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What Is Hypnosis?



Although the word “hypnosis” comes from the Greek word for “sleep”, when we are in a hypnogogic state we are not asleep, on the contrary, we are in a state of increased lucidity and concentration. In hypnosis so-called alpha waves are formed in the brain. They are of a lower frequency than beta waves , the ones  that prevail when we are alert. Alpha waves have a range of 7 to 13 cycles per second and they bring us more in tune with our psychic abilities. Some people are able to reach even lower levels, theta waves (between 4 and 7 cycles per second). They go down to a very deep hypnotic state where they totally lose awareness of their surroundings. However, we don’t need to get to that level in order to come into contact with the info that we want.

Hypnosis was used in Ancient Greece for self-knowledge and healing, thereof the phrase “know thyself” from the Delphi oracle. In more recent years, Anton Mesmer was the pioneer. In the 18th century he revived this ancient technique and performed countless psychological and psychosomatic healings. That phenomenon was called mesmerism or magnetism. He couldn’t explain very well how hypnosis worked and he attributed it to some sort of “animal magnetism” that human beings possess. Scientists didn’t take him seriously at the time, albeit many others followed on his footsteps, and hypnosis staid in the dark until the 20th century when modern hypnotists emerged.

With hypnosis we can achieve the following:

-Overcome a physical challenge if the origin is psychosomatic.

-Discover things we ignore if allowed by our guides.

-Explore past lives, starting with the one that has the most bearing on us.

-Project ourselves into the future, whether in this lifetime or another one.

-Communicate with our spirit guide or our higher self (or superconscious) and find out the karmic reasons for our experiences.

-Explore our relationships with our loved ones and the source of our problems with them.

-Find out who is in our soul group, i.e. who are the people we incarnate with over and over again.

-Find out who our twin soul is and which soul level we’re at.

-Speak with a deceased loved one, as long as they didn’t cross over too recently or are not involved in an important mission which cannot be interrupted.

- Help a deceased loved one stuck on the lower astral plane move on into the light.

-Improve ourselves with the appropriate suggestions, regressions and exercises, overcoming negative emotions and addictions.

-Get over phobias and blocks.

-Find out if we are carrying some sort of negative energy or entity that blocks us ort affects us (in which case it’s removed).

-Break witchcraft and curses.

-Recuperate the fragments from our astral body that we lost in some emotional shock (soul retrieval).

-Do most of the above for someone else who cannot or won’t do it themselves. However,  the results won’t be as spectacular as when the persons themselves are involved in their healing.

Some people seem to be afraid of the procedure. This is due to the fact that we have few images of hypnosis and most of them negative. We may have seen some stage hypnotist who makes people bark or do other dumb things he orders them to do. Or we may have seen some movie or TV show from the seventies when the cold war was at its peak and hypnosis was used to make people obedient puppets in the hands of spies. However, hypnosis is highly beneficial if used for healing and self-growth. And what is even more important is that there is no danger whatsoever, unless someone has a serious heart problem. Of course there’s always a chance that someone does have a problem and doesn’t know about it, which is why I never guide people to the moment of their death. If they happen to see it (or some other traumatic experience) at an unpredictable moment, they are given the instruction to see it as by-standers, without fear or pain. Another potential danger exists if the hypnotist doesn’t have the necessary knowledge. This is why you want to go to a licenced hypnotherapist.

Each session lasts about two hours. Beyond the two hours, people usually get drained and it’s best to resume. In difficult cases  we do go overtime. It will prove useful to write down the issues you seek an answer to. It will be best if you don’t come depressed, stressed out or sick, because you may have difficulty relaxing. There’s no reason to be afraid, since altered states of consciousness are every day phenomena. When we are reading a book and we are emerged in it, when we are watching a movie and we forget where we are, when we go to sleep and relax, when we reminisce about a happy moment in our past, we are in a light hypnotic state. All you have to do is relax, get rid of irrelevant thoughts in your mind and follow my instructions. It’s not something you have to try hard to achieve, but something you have to allow to happen. The biggest mistake is to constantly worry if you’re going to make it or not. Your worrying will obstruct all success. Those of you who have done some yoga, meditated or used visualization will find the procedure more familiar. Other factors that may make success difficult is a total lack of imagination or an overdose of square thinking. Some people discover that their third eye is totally blocked and they are unable to see anything. In such cases it’s best for them to have the session with my co-worker who can later help them open up their third eye.

I use a special CD to induce Alpha and Theta waves into my clients. Each session is recorded onto a data CD  and is given to the client or I send them a link to the recording.

You don’t have to believe in the metaphysical phenomena I mentioned before in order to heal. That is to say that even if you don’t believe in reincarnation, if you have some phobia or suffer from false guilt that was caused in a past lifetime, you will see the event and overcome the trauma. The key is usually forgiveness for those who have harmed us as well as self-forgiveness. As soon as we achieve that, we are free. This is highly important  in cases of attached entities from past lives, curses and witchcraft. And if you have an attached entity, it will leave you whether you afterwards believe it was there or not.

One session is usually enough to do the ground work so as to overcome simple phobias, negative feelings or blocks. The client is given some short meditation exercises that should be done on a daily basis and a CD with suggestions to listen to. If after some time they still have residues of the problem, or if the first session is dedicated to a spirit releasement and there are other issues to deal with, we have a second session. If it’s a complicated case with many entities, alien attack/ implants or serious emotional issues we will need more sessions. I sometimes maintain  continual contact with the client for months. But under no circumstances will a client have to have regular sessions for months or years, as is the case with psychologists. Psychology may help some people to sort out their thoughts better, or to understand their reactions better, but it can’t uproot the problem.With the help of hypnosis and psychics I got all the answers that I needed. In regression therapy and spirit releasement therapy healing and self-knowledge start practically immediate, albeit gradual. Healing comes through experiencing the event that caused the trauma. The information until then subconscious becomes conscious  and can be transmuted.The subconscious mind starts to cooperate with the conscious mind instead of combating it. Moreover,  the understanding of spiritual laws helps us be clear on which behavior and feeling serves us and which don’t. The hypnotherapist helps the subject become psychic for a while and see whatever it is they need so as to heal (and each one’s subconscious knows what that is). In reality it’s all self-therapy. The hypnotherapist is just a guide and a teacher. That is not to say that the therapist’s job is easy.The therapist  must remain alert to each reaction of the client or the entity with whom her or she  speaks and constantly come up with pertinent and intelligent questions and arguments. After heavy sessions I often get  headaches.

Clinical hypnotherapists have a different system which is based on suggestions. They suggest to the client to believe and follow the desirable suggestions. However, in some cases, like with incompatible goals or negative payoffs, there is self-sabotage and that system doesn’t work like it should. Moreover, no amount of suggestions will ever drive an attached spirit away or make it stop its negative behavior. Neither can suggestions erase past life traumas. Even when the problem appears to go away, it’s only an illusion, as it will reappear again soon in another fashion, or another problem will. Clinical hypnotherapy cures from habits and symptoms, not the illness itself. Behind a  vast majority of cases lie metaphysical causes and usually people don’t in their wildest dreams suspect any of that. They usually come to me for some minor reason when the real one is something entirely different. They are used to having problems and obstacles or feel a certain way and they think it’s normal.Anyway, I prefer to help people learn how to take care of their own spiritual wellbeing than to use a mechanical method where they are passive. I do give suggestions at the end of each session, but if one doesn’t go back to the source of a problem, the effectiveness of any suggestions will be limited. I do need to warn everybody to be very careful when you visit a hypnotist, because many have as their primary goal personal benefit and overcharge their services. There are also those who lack ethics and use their knowledge to keep people into  going back to them again and again. I’ve even heard of cases where clients were turned into neurotic robots. When in doubt, ask for a recording and even better, go to the session with someone else.

A good medium can do a lot a hypnotherapist does (past-life info, self-knowledge, spirit contact, future insight, spirit releasement), but we may not feel the same security as to whether what they told us is real. Moreover, we won’t get to experience the past life ourselves, and won’t heal from any past-life traumas. But even with mediums you must exert caution. Many will say that they can break witchcraft and curses or find your past lives but few really can. And what is worse is they’ll ask for a fortune. You also have to know that most people feel they made up whatever they saw under hypnosis. It’s mostly those who get some unknown info that can be double checked that are convinced it wasn’t all a figment of their imagination. Doubt is understandable, but what we perceive are not random impressions. If it’s not real, it’s exactly what we need to see in order to overcome our negative feelings. However, to achieve healing and spiritual growth you have to work on yourself. Things cannot change overnight without personal effort. In case you don’t wish to have a hypnosis session, my co-worker can get info on your past lives from our guide.

Can everyone be hypnotized? The answer is almost. Most reach a light hypnotic stage, but there are exceptions. Some people were programmed in a past life so as not to be hypnotized to prevent them from revealing deeply guarded secrets. Or they could have been programmed or brainwashed in this lifetime.The way to deprogram them has not been developed yet. A very deep-seated fear originating in a past life could prevent some people from going down. Such people aren’t very likely to seek hypnotherapy.

Once under, can everyone see a past life or communicate with their guide? The answer is no, since on top of the blocks already mentioned  an attached discarnate entity will often prevent people from seeing anything but darkness.  These entities can be thought forms, astral parasites, human and animal souls, demons, aliens, elementals, fragments of living humans, etc. I’d say that 6 out of 10 people have such an entity. A dark force entity sometimes will let people get information, but it is false as their goal is to deceive them.  Earthbound entities will show a subject their own life, not the subject’s life. Others see a fog or feel pain, cold, hot, or a choking sensation. If they can perceive information, I go ahead with the spirit releasement and after the session my guide checks out if the info was right. If they don’t receive enough info we interrupt the session and we schedule one with my co-worker. If you wish to know if you have an attached entity we can ask our guide and schedule a session with my co-worker. After the releasement the client can have all the regressions they wish.

Can someone be hypnotized against their will into doing things they wouldn’t otherwise do? Up to a point. A specialist can indeed make somebody, even from a distance, do things they wouldn’t normally do, as long as they don’t go against their moral or religious beliefs or don’t constitute a threat to their health. The margin left is quite wide and unfortunately this practice is pretty common in some places. The hypnotists who claim this cannot be done are lying or ignorant. There are many methods to brainwash people, including transmitting special frequencies from electrical equipment. Moreover, if hypnotism is combined with black magic, a person can be turned into a mere robot. Reversing such influence is very difficult and time consuming and the victim is unwilling, not realizing they are influenced. Hypnosis is a powerful tool that can be used for good and bad purposes. It’s up to us to use it to help humanity. Anybody who uses spiritual tools like hypnotism or witchcraft to intervene in other people’s free will is saddled with bad karma and will find themselves answering to it either in this lifetime or in a future one. Every person’s free will must always be respected because there is a reason why our higher self pushes us into a decision. This decision is the right one for our spiritual growth, even if that isn’t obvious. Only if you suspect forces of evil at play should you try to intervene. And this has to be done the right way, not by doing even more black magic. I would also like to warn you to be alert when you go to spiritual seminars, organizations and channeling of archangels or other supposedly evolved spirits. Some of my clients found themselves in trouble, picked up an entity  or found they wasted their money. Everybody is not what they let on.

Some people ask me if I do remote hypnotic suggestions to change someone’s opinion or decision. I don’t, but there are countless psychics and parapsychologists who do. The money they ask for it is exorbitant and the results doubtful. And of course it brings bad karma. The thing to do is ask the spirit guide for guidance. Those who ask questions about others must know that they won´t always get an answer. Many times a question about oneself won´t be answered, if it’s not in our best interest. Finally, those who want to put their mate under so as to find out if they are unfaithful to them should know that hypnosis isn’t a truth serum. People can pretend. These persons should have a session of their own and their guide just might tell them. Or not, but if they have such lack of trust they might want to find out what’s causing it.

Another service we don’t provide is finding lost items or persons. The reason is that it’s not included in our guide’s duties. But you’re free to look for anything you wish in your own hypnosis session.