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Black Magic and Karma


Black magic is done by co-operating with the forces of evil (discarnate entities outside of the divine light). Every attempt is not necessarily successful, but the intent alone brings negative karma. Black magic (witchcraft, hoo-doo, Santeria, mind control) can be carried out directly or indirectly.

Directly it’s done through personal rituals or deals with demons/ dark aliens or a curse accompanied with anger or hatred. We can also entrust another person to put a hex on someone with the intent to intervene in a negative way in their life (i.e. to hurt them or bind them sexually).

The following example is a typical way black magic can happen indirectly:

We become the target of black magic or a curse and an entity is attached to us. It gradually affects us making us self-destructive. Wrong choices, problems and unhappiness follow and cause anger, hate or depression. We take it out on other people and we may harm them, carried away by our weaknesses. We may succumb to addictions and we finally get sick and die or commit suicide. After death, our low- vibrational feelings keep us stuck in the lower astral plane where an entity can deceive us into striking a deal with it. We think we are getting help to reach our goals, but in reality we become enslaved to it and we gradually become demons ourselves, forgetting our life on earth. A veil of dark energy covers us. The only possibility we have left is to rise in demonic levels by catching lost souls. We eventually attach ourselves to a human who has been the target of witchcraft and stay with him until his death and this can go on until an exorcist sends us to the light. Many centuries can go by, but thankfully time in spirit isn’t sensed. Another frequent consequence of such a deal is to incarnate with the help of the entity, who then becomes our dark guide. That happens i.e. when a woman makes a deal with the entity in order to get pregnant, when parents are linked karmically with us or our entity, or when our parents curse us. Such an incarnation is called a “red” soul. A red soul belongs to its demonic guide and unless it cooperates by doing dark work it suffers. Its dark guide decides when to kill it.

The soul from the above example isn’t the only one who suffers the consequences of the co-operation with the dark. The demon follows us in many future incarnations that our higher self sends to earth and unless we make a new deal it oppresses us with bad luck, depression, sickness. Again, the only way out is an exorcism.

On this path are also those souls who consciously or unconsciously collaborated in some incarnation with the dark forces. In the lifetime of that incarnation it was easier and less painful for them, because the entity rewarded them with riches, fame, romantic love and whatever else they asked for.  They often become its instrument, treating people with indifference or selfishly. However, if in a next lifetime they decide to be good, the demon or alien punishes them. They need patience, kindness, effort, courage and faith to get away from its rage. Now if you wonder how one can make a subconscious deal, it´s simple: it´s enough to wish one would give anything to get this or that. This “anything” is translated in the mind of the entity into one’s soul.

Lost souls oftentimes find themselves in a similar situation. Lost souls are those who after death do not find or follow the light or do not go to an idyllic resting place within spirit. Such souls are often embryos, babies or children (and also adults) who didn’t know what death or life after death is, or who didn’t realize they died, because it was sudden. That’s why we have to prepare children even before they’re born by talking to them about angels and the godly light. They have to understand that if they’re lost they must move quickly towards the angels who will come for them. When a child has negative feelings at the moment of its death, like fear or anger, these can keep it so low that angels can’t reach it. The frequency that good spirits emit is very high and they can’t perceive what’s in very low frequencies. In session I’ve found many demons who remembered that they once were abandoned or unhappy children.

Adults can also be lost in the same way, especially if they don’t believe in anything spiritual, but it’s harder to deceive them and convince them to be evildoers. Unless they go into the light, good souls remain in the lower astral plane (the closest one to earth) and attach themselves to people to get energy, company and comfort.

Another case where babies and small children are vulnerable is when they are dedicated to demonic entities in a satanic ritual and are then put to death. Since they don’t understand what’s going on and lack knowledge, they’re easily convinced to do evil.

Other traps are many occult organizations, secret societies and cults. They promise riches, success and love, but by becoming a member there you automatically strike a deal with the dark. Dangers lurk in many ways in such an organization. Evil may hide within its leaders and not the organization itself, so one shouldn’t trust people easily. You must first study the organization’s set of ethics and beliefs in a document before you join it. Dangers lie many times in what’s omitted or in the way ideas are phrased. Be sure you are free to leave the organization at any time.

There are many people who have entities from a contract with the dark forces in a past life. They may be good and spiritual now, but evil uses them in a smart way, as pawns, guiding them into key actions. Countless people like that work as psychics or spiritual leaders. They think that they communicate with guides, angels or elders, whereas those spirits are demonic. They project false images to them leading them astray from their true mission or contact with the source. They do the same to their clients, making them believe they’re fine when they really have an entity or they see witchcraft and curses where there are none. The entities take advantage of these professionals’ greed and make them extract huge amounts of money from their clients to supposedly lift the curses or exorcize the entities. But a dark entity doesn’t have that power, it can only add more entities. These people must set their pride aside and seek help to get rid of their contract and entities or their souls will be enslaved after death.

How can you protect yourselves from all this? You can do it with knowledge. You must search, study, read and take chances. With knowledge you will also find your way after death. Developing your intuition is also good, but these entities are often so powerful that they hypnotize people into trusting their protégés. Knowledge cannot fail though.

If you have bad karma from doing black magic, your soul will most likely choose to restore the balance by having black magic done to you in a future lifetime. Suffering is a great spiritual gift. Through suffering we become empathic, patient, wise, strong. Suffering also serves as a sacrifice to save someone´s soul or to contribute to a high cause. But we must first forgive ourselves. Then we can heal and help others.