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Recuperación del alma

La pérdida de fragmentos del alma es algo bastante corriente y se debe a traumas emocionales y a la vez a una falta de equilibrio en los chakras. También puede ser la consecuencia de magia negra, una maldición o la presencia de extraterrestres malignos. Εn un choque emocional, el alma se hace pedazos, y se despegan trozos, llevando consigo un gran porcentaje del sentimiento negativo, permitiendo a la persona en cuestión que siga más fácilmente su vida. En los demás casos (brujería y ETs) puede incluso haber pérdida de memoria. Cuando un mayor porcentaje de fragmentos están perdidos, la persona en cuestión tiene poca energía, baja concentración y una serie de problemas que difieren de caso en caso. Cuando perdemos fragmentos en una vida pasada ésos se quedan allí, se pierden o se vuelven entes hasta que los recuperemos en una próxima vida.

He aquí algunos casos de mayor pérdida de alma recogida por nuestros ayudantes espirituales y recuperados en una sola sesión:

Thought Forms, Veils, Nets, Astral Parasites, Umbilical Chords, Shadows


A warm welcome to my old and new subscribers!
While many of you are probably still enjoying your summer vacation,  I dedicated my review to soulless entities, because they are less known but just as common and dangerous. The next bulletin in English will be in November.
Thought Forms, Veils, Nets, Astral Parasites, Umbilical Chords, Shadows
These entities are soulless, but once attached on people, they can be just as dangerous and destructive as demonic entities. Negative thoughts, fear and being psychically open is one way to catch such an entity. A karmic plan to live with such an entity is also possible, because it teaches patience and makes souls strong. Thought forms and veils can also be sent through black magic.
Nika, 21, had been having nightmares for the past 2 years and was afraid of falling asleep. She had to take sleeping pills to be able to sleep. She had also had a few strange experiences, like looking at herself in the mirror but seeing someone else. In the channeling session, our guide extracted the thought form responsible for these nightmares and fear, put it inside my coworker and made it light, releasing it into the light. He said Nika had had a very traumatic past life that transmitted her those fears which attracted the thought form. She was very open, especially at night. He gave her some advice to redecorate her bedroom, place an image of Archangel Michael above her bed and have her home blessed. The image Nika saw in the mirror was that of the thought form -they can actually take the shape of a person or a monster. The guide placed a protecting shield around her and gave her the name of her spirit guide. Whenever she felt fear, she could call upon him to feel safe.
Ifigenia, 33, was also very open psychically –both clairvoyant and clairaudient. She often heard being sworn at and out of the corner of her eye she perceived monstrous faces. We had three channeling sessions, since she was unable to see anything under hypnosis. She had a dark spirit from a past life, a thought form and the soul of her aborted child in her aura. The thought form was taken out last, and it was so strong, that our guide sent the both of us to the other room and took care of it himself. She felt stronger and stronger after that and took life into her hands. She was able to divorce her husband who she had never loved and enjoyed a long earned freedom. She went on perceiving thought forms and hearing swearing, but she wasn’t afraid any more and they couldn’t affect her. Her psychic gifts would develop in time, according to our guide.
Savas, 46, came to us about his wife, who was very aggressive towards him, drank a lot and instigated fight after fight. In the channeling, our guide said she was a level  1 soul and very open. She had gone through breast cancer and her fear attracted the thought form. We cleared it, but if she didn’t moderate her anxiety over having the cancer reemerge, she would attract another thought form. Savas was advised to try to explain to her how she made it worse for herself with her fear.
Rita, 56, had a dark spirit from a past life, a thought form and severe soul loss. She had suffered from depression and panic attacks for many years and was also very open.  The karmic entity was removed first, and in the second session we removed the thought form and gave her back her soul fragments. The panic attacks had been caused by other entities that weren’t hers and the reason was karma balancing. In her case progress was very slow.
Stine, 18, had many phobias, depression, bad memory and panic attacks. She also came to us with hundreds of questions about her life and her future. She had a thought form and severe soul loss. She had had several past lives filled with grief due to the loss of dear beloved ones, which led to soul loss. In this life, the missing soul fragments made her confused, and she couldn’t make sense of her existence and the changes inside of her. She couldn’t synchronize her mental and psychic abilities with her body. That created a sort of spider net that spread across her aura and covered her totally up. That led to the extreme phobias and panic attacks.  The guide dispersed the net and cleansed her from its destructive effect. He’s been gathering her soul fragments for many months now. She is already starting to feel  a slight relief.
Theo, 51, had memory loss, suffered from inactivity and didn’t have a life purpose. He had mild depression and was on antidepressants. He also felt extreme anger. He had felt a presence on his neck for many years. A psychic advised him to place holy water in high-up places in his home. He did and each time he walked pass the bottles of holy water he got struck by some sort of electricity-like current on his neck.  He had been to some priests and convents for healing, but nothing ever changed. He had one entity. Once it entered my coworker’s body, nothing that I did worked on it. Our guide didn’t even recognize at first what it was exactly, but eventually we did. It was an astral parasite in the shape of a huge octopus. Its tentacles had taken a tight grip over Theo’s shoulders. It wouldn’t budge, until Theo was instructed to command evil to leave him. Then our guide was able to make it light, so that it would go to the light. However, Theo didn’t feel any relief. He could still feel the entity over his shoulders. Our guide spent the next few weeks cleansing him, but Theo got never better. He wanted to have another session, but we told him that the entity was gone. We spoke a couple more times and then he stopped calling. I asked our guide what had happened and he said Theo had brain damage and would always attract new entities, despite the protection he got from our spirit helpers. His mental illness was congenital, which means it was karmic. His soul set him up  to spend a life time where he wouldn’t ever find healing. But I wasn’t allowed to tell him that, in case he called again. I guess some of us must experience a hopeless life in order to learn certain lessons and grow.
Anna, 43, called me in panic and told me that she had been hearing voices for a week. The voices came from a priest she knew and talked to every day. He (the voice) said to her that he loved her and that he would make her crazy. She would hear them at night and in daytime, including when the priest was preaching. I told her that it probably was some entity that came from him. He seemed to be attracted to her, so his entity might have been harassing her. I asked our guide and he confirmed that it was an entity. She was eager to get rid of it and booked a session for the day after. She actually wanted to come that same day, but we were booked. Well, Anna stood us up. I called her and she was at home. Her excuse was that the entity was still there but it didn’t bother her any more. The worst part was of course that she didn’t think she should call and cancel the appointment… I asked our guide about her, and he said Anna had beginning symptoms of schizophrenia. The priest didn’t have any entity. The voices came from a random spirit she had attracted because of her mental illness. Had she come for a spirit releasement, she would still develop schizophrenia, but it would be milder. Of course she could always attract a new entity. In these cases the subjects can’t control them from coming at them and attaching themselves to them. The guide’s advice was to refuse to treat her, should she change her mind. Anna had also set this illness up as her soul plan.
Evy, 42, had existential problems, allergies, hypersensitivity to heat and depression, among  other things. In channeling, our spirit guide saw a dark veil over her. Ever since she was a child, pretty much everybody in her family had done some binding spell or asked sorcerers to carry out one. All that activity had rubbed off on her and this entity had been affecting her all her life. It had further caused her soul fragmentation and loss, nearly 100%. Our guide put this veil into my co-worker’s body, where it caused him to moan and groan. Evy and I were each holding one of his hands tight until the entity was ready to repeat the Renunciation of the Darkness. Once done, it became a light entity and moved into the light. Although it was a soulless entity, cutting off all ties with the dark worked. Evy felt relieved, but the real healing will happen once she gets her soul back.
Bessy, 40, knew that her mother-in-law had put a hex on her. They never got along well, because she was envious of Bessy’s youth and beauty. During the first year of her marriage, the mother-in-law gave her some old clothes of her. Ever since that day Bessy started having bad luck, fights with her husband and a lot of stress. She went to a witch doctor who told her to throw away the clothes, because they were hexed and gave her an amulet. She did, but the bad luck and the fighting with her husband didn’t stop. She kept many icons at home and went to monasteries and priests, and saw some relief. When the mother-in-law died, Bessy thought things would get better. Instead they got worse. Her husband swore a lot and they broke up. When she contacted us, she just wanted to be free both from him and the witchcraft. Our guide told her that she had to forgive her mother-in-law. Her spirit was earthbound and around Bessy. With some reluctance, Bessy forgave her. In session, our guide saw a net all over her, formed by the spell and the negative energy that woman had been sending her. As soon as Bessy told her that she forgave her, the woman said she was sorry about everything and moved on to the light. Our guide cleared the net  from within my coworker’s body and cleansed Bessy. She was advised to burn the amulet. She called me a month later to tell me that she was doing much better. As for her ex husband, he would be fine too. He hadn’t been affected as much as she was.
Helena, 49, had a long series of illnesses , depression and accidents. She had a double hypnosis session where we cleared 3 entities (from witchcraft against her) and helped her earthbound family members to move on. We also broke a curse on her late husband’s side of the family. She felt better, but she still hade issues. She came back 6 months later for a channeling session where our guide found a heavy black veil all over and around her. It was the remainder of all those entities and earhtbounds, as well as the curse. I always do an angelic cleansing at the end of a spirit releasement therapy, but in Helena’s case it was apparently not enough, since she hadn’t taken the effort to work on herself. The veil was cleared the same way as with Bessy, and Helena felt better for the next 6 months. She had to come back though for some new issues that had emerged. Her karma was very heavy and she had many enemies. We got very close to resolving all of her issues last year, but she gave up. I’m hoping she will soon find new motivation to heal.
Georgia, 34, was one of many similar cases we get. She had a failed marriage with George with whom she had a child. She was puzzled by her new boyfriend’s behavior, Nick. He was married to a woman he didn’t love and also had a child. He was unhappy with his wife but for some reason he didn’t make his mind up to get a divorce. In the hypnosis session, Georgia saw that Nick had a thought form which had been sent to him through witchcraft. It was done by his father-in-law, to make his daughter marry him. He thought of him as a good husband. The daughter was indifferent, but got married to him. Georgia’s guide told her that the spell made Nick marry a random girl that wasn’t part of his soul plan, but also made her marry a random guy -George. The two kids were supposed to have Georgia and Nick as parents, but since those two didn’t find each other on time their souls chose one parent each. I called upon the angel rescuers who went over to Nick and dispelled the thought form and cleansed him. The spell was broken and he was free to choose the lady of his heart.
Umbilical chords are common between children and mothers, when these are overprotective. But they can also occur between other people, and created by sorcerers. We had one such case where Kate’s daughter, Gabrielle, 27, was involved. She met a guy whose parents put a spell on her and got her to marry him. Gabrielle gradually got estranged from her parents and changed personality. She became a religious zealot, went under severe fasts, quit her job, started teaching catechism, painting icons and going to church on a daily basis. Her husband’s family was able to make her withdraw a huge amount of money from her joint family bank account and used it for the wedding and to furnish their new home. After the wedding she cut all contact with her parents. Her mother came to us for help. In the channeling session, our guide spotted a demon in that family’s house, sent by the sorcerer. The husband’s mother and grand-mother were responsible for the witchcraft. Their own husbands and other people in their lives were also under their mind control. The overboard religiousness was a cover for their unethical activity. The sorcerer had created an umbilical chord between the demon and Gabrielle, holding her under his influence. She was like hypnotized, but at the same time lived in fear and helplessness. The guide cut the umbilical chord and my co-worker followed up with a few meditations, making sure that the demon would not renew the chord. The sorcerer was blocked from finding out what had happened and Gabrielle is now starting to wake up. She used to have a dynamic personality and many interests and we’re counting on that for her to rebel against her oppressors.
Shadows are entities created by someone’s own negative feelings and thoughts, either from a past life or the current one. Chris, 22, had such an entity. He heard voices, was depressed, suicidal and had explosions of anger. He was under drugs to help him cope with his depression. Her mother came to us for help, without his knowledge. In the channeling session, his shadow was brought into my coworker’s body. Its goal was to suck the mother’s brain, cut her out from Chris’ life and possess him. I was able to make it cut its contract with the dark, it became light and went into the light. Our guide said that Chris didn’t tolerate any authority because of a lifetime as a slave in Germany, before Christ. His keeper back then was his current mother, and she wasn’t so kind to him, to put it mildly. In this lifetime she chose to be his mother in order to make it up to him. The shadow was created in this lifetime, because of her authority role. The relationship with his father was better because they had shared a good past life together. Chris was lucky, because the shadow didn’t have the time to steal any parts of his soul yet. In many other cases shadows do so, and the releasement is much more complicated, since it can’t be done in session, but in my co-worker’s astral work, taking up till many months.
Some people think immediately of spirits, when they hear the word “entities”, but soulless entities like thought forms are actually just as common, if not more. Fear makes us weaker and it can attract entities, so the best thing we can do is work on ourselves to find out its source and heal it. On the other hand, binding spells are a certain recipe to attract entities upon oneself but also ruin one’s children’s life, when the actual intention was to help them. One of the examples was that of a father fixing up his daughter, but the vast majority of those who recur to magic to marry off their kids are mothers. We are past the time where witches were burned or hanged, but we are just as ignorant when it comes to the spiritual consequences of improper spells.
Love and light,

These entities are soulless, but once attached on people, they can be just as dangerous and destructive as demonic entities. Negative thoughts, fear and being psychically open is one way to catch such an entity. A karmic plan to live with such an entity is also possible, because it teaches patience and makes souls strong. Thought forms and veils can also be sent through black magic.

Βιασμοί παιδιών και πνευματικά επακόλουθα

Στις συνεδρίες ύπνωσης και απεγκλώβισης οντοτήτων προκύπτουν πολλές περιπτώσεις παιδιών που βιάστηκαν και σχεδόν πάντα δολοφονήθηκαν κατόπιν. Ο πόνος τους κράτησε τις  ψυχές τους στο χαμηλό αστρικό πεδίο επί αιώνες προσκολλούμενες σε ανθρώπους για παρηγοριά. Άλλες βρίσκουν τους θύτες τους και τούς εκδικούνται. Και οι ψυχές των θυτών όμως μένουν στο χαμηλό αστρικό πεδίο και συχνά βρίσκουν την μετενσάρκωση του θύματός τους και την κυνηγάνε εκ νέου. Συχνά αυτοί που βιάστηκαν σε παιδική ηλικία σε προηγούμενη ζωή έχουν επιρροές. Μπορεί να αργήσουν πολύ να αρχίσουν τη σεξουαλική τους ζωή ή να έχουν χαμηλή αυτοεκτίμηση ή να διαλέξουν την ομοφυλοφιλία.


¿Existen realmente las maldiciones? Mis experiencias muestran que sí. La maldición se realiza con el deseo vehemente de que  alguien sufra. Dicha maldición se lleva a cabo por un mal espíritu o una forma mental que se crea o se atrae por el autor de la maldición. Puede ser acompañada por un ritual, pero no es necesario. La entidad permanece con la víctima y le acarrea todo tipo de problemas como mala suerte, enfermedades, accidentes, problemas económicos, etc. Pero el autor no escapa tampoco: Éste también atrae una entidad que permanece con él y que a la larga le crea problemas. Estas entidades les siguen a través de sus vidas futuras, hasta que llegue el momento de librarse de ellas.

Rescuing Lost Children’s Souls

Children who pass away are often so confused by what happens that they get lost in time and space and end up attaching themselves to a living person to get comfort and energy. Many clients of mine came for a past-life regression, totally unsuspecting of carrying an entity, much less a child. Others experienced problems and knew there was something wrong.  Some children actually found their mothers after many centuries, in their mothers’ new incarnation. Children’s souls are the most stubborn entities among all those I’ve encountered and I must admit that I have a very hard time convincing them to go to the light. I prefer to deal with hostile aliens or demons than with kids’ souls.

Συμφωνίες με σκοτεινές εξωγήινες δυνάμεις

‘Ολοι μας έχουμε ακουστά για συμφωνίες με δαίμονες, όπως περίπου περιγράφεται στο γνωστό έργο Φάουστ. Είχα πολλές περιπτώσεις με τέτοιες συμφωνίες από προηγούμενες ζωές. Έχω αναφερθεί σ’ αυτές σε παλαιότερα άρθρα. Οι σκοτεινοί μπορούν όμως να είναι και εξωγήινοι/εξωδιαστατικές οντότητες. Κάποιες από αυτές μπορούν να υλοποιηθούν, κάποιες όχι. Οι περισσότερες χώρες του βορείου ημισφαιρίου έχουν υπογράψει ακούσια τέτοιες συμφωνίες και εκεί οι εξωγήινοι έχουν περισσότερα δικαιώματα. Συνεργάζονται με κρατικές υπηρεσίες όπως η αστυνομία ή τα νοσοκομεία όπου βάζουν εμφυτεύματα στον κόσμο. Αλλά πρόσβαση έχουν σε όλη τη γη. Απ’ τη στιγμή που κάποιος έχει σκοτεινές επιθυμίες ή είναι πρόθυμος να δώσει οτιδήποτε, μπορεί να συνάψει μαζί τους συμφωνία, συνειδητά ή υποσυνείδητα.

Manipulación genética de ETs y demonios: Los “rojos”

Así se denominan los fetos engendrados con la ayuda de los demonios y extraterrestres demoniacos. Las personas así nacidas tienden a ser materialistas, enfocadas en los placeres corporales y sin la capacidad de sentir amor desinteresado. Su guía es la entidad que les ha ayudado a ser concebidos. Ellos no tienen ninguna conciencia de su origen o estado, así que en teoría pueden llegar a ser buenos y encontrar el camino a la limpieza espiritual. Sin embargo, les cuesta, ya que sus intereses embarcan lo siniestro o satánico. En la tierra existen trabajadores especiales de la luz que se encargan de limpiarlos, a veces sin su conocimiento. Vamos a ver bajo qué circunstancias estos rojos pueden nacer.

Benevolent Aliens

I’ve already written about hostile aliens who possess people and suck their energy, so it would be unfair not to write about the good guys. Those have either incarnated as humans to help us evolve in every aspect or visit us in their energetic/etheric bodies in order both to study us, check up on us and help us evolve. The former are also called wanderers.


Σίγουρα υπάρχουν τόσοι συνδιασμοί αιτιών που οδηγούν στη παχυσαρκία που θα ήταν αδύνατον να τους καλύψω όλους σε ένα τόσο σύντομο άρθρο. Όμως θα δώσω κάποια παραδείγματα για να γίνει κατανοητό ότι οι αιτίες είναι συχνά τόσο ψυχολογικές όσο και πνευματικές.

Trabajadores de la luz

Este término designa a los que se dedican a un trabajo espiritual, a menudo con fuerzas o cualidades fuera de lo común, ayudando a los humanos o las almas perdidas y contribuyendo en la ascensión de la tierra a niveles más altos. En la batalla final contra las fuerzas de la oscuridad jugarán un papel especial.

Revenge and Spiritual Consequences

Revenge or its precursor vengefulness is the most prevalent reason why someone’s soul wouldn’t get any rest after passing away. In our spirit releasement therapy sessions, we encounter it nearly every time.

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