazed when you find out what sort of dangers children run, and nowadays more than ever. The dark system that is ruling over earth has us believe that it wants the best for our children and that it’s protecting them, when ironically, vital information is being kept from us and all sorts of traps are set out there in order to take young souls far away and have them fit dark purposes.
Here is a sample of some of my clients’ past lives following a pattern, in which they were conned, killed and taken to another planet.
How to save your child´s life and soul
Lucine, 43
-Canada, 1929. From an early age Lucine´s brother and parents figured out that she liked swimming, as she often did certain stretching movements with her arms and legs in bed or in the air. They took her to a swimming club and she was very good. She mimicked the moves she saw in her mind. Before a competition with other girls, the being that had been sending her those images told her that if she wished to be like him she would win the competition. She did that and won. In the locker-room after having taken a shower, she slipped and hit her head against the cabinet. She died on the spot. The one who had been talking to her was a dark barbapapa ET who killed her and took her soul to his planet, where she was reborn as a barbapapa. The Barbapapa’s are famous comic figures and they can turn into any shape and color they like or need upon wishing it.
Marcela , 48.
-USA, California, 1954. She liked Disney cartoons a lot and mostly she enjoyed imitating Donald Duck. Her parents told her that she did it very well. She encouraged her classmates to put on a play at the end of the school year in which each one would play the role of a Disney character, in a story they would pick. The children chose their character and Marcela chose first, Donald Duck, since the idea was hers. They all did their best and rehearsed a lot. The day of the performance was approaching and Marcela was anxious, since she wanted to win. The top three winners would receive medals, like in the Olympic Games. And she wanted to step on the top pedestal of the podium. Then it was as if someone spoke to her mind, asking her if she wanted to know how she could win. She said yes, and the answer was that before the performance she should wish with all her heart to be Donald Duck. It seemed a good idea and she decided to do it. The day arrived, she wished wholeheartedly to be Donald Duck and she acted like a pro. Everyone applauded the children and the teachers' jury named Marcela as the first winner. She climbed to the top pedestal, got her medal and enjoyed the applause. Then her parents asked her if she wanted to celebrate her victory at a hamburger restaurant with her friends, but she said she preferred to go to Disneyland. The first weekend her parents could make the trip, they set out. On the way, and as they approached the amusement park, a truck appeared out of nowhere and collided with their car. The parents survived, but Marcela died. The voice that had spoken to her was a dark ET and she had made a deal with him. He killed her and took her soul to his planet where she incarnated as Donald.
Sara, 27
-Spain, Madrid, 1671. Sara was a day-dreaming girl who enjoyed embroidering with her older sister. She had a vivid imagination and made flowers and exotic animals that she had seen in a book that had been bought for her. She dreamed of being able to visit those exotic countries and see closely those plants and animals. Her sister told her that the only way for that to happen was if she got married to an explorer who could take her to live to America. But the odds were that he would only visit that continent and in that case she wouldn´t be able to go along on his exploration trips, because she would only be a hindrance to him. She felt disillusioned and kept dreaming of being able to fulfill her dream. She wanted to be the explorer herself and not just see peculiar animals. She wanted to see new lands and things no one had seen before. Her imagination had no limits. So she started playing at being that explorer. One day she went with her sister to the wood nearby to collect mushrooms and blackberries. She took a break to play at being an explorer and wished with all her soul to see a new world, far from everything known. That way she made a deal with an ET. The ET cut off a heavy branch, which fell on her head and killed her. He took her soul to his planet, where she was born as a jellyfish.
Marcelo, 24
-USA, Washington State, 1936. Marcelo was a mischievous boy who used to play a lot with his nabor's son. When he learned about the Vikings at school he included them in his games. He fought with his friend, each being a powerful warrior. The nabor was often a pirate and Marcelo was a Viking. He took his mother’s pot and knife and used them as a helmet and a sword and spent hours playing like that. He even began to dream about those battles. One night the dream was very vivid and a Viking expedition was proposed to him, and he would be the commander. He couldn’t believe it, but he heard a voice saying that it was enough to wish with all his soul to be part of that expedition and it would happen and he would become a hero. So he did it. When the dream was over, the ET who had sent the dream to him made him fall from the bed and killed him, making it appear that he had struck his head and that the death was caused by the blow. And he took his soul to the dark planet where Marcelo was born as an alien Viking.
Michael, 34, and Jasmin, 36.
-England, 1863. From a young age their families knew each other and Michael and Jasmin became good friends. Their mothers would take them to the beach or the park where they played together. Michael asked Jasmin if she wanted to be his princess. She said yes, and asked if he wanted to be her prince. He accepted. And they played many times at being a real couple, making up dreams for the future. During their school years, the school planned a play with the best actors from both schools, who would be picked after a competition. Michael and Jasmin won and could be the royal couple. Excited, they learned their role and acted wonderfully. All parents applauded them and their own parents were proud of them. At night, in their dream, someone asked them if they had liked being that royal couple in the play. They both replied that they loved it. Then he asked if they wanted to be a royal couple in reality. They doubted if that could ever happen, but the person in the dream reassured them. All they had to do was wish it wholeheartedly. They did that and they died instantly. The one who spoke to them was an ET. He gave them a heart failure and took them back to his planet. It was one of Lilith's planets, which had a global deal. The inhabitants were two-legged turtles. Michael and Jasmin were born as turtles destined to be king and queen. And they became just that. They are sitting each on their throne and they decide on their subjects’ affairs, who want to receive their advice or decision. Life on this planet is easy, because nobody works and everything is automatic. It’s enough to desire something for it to be manifested: a dish, a house, a trip, etc. The necessary energy for all this to work is drawn from human souls.
Anna, 12
-USA, California, 1771. Anna lived in a farm with cows, chicken and rabbits. She loved animals, especially rabbits. When they multiplied, her parents sold them to a butcher who sold meat. Anna felt deep pain about that and she begged her parents to stop having the rabbits killed. They told her it was an important source of income for them and that rabbits multiply quickly and that they couldn’t have hundreds of them in the farm, there would be no room or money for their food. Anna spent many hours with them playing. She asked her parents whether they would still send the rabbits to their death if she were one of them. They said of course not, if they knew, but she couldn’t be a rabbit, since she was human. She asked them how they knew if among those rabbits there wasn’t someone like her. They saw no logic to it and paid no more attention to her words. Anna kept trying to find a solution to save the rabbits. Then an idea came to her: if she really was one of those rabbits and her parents suspected it, they wouldn’t kill them. Then she heard a thought that if she wished with all her heart to become a rabbit, the other rabbits would be saved. And she did. A piece of the roof came off, fell on her head and she died instantly. The thought was sent by an ET who took her soul to his home planet, where she was born as a two-legged rabbit. Her parents were devastated by her sudden death. To honor her wish, they castrated the male rabbits so that they couldn´t reproduce any more and kept them as pets until they all died.
Another life of Anna’s in which she became an ET:
-USA, West-Virginia, 1897. As a child she used to play theater with plastic animals. She often played it with her brother and the naborhood kids. Soon they each impersonated an animal, competing at who was best. She chose to be a cat, another child a horse, another one a dog, etc. They made a score table and wrote down their performance at climbing a tree, running, jumping, etc. They imitated animals - their flexibility, speed, intelligence, etc., acting like them. The horse was faster, but the cat smarter and more flexible, the mouse could hide where no one else could by being small, the dog could smell at miles away. Anna was so absorbed in the  game that at night she dreamed about it. There she was the winner of the competition. Towards the end of the dream she realized it was just a dream, but someone told her it could be true. She asked how, he replied that it was enough that she wished wholeheartedly to be that winning cat and it would happen. She wished it and died instantly. The voice that spoke to her was an ET who killed her and took her soul to his planet, since she had made a deal. There she was born as a two-legged cat who became a champion. Anna's father went to her room to wake her up in the morning, but found her dead. He screamed, grabbed her in his arms and they both fell to the ground, where he cried. The mother came, he told her that their daughter was dead, she also screamed and joined her husband, crying with him.
Tim, 25
-Persia, 1950. Tim was a boy who often traveled with his father in order to sell the merchandise they had. Sometimes they spent a few hours in the local market. There he met some friends who also helped their parents. On holidays, in breaks or after work they would play in the wood nearby. They decided to play this game: Each one took an object from the merchandise of his father and buried it in the wood. The one who first found one of the buried objects would be the winner and that object would acquire a supreme value, something like a cup or a medal. Tim affirmed to himself that he would be the winner. They walked through the wood looking for traces of newly dug earth. Tim found a spot and started to dig. He dug up an Aladdin lamp and shouted in triumph. The other boys came to see if he had indeed found one of the objects. While Tim was rubbing the lamp as a sign of its special value, a genie came out. The children were petrified, but then everyone made a wish. One asked to have riches, the other one a beautiful woman, etc., and Tim asked to have super powers, like the genie. At that moment he was hit by an electrical current that came out of the lamp and fell dead. The children got scared, ran out of the wood and went to their parents for help. Tim's father went to the wood, but he couldn’t do anything. The genie had killed his son and took his soul to his planet to transform it into a genie.
-England, 1956. As a child he liked ghost stories and his friends went to an abandoned house that was supposedly haunted. He played pranks on others and liked scaring people, like the evil ghosts from Casper the Friendly Ghost comics, which he enjoyed reading. One night he dreamed of a ghost who told him he could be as effective as he was at scaring people. He just had to wish to be like him. Igor considered it a good idea. The following day he went to the haunted house with his friends and played. They were late and a playmate’s mother came to look for her son. Igor was on the second floor, leaning towards the staircase and decided to scare her. He wanted to be like the ghost of his dream. He pretended to be flying towards the railing while shouting, with the intent to be stopped by the railing, but it broke off. Igor fell to his death. The ghost of the dream was an ET who stole his soul and took him to his planet, where he was born as a scary ghost.
Aurora, 24
-Canada, 1949. Aurora lived near a lake and often went to the shore to play. There were water lilies, fish and swans, and she looked at them with fascination. Her mother called her back home to eat, but she was so taken by what she saw that she didn’t feel like leaving. At times it seemed to her that the swan spoke to her and she admired its beauty and pride. Her mother would scold her and come pick her up. On other occasions she got wet or dirty and her mother scolded her even more. One of those times, she lay down and dreamed of her mother scolding her and how beautiful the lake and the swan were. Then the swan asked her if she wanted to be like him, to be able to swim without getting dirty, do what she wanted, be beautiful and independent. She said yes, and he told her that she had to wish it with all her soul. She did that and the ET who was posing as a swan killed her and took her to his planet where she was born as a swan.
Another life where Aurora became an ET:
-USA, Maryland, 1959. Aurora was a girl who loved cartoons, and especially Casper, The Friendly Ghost. After seeing that cartoon on TV with her brother, she started running around the house imitating Casper, as if she could fly. Her mother told her to calm down and eat or do her homework, but without thinking that this game could be dangerous. Aurora dreamed of Casper. In her dream she met him in person and got really excited. He asked her whether s he wanted to fly like him and go along with him on his missions. She said of course, but how could she fly, being human? Suddenly she rose up from the ground and flew. She found it awesome and followed Casper up to the sky. That very instant, the ET who had the appearance of Casper and who helped her fly astrally killed her biological body and took her soul to his planet. There Aurora was reborn as Casper. Her mother found her dead the next morning.
Kyrill, 28
-Germany,1957. As a boy he liked fencing and with the plastic sword his mother bought him he practiced alone or with his friends and nabors. He dreamed of being a great warrior, applauded by the public watching him. In another dream someone told him that in order to become a true warrior and an excellent swordsman, he had to desire it and imagine himself thus. He told him to paint an image of himself in his mind the way he wanted to be and that would happen. He did so. He trained a lot to win the naborhood tournament. He put together and won battle after battle until he was designated as the absolute winner. The children placed a podium with three steps for the first three winners. Kyrill climbed to the top and enjoyed his victory and applause. As he stepped down the top stair it broke off, he fell down, hit his head against an iron pillar and died. The ET who had spoken to him in the dream took him to his planet where he was born as a fencing warrior.
Sophia, 17
-USA, Massachusetts, 1974. As a child, she was very fond of the Lost in Space TV show and watched it  passionately. She found the robot very funny and imitated it by opening her arms and running around, shouting "Danger, Danger"! Or she would answer to her mother "Positive", "Negative", instead of yes or no. The other children at school shared her interest in this series and convinced the teachers to let them put on a play at the end of the year. The children would play an episode of the series, each impersonating a character. She would be the robot. In a dream, before the play, she saw the robot telling her that she should wish to be like him if she wanted to win the first prize. She did so, and she was appointed as the winner. As a celebration she asked her parents to take her to a theme park, where there was a space machine related to that series. They went and the girl had a great time. However, while her parents were eating and she was running around imitating the robot, she stumbled, hit her head and died. The robot from the dream was an ET who killed her, took her soul to his planet and had her reincarnate as another similar robot.
Olympia, 21
-Norway, 1810. Olympia and her brother were from a humble family and lived in the countryside. On Sundays they visited their grandmother who told them fairytales. One particular fairytale fascinated them, and especially Olympia, was the tale of the girl who kissed the enchanted frog who became a prince. The grandmother gave her an illustrated book with the story. She looked at the pictures again and again and imagined herself becoming a princess. She suggested to her brother to play that story with her. He dressed as a toad, she kissed him, he became a prince and they got married. And when he didn’t feel like playing that, she would play alone: she was the frog, the prince and the princess. In their dreams they saw that they turned into true princes and princesses, and that this was a secret that was revealed to them. If they wished with all their souls to become toads, the reward would be to become princes or princesses. And that appealed to them. They went to the forest lake to play, where there were frogs, because the brother wanted to see them. Their mother warned them not to go too far. They went there, but they saw no frogs. The brother suggested climbing on a tree to see the whole lake, that way they would see where the frogs were hiding. They climbed on to a thick branch that was stretching over the lake and they sat down to watch. Nevertheless, the branch appeared to yield under their weight and broke off. The kids fell into the lake. Panic-stricken, not knowing how to swim, they drowned. The dream was sent by an ET who broke the branch, killed them and took their souls to his planet, where they were born as shapeshifters: He became a frog and a prince and she became a frog and a princess.
George, 45
-England, 1773. George was the maid´s daughter in the house of a high-society family. Her mother had her scrub the floor. She did it reluctantly, on her knees. She hated that life and dreamed of leaving. And since she couldn´t do it on a physical level, she did it with her imagination. She day- dreamed of being a happy, rich, elegant and free lady, able to do everything she wanted and with a beautiful house of her own. In her mind she caught the thought that all that was possible. She asked how, and the thought came to her that she must desire it with all her soul. At night she dreamed of such a life. The next day, as she was scrubbing the floor, she shut her eyes and made the wish with all her soul. When she got up she slipped, fell, hit her head and died. The thoughts were sent by an ET who killed her, took her soul to his planet where she was born as the lady she had wished.
Dimitri, 26
-Germany, 1962. Dimitri was a very active boy who played a lot with his little train, soldiers, robots and other mechanical toys. He soon started playing that type of games with his friends. They formed two teams and played war. One team would consist of robots and the other of humans. The robots would wear some sort of armor they had made themselves. Dimitri would be a robot, the leader of the robots, because he wanted to be stronger than humans. He was so absorbed by all those games that he began dreaming of them and seeing himself as a hero. In one of those dreams someone asked him if he really wanted to be like that super-powerful robot that could fly and attack the enemy within seconds. He replied yes. The one who asked him was an alien and the boy made a deal. The ET killed him in his sleep with a heart attack and took him to his planet. There he was born as some sort of flying screw with a coil. He was 7 years old. His parents found him dead the next morning, horrified.
Famous singer, now deceased.
-USA, Missouri, 1963. He was a hyperactive little boy and his dream was to be an astronaut. He played a lot in the yard with his friends. In a dream he talked to someone about his future. This someone told him that they had big plans for him, because he was enthusiastic and eager to work. He asked him what he wanted to be when he was older. The boy told him an astronaut. The person in the dream answered that it would happen if he built a rocket in his yard, went inside and wished to be an astronaut with all his heart. The boy woke up excited and began to pick up metals from the neighbors for his rocket. His parents didn’t see anything wrong with that, on the contrary, they thought he had a vivid imagination. Nor did it cross their minds that this dream was a trap. His friends went to see him and entertained themselves while he was building his rocket. He was successful. The rocket got ready and he proudly stepped in. He wished wholeheartedly to become an astronaut. After a few seconds the rocket collapsed and fell on him, killing him. The ET who he had made the deal with took his soul to his planet where he was born as an astronaut, with an astronaut suit and full gear. This astronaut made a deal with his light parallel who was a singer and asked to be famous. He took the singer’s soul to his planet as an energy slave and lived his life in the singer´s biological body. He lived 45 years like that, most of the singer’s career, making deals with the people who bought his records, putting implants in their bodies and stealing their souls. His twin soul who was my client asked me about him, I found out what happened and I led both the astronaut and the slave to the Light.
Chester, 48
-Denmark, Copenhagen, 1872. When Chester was a little girl, her mother read her the tales of Hans Christian Andersen. She particularly liked the story of the little mermaid. The little mermaid started to come in her dreams and show her her world, the sea realm. Chester was very excited and began to look more and more at the images of the story book and picture to herself the sea world. In a dream the little mermaid told her that she too could see that world closely. Chester asked her how and she told her that it was enough to wish with all her soul to be like her. She did, and the little mermaid who was an ET killed her in her sleep and took her soul to her planet. There Chester was born as a mermaid. The next day her mother found her dead. She was 7 years old. I was that mother and she is a friend now.
Edel, 52
-USA, Georgia, 1954. Edel was a very active girl and she loved Casper, The Friendly Ghost and mostly his friend Wendy, The Good Little Witch. Her mother bought her a red gym suit, similar to Wendy's and she put it on and played witch. She had a magic wand and pretended to help others with it. She wished she could help people and one day her baby brother was sick she touched him with her wand and he got well. Edel told her mother what happened, but the mother smiled, thinking that her daughter had good intentions. Then Edel used her wand to give more flavor to the food her mother was cooking and later to clean the house. The mother found it strange, because she did think the food was tastier and the house cleaner, but she didn’t think there was anything supernatural to it. In her dream, Wendy appeared to Edel and told her that she had given her the power to do those things and that with her help she could clean all households in the village and heal everyone. She just had to climb to the top of the hill and wish with all her soul to be like her. Edel woke up full of excitement and ran to the hill. She made the wish and started running down the hill to find out if it had worked. Unfortunately she stumbled, fell, hit her head and died. She was killed by the ET who posed as Wendy and who took her soul to her planet. There Edel reincarnated as another Wendy. This was one of those cases where the mother should have known better. She could have asked the priest or told other people about the incidents or even investigated the paranormal and advised her daughter to be cautious.
My grandmother, now deceased.
-Germany, 1837. From an early age Elvira spent many hours in the garden, playing with her doll, sitting on the ground or walking on all four. She played theater, talking to her doll. Soon a flower joined them and the three of them started talking. Her mother had to scold her for spending so much time there and coming back with her clothes all dirty. Soon the child could hear the flower talk to her also inside of the house, calling her out to the garden. She told her mother, but the mother paid no attention. The girl insisted to go out, since the summer was short, so her mother allowed her. Soon other flowers were calling her, or so it seemed. It was actually the same ET that got into the other flowers. One day the flower asked Elvira if she wanted to be like them, the flowers, then her mother wouldn’t scold her any more and she would be able to play as much as she wanted in the garden without getting her clothes dirty. She asked how she could be a flower, since she was a child. The flower said by wishing it with all her soul. The girl closed her eyes, wished it, and died instantly. And her soul was taken to another planet where she was born as a flower. Her mother went out to look for her, but found her fallen. She ran up to her, caught her in her arms in horror and burst out crying, unable to believe her little girl was dead. She called the doctor, but there was nothing he could do. She was reborn as a flower on the alien planet. My grandmother used to buy fresh flowers every week and put them in a vase in the living room. Her parallel flower drew energy from her when she did that. When I was a little girl, she didn’t like me going to the garden to play. When I once got my dress all dirty, she actually spanked me with her belt, and that was the only time she did that. I never really understood and it took me many years to forgive her. When I found out about her past life and knew how to do it,  I attacked her ET flower with my sword and led it to the Light. After a week or so, while I was doing the dishes, the mug that used to belong to my grandmother and which had flowers on it broke! This was a message from her ex parallel flower, thanking me for having taken it to the Light.
My father:
-Australia, 1831. He lived in the countryside, in a farm. The family had crops, but the birds often destroyed them. My father would chase them away and play. His parents talked about the need to make a scarecrow and my father got excited and said he would do it. He put together rags, straw and several other things and made the scarecrow. While he was making it, he spoke to it, telling it to fulfill its mission. And the scarecrow answered in his mind that it would. Once ready, he put it in the orchard and after that the birds never dared to come near and steal the seeds again. My father continued to talk to it and told it that he was proud of it, that it was strong and efficient. The scarecrow asked him if he wanted to be equally strong and efficient, and my father answered of course. And the scarecrow said it was a deal and that he wouldn´t need any scarecrow in his farm when he was older, his mere presence would be enough. So it was. He grew up, got married, had children, and extended his parents' farm by making it circular. The birds gave him no trouble and he was very successful with his products. But one day, at the age of 50, a bird flew down from the sky directly toward him, attacked him on his head and killed him.
An ET had entered the scarecrow my father built and made a deal with him, killed him and took him to his planet, where he was born as a scarecrow-like ET.
My possible future partner Theo
-USA, Massachusetts, 1850. Theo was my son. I was married to my twin soul. Theo was very competitive with his brother and they fought often, playing war. Sometimes they would be warriors and sometimes dragons or prehistoric animals. I tried to calm them down a bit, but I couldn´t. My husband said that they were boys and that they needed to learn how to defend themselves and fight. One summer we sent them to boy-scout camping to have some peace and to help them learn new things and some discipline. But one day we were told there had been an accident. Both boys had gone astray while walking in the forest collecting samples and they had wandered out of the forest. They had fallen into a ravine and died. Both had wished to be prehistoric or fantastic animals in order to be winners, and the ETs killed them. They were reborn on the alien planet as a red dragon and an iguanodon.
Basil, Theo´s brother
-Germany, 1939. Basil was my brother, Theo my father and Helen (Theo´s ex wife) my mother. Basil loved airplanes and his parents bought him one of those toys with a remote control. He thought it was so cool that he played non-stop with the toy plane. He also pretended to be a plane himself, running around the house and in the neighborhood with open arms, pretending they were wings. One day the remote control stopped working and Basil got very upset and tried again and again to make it function, begging the plane to fly as it was supposed to. After a while the plane did work normally. The same thing happened again and every time Basil wished that the plane obey him, the plane obeyed. He soon realized that his thinking could control the plane and told us. His parents thought these were children's games and didn´t pay attention. He showed it to me and I watched as the plane obeyed him. I thought it was something like magic. Soon the plane was doing circles in the air, and Basil had a demonstration for his friends. Everyone was impressed and admired him. Basil dreamed of the plane, and it spoke to him. It told him that he was alive and trapped in a mechanical object. Basil was intrigued and asked for more details. The plane told him that they had caught him and put him there and that Basil could help him, if he wanted, since the plane had helped him too. Basil said he wanted to see his true appearance. The plane said that only if he released it could he see it. Basil asked how he could release it and the plane told him that if he looked like him, he could see him. Basil asked how he could look like him and the plane told him the same way he made the plane fly and do tricks in the air, by wishing it wholeheartedly. Basil wanted to take a look at the being inside the plane and made the wish. The ET, disguised as an airplane told him to fly, Basil jumped out of bed, fell, hit his head and died instantly. The ET took his soul to his planet where he was born as a mechanical bird-rocket and started doing the same job, getting kids to make deals and steal their souls.
Another life of Basil´s
-Tibet, 651. Basil was my brother. He became a monk in a dark (unknowingly) monastery in which he practiced kundalini yoga. When he had reached a good level the ET (a phoenix bird) linked to this kind of yoga killed him and took his soul to his planet where he became one of them.
And another one:
-Costa Rica, 1871. Basil, Theo and I were brothers. We were from a poor family but we loved each other. Theo and I were content, but Basil was dissatisfied. We all had a good time playing in the street, but other than that Basil wanted to be rich, have a prestige job, a dream life. Our parents didn´t have the means to send us to college and if we wanted to do that we had to work. Basil created an imaginary world for himself. An ET saw him and began to speak in his mind. He sent him images of his planet, a planet of recreation. That made him want to go to that world. One day we were shopping, when a flower pot fell on his head. He died instantly. The pot fell supposedly by a gust of wind, because there was no one on the terrace, but it was actually pushed by the ET. He took Basil´s soul to his planet where he was born as a turtle.
And a final one:
-USA, Oklahoma, 1856. Basil was a classmate and friend. All the children played many games, like catch, and we had fun. We also had contests. One of those games had to do with imitating animals. This grew into a school assignment, since the teacher found it a good idea. Each kid had to represent an animal without saying its name and the rest of the class had to guess what it was, after investigating. Basil had a dream in which he saw several animals and someone told him that he would be the winner if he chose a prehistoric animal, since nobody would guess it. He liked the idea very much and went for it. In another dream someone told him that if he wanted to be sure of the final success he must want to be that animal. That way his class assignment would be the most realistic one, since he would feel being that animal. He followed that advice and he was the winner, because no one found the animal. On the day of the results there was an earthquake in class. A piece of the roof fell on Basil's head as he stood in front of the case and killed him. Nothing happened to anyone else. The one who had spoken to him in his dream was an ET who killed him and took his soul to his planet. There he was born as a dinosaur-like animal and made in his turn deals with children.
-Brazil, 1809. I lived in the slum. I loved soccer and played it with the boys in the neighborhood. The neighborhood was filthy and the living conditions were bad. We had to work hard and I felt sorry for my parents. But they didn´t complain, they used to said that hard work would finally pay off. I hated dirt, bad odors, shit in the streets, having to clean up continually. I dreamed of a clean world, beautiful colors, a life of leisure, travel and sports. I occasionally went to the municipal library and read foreign story books, about royal families, anything to escape from the sad reality. And those descriptions made me yearn more and more for living like those people. I heard someone say in my head that I could have that, if I wanted, as long as I was willing to give anything in exchange. I thought that I had nothing to give, so I accepted. I left the library waiting to be transfered as if by magic to that other reality. A horse got wild, galloped down the street, hit me and I died. I was killed by the entity that had promised me that dream life and my dream was thereby fulfilled. I woke up with another body, on another planet. It was a beautiful world, just as I had dreamed it. We were served by robots and we only worked if and when we wanted to. We played soccer and other sports, we traveled, everything was free, we did whatever we pleased. Computers prepared us the most exquisite meals and my house was like a dollhouse, with pastel colors, pretty decorations, pictures of beautiful places. If I wanted to have sex I chose a humanoid from my selection or a friend, if that person wanted that too. I was 10 when I made the deal. I became a shapeshifter: Two-legged duck-Flower-Snake. My soul mission as a girl in Brazil was to become a soccer master and make women´s soccer as popular as men´s. Since I failed, no-one else could do the job. I have now killed that ET parallel self of mine with my sword and she went to the Light. She will have to be reborn in a Brazilian slum and work her way upwards in order to accomplish her mission, albeit 200 years later.
Linda, a firend´s cat:
-Switzerland, 1952. Linda was a pretty and docile girl who slept with her doll. In the morning she was awakened by the cuckoo in her mother's clock. She was strict, got up early and wanted to teach her daughter to do the same, have discipline, become a good citizen and a responsible mother later on. Linda liked to sleep in and didn´t want to wake up or get up so early. She wanted to lie nice and warm between the sheets and not go out into the cold room. The cuckoo got possessed by an ET who heard her wishes and began to speak to her mind. He promised to help her. The ET kept the cuckoo from coming out of the clock and waking her up and Linda got to sleep a little longer, until her mother woke her up. Linda told her how the cuckoo was helping her, but the mother thought the clock wasn´t working well. She had it fixed and for a couple of days it worked fine, but then the cuckoo went back to pleasing Linda, who kept asking for his help. She considered him her friend and told her mother about it. But the mother thought he was an imaginary childhood friend. One night she dreamed of the cuckoo who showed her his job, which was to help children rest all they needed and not what their parents believed was enough. He asked her whether she also wanted to be like him and help children around the world. She said yes. The ET killed her in her sleep. Her mother found her dead and halfways fallen from  bed, when she went to wake her up the next morning, not hearing the cuckoo ... The ET took her soul to his planet where she became a cuckoo and did the same job, stealing souls.
My twin soul Vanguelis:
-England, 1781. Vanguelis was quite a bully and wanted to be the strongest in school and impose his will upon the other kids. He had always enjoyed looking at pictures of animals and he chose the lion, because it was the king of all animals. He often got into fights with the other children about stupid things. In a dream an ET approached him and showed him what it would be like to be a lion, and Vanguelis imagined defeating all his opponents, especially the one who wanted the same girl as he did (that was me). At school he provoked that boy and they fought. Vanguelis imagined fighting like a lion and won. He had made an unconscious deal with the ET to be a lion and the ET helped him win. Shortly afterwards, he was proudly climbing down the stairs when he slipped and fell into the void. He died on the spot and his ET took him to his planet, where he was born as a lion. And the “loser” got the girl.
These accounts must teach parents to be alert and take an interest in their children´s games, dreams, idols and wishes and advise them accordingly. No-one should wish to be someone or something else than they are, because we all have a soul mission and we are here to accomplish it. The powers of darkness want to deter us from fulfilling it and with this sneaky trick they are succeeding. Children must know about the existence of earthly and alien demons and how to protect themselves.

You’ll be amazed when you find out what sort of dangers children run, and nowadays more than ever. The dark system that is governing Earth has us believe that it wants the best for our children and that it’s protecting them, when ironically, vital information is being kept from us and all sorts of traps are set In place in order to take young souls far away and have them carry out dark purposes.

Lista de posibles pactos con demonios


¿Qué es un acuerdo con un demonio, nefilim o ET oscuro? Aquí se examina este tema y doy instrucciones para romper los acuerdos que se han hecho en esta vida y matar a las entidades que han acudido con ellos. Notaréis que muchos coinciden con los así llamados pecados del cristianismo, pero no todos, y no siempre.
Con estas actividades o estos deseos damos derecho a que se establezca un vínculo con una entidad oscura, que nos da lo que hemos pedido, aunque no lo hace siempre. Con los pactos más graves la entidad nos mata y nuestra alma queda

¿Qué es un acuerdo con un demonio, nefilim o ET oscuro? Aquí se examina este tema y doy instrucciones para romper los acuerdos que se han hecho en esta vida y matar a las entidades que han acudido con ellos. Notaréis que muchos coinciden con los así llamados pecados del cristianismo, pero no todos, y no siempre.

Con estas actividades o estos deseos damos derecho a que se establezca un vínculo con una entidad oscura, que nos da lo que hemos pedido, aunque no lo hace siempre. Con los pactos más graves la entidad nos mata y nuestra alma queda esclavizada a ella después de la muerte, volviendo a nacer como roja.  El acuerdo se puede hacer también en nuestro sueño. He aquí una lista: (Éstos son acurdos que he encontrado entre mis clientes, conocidos y gatos y acuerdos que he hecho yo misma, en esta vida o en vidas pasadas):

Βρυκόλακες και μπαχομέχ

Εξετάζοντας τις προηγούμενες ζωές των πελατών μου διαπίστωσα ότι οι βρικόλακες είναι απλοί άνθρωποι που έχουν υιοθετήσει την κακή συνήθεια να πίνουν ανθρώπινο αίμα, αφού ανακάλυψαν ότι αυτό δίνει δύναμη. Με αυτό τον τρόπο συνδέονται  με ένα σκοτεινό ον, που ονομάζεται μπαχομέχ. Οι μπαχομέχ είναι νεφελίμ (βλέπε άρθρο για περισσότερες πληροφορίες) που μοιάζουν με γιγάντιες νυχτερίδες με κόκκινα μάτια και ημιανθρώπινο σώμα. Οι μπαχομέχ αφαιρούν τη ζωτική δύναμη των ανθρώπων για να τραφούν. Υπό την επίδραση ενός μπαχομέχ, το άτομο μπορεί να σκοτώσει προκειμένου να πιει ανθρώπινο αίμα. Αυτό ισοδυναμεί με συμφωνία με έναν μπαχομέχ, ο οποίος αργότερα σκοτώνει το άτομο, τού παίρνει την ψυχή και την μετενσαρκώνει ως μπαχομέχ. Οι μπαχομέχ  είναι λοιπόν οι αληθινοί βρικόλακες. Όλα τα άλλα είναι θρύλοι και δεισιδαιμονίες, αν και υπάρχουν αθάνατοι άνθρωποι, χάρη στη διαρκή κλοπή ψυχών. Ιδού μερικά παραδείγματα βρυλοκάκων:

Percentage of Dark Energy in Languages

Language is a vast, complex and interesting subject, but now we will look at it from another perspective, that of light and darkness.

Modern languages are all based on two ancient languages that were spoken from the 39th century BC onwards. Those two languages were ancient Greek, which was light, and the language of the world rulers, the Nephilim, which was dark The Nephilim were born from the illicit union between the Elohim angels who were sent to earth to protect us and guide us. They were angels of a higher hierarchy that had the power to manifest a physical body. Like all angels, sexual union between them and humans was prohibited because their DNA would otherwise be degraded, since our biological bodies were created by darks. But Samael, the devil, convinced some of them that if they did just that, new beings would be born with superior powers and, thus, the Elohim would be able to evolve. The leader of those light incarnated Elohim, Semieza, persuaded another 200 of them and they all fell. They got married to earth women and the offspring they begot were giants with great powers, and were called the Nephilim, those who fell. They spread out, they also mixed  with earth women and more Nephilim were born, taking full control of the earth.

Moreover, Lilith, Adam's first wife, who had absorbed all the energy of the fauna and flora of the earth and had become a vampire, also had a sexual union with Semieza and earth men. She had offspring, also called Nephilim; those were nevertheless no human-like giants. They were named respectively Nahshramon  (Semieza’s children) and Bahomeh (earth men’s children).  The Nahshramon were muscular giants with horns on their backs and the Bahomeh were giant bats with a half-human body. They also spread out and fought with the human-like giants for control over the earth. They created with the help of genetic science new breeds of Nephilim, crossing their genes with those of animals and humans. The Nephilim ruled all over the earth using humans as slaves, game and food and imposed their language.

In the year 33 000 one of the Nephilim, Jupiter or Zeus, was the first one of a new generation, the generation of the Els, who defended humans against the Nephilim, and fought against them in a huge world-wide battle. They proceded to sending them to the other side of the earth, as was their divine mission. Their culture was that of the ancient Greeks and they spread it out to all continents, just like the Nephilim had done. One tenth of the Nephilim were allowed to stay on this side of the earth, following the orders of the light Elohim El Elyon, and so they could continue to influence some humans and their civilizations, despite the fact that they had to stay hidden. The banished Nephilim went on influencing humans through their human allies. Many nephilimic cultures developed in every corner of the earth and many nephilimic languages had emerged, as well as mixtures of the Els´ language and the Nephilim´s. As each side settled down in every area it imposed in turn its language. The year 3000 BC the Nephilim came back from Agartha (the other side of the earth) to conquer us again. Some Els came back from Syrius, the planet they had gone to, following the orders of the Elohim El Shaddai and there was another war. The Els defeated once again the Nephilim and sent them back to Agartha.  In around 1800 BC the Nephs (like  I call them)  came back once more, but this time the war against them was waged by the army of Alexander the Great who sent them away for good. The role of language on these two sides, the dark and the light, was instrumental in the formation of the current languages, which adopted elements of both.
Another reason a language can have dark energy is the amount of dark rituals that have been performed in that language.
Percentage of darkness in different languages:
10.Norwegian (bokmål)
14.Lappish (standard written language)
15.Basque (standard written language)
16.Spanish (Castillian)
18.Modern Greek
26.American English
28.Ancient Greek
35.British English
Some languages that are close show a big difference, the reason for this is partly the difference in pronunciation. A higher percentage shows more similarity with the Nephilim´s language. If your language is missing from the list drop me a line and I will look it up.  Once the Light Millennium is established, we will gradually all speak a form of ancient Greek which is close to the angelic language.

Language is a vast, complex and interesting subject, but now we will look at it from another perspective, that of light and darkness.

Técnicas de guerra astral/mental

Aquí voy a dar algunas ideas sobre la guerra astral / mental. Podéis utilizarlos cuando os atacan rojos, (personas que son instrumentos de las fuerzas oscuras), hechiceros, demonios, extraterrestres y nefilim. Funcionarán para todos los ataques menos los kármicos. Para los kármicos, necesitaréis  primero una limpieza kármica.

Η Ιερά Εξέταση

Επίσημα η λεγόμενη Ιερά Εξέταση εισήχθη για να τερματίσει την αυξανόμενη δημοτικότητα της μαγείας. Οι μάγοι του Μεσαίωνα είχαν ανακαλύψει τα μυστικά της δημιουργίας δαιμονικών βιολογικών όντων (ανθρωπίδια) καθώς και πολλά άλλα απόκρυφα μυστικά και αντιπροσώπευαν έναν μεγάλο κίνδυνο για το μέλλον της γης. Η Ιερά Εξέταση κράτησε περίπου επτά αιώνες, από το δωδέκατο μέχρι το δέκατο ένατο αιώνα. Ωστόσο, παρόλο που επιβράδυνε την αύξηση των σατανικών πρακτικών, ήταν η αιτία χιλιάδων βασανιστηρίων και εκτελέσεων αθώων ανθρώπων που κατηγορούντο για αίρεση, μαγεία ή συμφωνία με το διάβολο, με ελάχιστες ή καθόλου αποδείξεις. Ένα μεγάλο μέρος των πραγματικών σκοτεινών μαγισσών έφευγαν μακριά όταν πλησίαζε ο κίνδυνος να συλληφθούν, αλλά αυτό δεν σημαίνει φυσικά ότι η εκτέλεση των πραγματικών κακών μαγισσών ήταν ο σωστός τρόπος να τερματιστεί η δραστηριότητά τους. Ένας "μάγος" ήταν ακόμη και κάποιος που συνουσιαζόταν με ζώα ή ένας ομοφυλόφιλος, ένας μάντης, ένας θεραπευτής, ένας διανοούμενος, με λίγα λόγια, οποιοσδήποτε δεν ταίριαζε με τα πρότυπα που επέβαλλε η εκκλησία. Αυτό που πραγματικά συνέβη ήταν ότι η Καθολική Εκκλησία έκανε συμφωνία με μια εξωγήινη ομάδα που ονομάζεται "Ιερά Εξέταση" και που εξακολουθεί να υπάρχει και συνεχίζει τις ίδιες πρακτικές και με τους ίδιους συντελεστές ανά το σύμπαν, δηλαδή με εκβιασμούς, βασανιστήρια και έλεγχο του νου.

Los grimorios y sus consecuencias

Los grimorios son libros ocultos de magia alta. Contienen recetas para curar varias enfermedades, métodos para comunicarse con demonios y ángeles y conjuros para lograr varias metas. Fueron muy populares desde la edad media y hasta el siglo XIX. Muchos clientes míos los usaron en una vida pasada y así hicieron un acuerdo con un nefilim que les persigue todavía. Se puede leer más información sobre los nefilim y las diferentes razas en mi artículo .

The Nephilim

In my article you can read about the origin of these beings. Although they are currently restrained and cannot affect us physically, some of them are incarnated as humans through human souls who have served them in past lives and belong to them. These people are also called observers, since they watch humans and unconsciously report the information to their masters.

Η δύναμη της θυσίας

Η έννοια της θυσίας και του πόνου από τον οποίο συχνά συνοδεύεται είναι κεντρικής σημασίας σε πολλές θρησκείες, από την αρχαία πολυθεϊστική θρησκεία  μέχρι το Χριστιανισμό, με τη θυσία του Ιησού Χριστού. Μέσα από εκατοντάδες περιπτώσεις πελατών μου η θυσεία είναι ένα θέμα που επαναλαμβάνεται. Πώς μπορεί μια θυσία να καθαρίσει έναν τόπο, να βοηθήσει ένα άτομο ή να διώξει σκοτεινές οντότητες;

Vampiros y bajomej

Al examinar las vidas pasadas de mis clientes descubrí que los vampiros no son más que personas corrientes que han adoptado la mala costumbre de beber sangre humana, al haber descubierto que eso da poder. Al hacer eso se establece un vínculo con un ser oscuro, llamado bajomej. Los bajomej son nefilim (ver el artículo para más información) que se parecen a murciélagos gigantescos de ojos rojos y cuerpo semi-humano. Extraen la fuerza vital de los humanos para nutrirse. Bajo la influencia de ese bajomej, la persona puede llegar a matar para conseguir esa sangre humana. Eso es un acuerdo con el bajomej que más tarde mata a dicha persona, le roba el alma y la reencarna como bajomej. Los bajomej son, por lo tanto, los verdaderos vampiros. Todo lo demás es folklore y superstición -aunque sí que existen personas inmortales gracias al robo constante de almas. He aquí varios ejemplos de vampiros:

Astral/Mental Warfare Techniques

Extraterrestrials place etheric gadgets into our bodies and by linking them to our brain implants they can control our thoughts, emotions and reactions to a great extent. This is true for those who already have alien implants. ET’s also place implants in phones and computers. By following my instructions in paragraphs 38, 39 and 40 of the text you can break those gadgets with your sword or your other weapons. The aliens will not be able to reattach the same device, they need to find another one, which you also can break. The best thing is however to build a mental or astral factory which automatically smashes those devices. I will publish a list of the many different extraterrestrial gadgets in the future, but for now I´ll give you some tips on astral/mental warfare. You can use them when under attack by ET’s, reds (people who are instruments of the dark forces), sorcerers, demons and nephilim. They will work for all non-karmic attacks. For karmic ones, you´ll need a karmic cleansing first.

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