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Vidas paralelas rojas

Casi todos tenemos vidas paralelas (o yos paralelos), luminosas y oscuras.  Sobre las luminosas y el mecanismo podéis leer mi otro artículo, Aquí voy a tratar sobre las oscuras, o así llamadas rojas. Las luminosas vienen directamente de nuestro yo superior o fuente de energía divina y comparten con nosotros el peso kármico que generan nuestros yos rojos. Éstos vienen directamente de una vida pasada sin ir a la luz después de la muerte, a causa de un acuerdo que hicieron con un demonio. Este demonio cambia su ADN, les ayuda a encarnarse y los convierte en su instrumento, actuando como su guía.

What do dark ET's look like?

Here is a list of dark alien entities that my spiritual guides have detected in people who have consulted me or that I´ve worked with. These entities act like earthly demons. They strike unconscious deals with humans, granting them their wishes and after death they take their souls into slavery. The difference with earth demons is that aliens also steal their victims´ soul fragments, piece by piece, until they take their entire souls. Then they walk into these persons´ bodies and live their lives. These entities also place etherical implants which allow them to absorb energy and transmit certain thoughts, feelings, orders, hallucinations, etc. In other words, they run experiments and get energy. They are dark because their planets have deals with dark force entities. This puts them outside of the divine source, which is every being´s source of energy. So they need to steal that energy from light beings. That doesn´t only happen in the incarnation where the deal is made, but in many following incarnations somebody´s higher self sends, according to one´s soul mission. The final goal is to seek help and get a karmic cleansing. The diversity of these creatures is unlimited. They move astrally, i.e. by thought, but some of them also have spacecraft. Some are able to create physical bodies by willing them, others can´t. However, the fact that a being is on this list does not mean that there aren´t similar ones of the same species that are light. The planet of origin of those beings isn´t revealed to me by my spirit guides because it could be dangerous for me. My conscience would go there and since we wage war against them, a link would be established. Several of them live in more than one planet.

Εξωγήινα εμφυτεύματα

Τα αιθερικά εμφυτεύματα είναι συσκευές που τοποθετούνται από εξωδιαστατιτά όντα (που ονομάζονται επίσης εξωγήινοι, δαίμονες από άλλους πλανήτες, κλπ) στα ανθρώπινα σώματα, προκειμένου να διεξάγουν πειράματα, και να κλέψουν ενέργεια και θραύσματα ψυχής. Είναι γκριζωπά και ομιχλώδη και υπάρχουν σε όλα τα μεγέθη και σχήματα, από μικρά έως τεράστια. Μπορούν επίσης να μοιάζουν με φίλτρο ή πέπλο. Μερικοί άνθρωποι έχουν δύο ή τρία, άλλοι εκατοντάδες. Όταν κάποιος έχει γίνει ψυχωτικός, οι εξωγήινοι βάζουν συχνά όλο και περισσότερα για να τον αποτελειώσουν.

Los El y los Elohim

Muchos de mis clientes pertenecen a los El o Elohim caídos, y eso me ha llevado a descubrir muchas cosas olvidadas con el declive de la humanidad desde que los antiguos dioses inmortales dejaron la tierra, en 23.000 a.d.C.  y la era de los elohim encarnados, 18 000-15 000 a.d.C. Sobre los acontecimientos históricos han escrito otros investigadores, lo mío es más bien estudiar la misión de las almas de ese grupo de seres.

Human Clones

The dark forces rule the earth in many ways and one of them is the production of clones in underground facilities. These clones are manufactured with stolen DNA taken from blood tests in hospitals that co-operate with these labs. Of course, none of the employees at the hospitals know what really happens  and where those samples end up. The purpose of the clone making is to take the place of the original person, who gets murdered. This is often done for people who have discovered the activity of the dark elite and have physical evidence, or people whose soul mission is to be or already are psychic or spiritual healers. Generally, anyone the dark elite wants to stop and cannot do it in any other way. The souls inserted into the clones are one of the original person’s souls from past lives, that have made a deal with a dark entity. If you have no dark or lost souls or deals from any previous lives they cannot make your clone. They could, however, use a look alike, but if you don’t have any parallel selves killing people they can’t kill you.


Η έκτρωση  θεωρείται αμάρτημα από την εκκλησία, και αυτό μαζί με άλλες στάσεις οδήγησαν τις κοινωνίες στην καταπίεση της γυναίκας. Στις μέρες μας είναι επίσημα επιτρεπτή, αλλά οι απόψεις είναι διχασμένες. Ένα είναι σίγουρο, πρέπει να δίνεται προσοχή στην ψυχή του εμβρύου που  εύκολα παρερμηνεύει την κατάσταση και χάνεται στο χαμηλό αστρικό πεδίο ή παραμένει δέσμιο της γης. Η έκτρωση δεν παύει να αποτελεί τον βίαιο και επώδυνο τερματισμό της ζωής ενός έμβιου όντος, και αυτό από μόνο του δημιουργεί συχνά κακό κάρμα και δίνει δικαιώματα στις δυνάμεις του σκότους. Όμως, όπως θα δούμε στη συνέχεια, άλλες φορές είναι η μοίρα του εβρύου και γι΄αυτό είναι ανώφελο να βασανίζεται η μητέρα από τύψεις.

Implantes alienígenas

Los implantes etéricos son dispositivos colocados por seres interdimensionales (también llamados extraterrestres, demonios de otros planetas, etc.) en los cuerpos humanos con el fin de llevar a cabo experimentos, obtener energía o robar fragmentos de su alma. Son de color grisáceo y brumoso y los hay de todos los tamaños y formas. También pueden tener la apariencia de un filtro o velo. Pueden ser pequeños o enormes. Algunas personas tienen dos o tres, otras cientos. Cuando alguien está tan mal que se ha vuelto psicótico, esos seres pueden seguir poniendo más y más para acabar con él.

Red Parallel Lives

Most of us have parallel lives (or selves), both light ones and dark ones. Our higher self sends portions of its energy as souls to be incarnated and to rise spiritually. The light ones come directly from our higher self or divine energy source. They share with us the karmic weight our red parallels generate. Dark parallel lives, so-called "reds", come directly from a past life without going to the light after death, because of a deal they made with a demon. This demon changes their DNA, helps them incarnate and makes them his/her instrument, acting as their guide.

Ελοχίμ, Ελ και νεφελίμ

Πολλοί από τους πελάτες μου ανήκουν στην κατηγορία των Ελ ή και έκπτωτων ελοχίμ, και έτσι ανακάλυψα πολλά πράγματα που είχαν ξεχαστεί με την περαιτέρω πτώση των Ελ από τότε που οι αθάνατοι αρχαίοι θεοί εγκατέλειψαν τη γη, το 23.000 πχ, αλλά και για την πορεία των ψυχών αυτών των όντων.

Los rojos o demonios encarnados

Se puede leer sobre el origen de estas almas en un artículo anterior de mi columna, .Aquí voy a describir sus actividades e influencia, ya que surgen constantemente entre mis  casos.

Alternative Dark Workers

There are many therapists, psychics, mediums and other alternative (and mainstream) professionals who have fallen victim to dark entities, believing they are angels, spirits of deceased loved ones or spirit guides, or who have made an unconscious deal with dark entities. Those entities are oftentimes demons or dark aliens who are good actors and can produce a bright light, thanks to monoatomic gold. Many people with problems come to these professionals who hurt rather than help them or help them in exchange for a deal with those evil entities that act unbeknownst of these professionals. I have plenty of examples of people with such experiences.

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