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The Nephilim
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In my article you can read about the origin of these beings. Although they are currently restrained and cannot affect us physically, some of them are incarnated as humans through human souls who have served them in past lives and belong to them. These people are also called observers, since they watch humans and unconsciously report the information to their masters.

Olga, 52, saw under hypnosis a life in Central America, somewhere between 40 000 and 33 000 BC. She was the priestess of a malcheh, a Nephilim with a wolf's head and the body of a giant hairy man. Believers walked into the temple one after the other bearing offerings of fruit and nuts. Some of them were captured and killed and the priestess pulled their hearts out and offered them and the blood to her master. He also used to rape her. She hated it, but there was nothing she could do about it. One day she got deer blood, hoping he wouldn’t tell the difference, but he threw it at her face. Finally, the priestess managed to kill him with a copper knife (copper is lethal to them). However, another Nephilim showed up as a replacement. He was a narundh (with a man’s body with a horned head and goat feet). Through mind control, he ordered her to kill herself. And she did, by stabbing herself in the heart. The spirit of the dead malcheh was incorporated into the narundh who stole a fragment of the priestess’ soul and hid it behind a rock. It was still there, and her spirit guide was finally able to get it, along with Olga’s other lost fragments. She saw that in this life the malcheh lives in her brother’s body who attacks her psychically, causing her several and frequent body aches, ill-being, etc, as well as foul smells around the house. Even her husband and son have started to see shadows. Her guide told her to go on protecting themselves with holy water and prayer, for this sort of karma needs time to be balanced. As for her brother, she must cut off all contact with him, as he´s becoming more and more aware of who he is and thereby stronger.

Natasha, 27, had a brief relationship with a guy who one night tried to strangle her while they were having sex. She asked help from Archangel Michael who saved her. With the help of Archangel Uriel, under hypnosis, she could see her life in Asia around 3500 B.C. She was the head priestess for the Anunnaki gods, a dynasty of extraterrestrial beings who cooperated with the Nephilim. The king was the narundh from the life of her friend, Olga. The gods demanded and received one-third of the souls of his subjects. But one day he announced to the priestess that from then on entire souls would be taken. The girl went to a mountain top to think about what she would do. There Archangel Uriel appeared to her and told her about the one true Creator God and the slavery under which people were in that place. He also told her that if people refused to offer their souls they would all be tortured to death, but that way the false gods would lose their power. The girl decided to refuse, along with most of the subjects. As punishment, the Annunaki  hung them from a volcano top and slowly lowered them, a few inches every day, so that the flesh and bones of their feet and the rest of their body burned slowly. The pain was infernal. But thanks to that sacrifice the Annunaki lost the right to rule in that part of the world. Natasha’s guide told her that her ex-boyfriend was that narundh and Annunaki of her and her friend’s past lives. He is at level minus 10, while she is at plus 9. What is even worse is that he is her twin soul. So she’s also under heavy and daily psychic attack. When she reaches plus ten she will have more resistance. She asked God for all links between her and her twin soul to be cut off, and the attacks eased off somewhat.

Elin, 25, had a past life in New Caledonia, in 1742. She was a romantic girl who loved the natural beauty of her country, flowers, shells, music and the stories that were told around the fire at night. The legends of their culture were based on the ancient nephilimic gods and their interaction with humans. She loved all living things and had a lot of fantasy. She imagined those gods based on the stories she heard. She thought they were real and benevolent and could help her. One night she prayed to one of them that she had heard about in a story and asked him to give her love and to help her learn about a different world than hers. That god showed up in her dream. He was a kahsnah (with a lizard head and a human body) and promised to help her. One day some English explorers arrived to the island. Elin was excited and got to know them. She fell in love with one of them, and he with her, and she enjoyed looking at images of England and the rest of Europe. He promised to take her home when the expedition was over. And he did. She felt some sadness about leaving the island, but the adventure of the unknown was more important to her. At first she was very happy to see such a different world and she had countless tours  in horse carriage or by foot, gazing at buildings and shops. But people were distant towards her because of her dark skin. She had two children. At school they weren´t treated well by the other children, just for being different. She was very sad about it. Those people were cold and she felt deep pain about their uptightness and unfair treatment of her children. But her husband had his job and his circle there, it was impossible to go back home. Her children didn´t want to leave either and spend their lives on an island so far away from civilization. She missed home more and more to the point of lamenting ever having left. She spoke again to the ancient god and asked him why he took her to such a cold and unjust world. He told her that she had asked to get to know a different world with a man she loved and who loved her and he had given her just that. But her love for that man couldn´t compensate for her love for New Caledonia. He didn´t understand her, to him those people were primitive. When the children had grown up and didn´t need her any more she died of grief. The Nephilim hadn´t really given her anything, because going to England with that man was her soul plan. But without the deal with the Nephilim she wouldn´t have felt so homesick.

In 40 000 BC the Elohim, a group of very powerful shapeshifting angels were incarnated on earth. Samael, the devil, convinced them to take women as mates in order to create a superior race, combining their genes to theirs. He said the Creator had abandoned humans to their fate and this new race would save them. God had forbidden angels to mix genetically with humans, because doing that would corrupt the genes of both species and the antigod would get the right to put his own souls into those bodies, i.e. dark souls. The Elohim didn´t know this and went for it. Their leader Shemieza (who was Elin´s parallel) convinced 200 of them to disobey and take women as their wives. I was one of those women, in a red  (dark) incarnation, in Jordan. The Elohim taught me many things unknown to people, like the use of herbs to cure diseases. We had a son, who was a giant and tore apart my womb when he was born. Shemieza healed me, but the pain was excruciating and I didn´t want to have more children after that. We had a good life, but we didn´t even remotely suspect the consequences of that union. You can read more about them and the rest of mankind´s hidden history at

The Nephilim have been present in some way in several  lives of mine. One of them was in Mexico, in 438 A.D. I was the priest´s girlfriend. We were both red and worshipped the Nephilim, not knowing what they were.  An enemy tribe barged into the temple and killed us all. They actually made me a favor, since I was only 16, so I had no time to hurt any people.

April, 36, had a similar life in California, in 365 AD, with her husband. They also worshipped the Nephilim, but in their case they did have  the time to create a lot of bad karma.

Another life of mine was in Atlantis, in 34 000 B.C, again as red. I worked at the central library. One day, I accidentally  discovered a secret door leading to an underground room. There was another secret library containing books about the existence of the Nephilim and the true history of the earth. I often went there to read. But one day, two half man-half animal creatures suddenly appeared in front of me and before I even had time to react one of them moved with an amazing speed behind me, killing me.

In another life in France in 1838 I was an archaeologist, red again. One day I discovered a statue of a black cat in Egypt and took it home. A few days later the statue moved by itself and was hurled at my wife´s head, killing her. I went to her aid, but the statue did the same to me. It turned out it was the object of worship of a Nephilim, belonging to the losdvej race, with a cat head and a human body. It came with that losdveh that followed my wife and me until our next life in Poland, where she was my daughter. I had to take her to an exorcist to release her.

My fifth life related to those creatures was in Indonesia, in 1800 A.D. I was married to my husband from the Mexico life (my ex in this life) who slept with the nabor´s wife. That nabor had made a deal with a Nephilim, asking for a strong boy, destined to be a warrior. At birth, the child turned out to be a Nephilim, of the race of the kahsnah, with a reptilian head and a human body. The nabor considered him a monster and left him in the wood. He found out that my husband had slept with his wife and thought the child was his. He sent his warriors to our house. We were taken prisoners, tied up hands and feet at two poles facing each other and we were left there, our feet in the water, without being able to drink any. After a couple of days his men cut off our genitals. Later on they put some special herbs on them to stop the bleeding, to prevent us from dying too soon. Finally, we were impaled, in other words a stick was shoved up our anus and pushed up to our throats. The stick shattered our internal organs and I died before it reached my throat, with excruciating, level 10 pain. The child was very strong and survived. He became a great warrior, but was defeated by the other son my husband had with another woman. That son was light. As for our torture, it was a sacrifice for our souls, to stop dangerous parallels and for a divine cause.

My husband from Indonesia met me in another life in Germany, in 1646. I was red and my father was the nabor from Indonesia. He was a vampire. He drank the blood of the animals he caught at the wood where we lived. Then he tried human blood, his wife´s, whom he killed. I didn´t know that though. He convinced me that drinking blood made people stronger and I tried it too. So I also became a vampire. My husband from Indonesia was a traveller who stopped by one night for some food and a shelter. We had sex that night. The following day I bit his neck, in an unexplainable urge. My father hit him on his head, killing him. We sucked his blood out. I became pregnant and bore his child, but died at child birth. The child was then killed by my father. Killing a human and drinking their blood is a deal with a bahomeh, a giant bat with red eyes and a human-like body. So he took my soul and turned it to a bahomeh. That creature played spirit guide to a client of mine in this life, the one who had the life in New Caledonia. She killed it, sending it to the Light. Fortunately, my lover in Germany was free after his death and went to the Light. I guess his death was the revenge of the dark ones for having fathered a son who killed the kahsnah in Indonesia. As far as the Light is concerned, it was yet another sacrifice for a dangerous parallel, his soul and a higher cause. My mother and son also sacrificed themselves for the same reasons and for me.

My final life with a Nephilim was in Paris, in 1722. I lived across the Notre-Dame cathedral. My mother was a prostitute and my father a pimp. They were my son and mother from the life in Germany, but as red incarnations He often hit both of us and when I was 5 he brought me a client to suck. They would lock me up in the attic when they didn’t want to be disturbed. In my loneliness, I would watch the cathedral’s façade and my attention was caught by the big gargoyles. I asked my mother about them and she said they were powerful and protected the church. As things at home deteriorated, I asked one of the gargoyles for help. And come it did. What I didn’t know was that the gargoyle was really a Nephilim, belonging to the malcheh race, with a wolf´s head and a giant human-like body). So I struck a deal with it. I wanted to be powerful, free and do as I pleased. He gave me the gift of hypnotism. As I looked people in the eye, they became mesmerized and lost all their life force and dropped dead. Finally, I pulled their heart or eyes out. Their life force was used by the Nephilim. My first victim was my father. I killed him to set both my mother and myself free from his abuse. Then I would kill many of her clients who didn’t treat her well. But she was totally passive and did nothing to come out of that situation. So I put an end to her misery. After that I walked out, promising to myself that I would clean Paris from poverty and prostitution. I would look at prostitutes and they would die. I even gave poisoned food to some beggars (the Nephilim was able to poison food at will). After 145 murders, the authorities were on to me. As I walked into Notre-Dame, the lights went off and someone put a hood over my head. More people grabbed me and I was hung. I was only 8 years old. This old self became a demon and ruined my future lives, up until this one, where I had to destroy her with the help of our guide’s divine sword. She tried to hypnotize me and take all life force from me and wouldn’t listen to anything I suggested so as to be saved. So now her conscience is inexistent and her molecules went back to the divine source. She made sure that in my following light life I struck another deal with a demon, herself, at age 10. That incarnation of mine also became a demon, one who murdered even more people, but one that I managed to save in this lifetime. The 144 people who died in Paris, 144 Els, myself included (my parents weren´t Els), were a massive sacrifice to limit Paris´ poverty and prostitution at that time.

Deals with the Nephilim are also made through grimoire spells, but I’ll dedicate a separate  article to them. Parallel Nephilim can be created with the union of an El and a human (read More articles will be dedicated to Nephilim created through special satanic rituals.

Here is a list of the 18 Nephilim species, although there are special versions, which do not belong to any category, like many monsters of Greek mythology.

-Malcheh (Wolf's head, giant hairy human body)

-Bahomeh (Giant vampire bat, red eyes, human-like body)

-Losdvej (Cat or lion's head, human body)

-Kahsnah (Reptilian head, human body)

-Zashradeh (Man or woman with many arms)

-Rebah (Head and torso of a man, horse body, also known as centaur)

-Lahmeh (Flying tiger, bird's head, also known as griffin)

-Kahreh (Bull's head, human body)

-Dusvej (Cyclop)

-Slavej (Red masculine body, head with black bony drawings at the back and black horns at the front)

-Saherneh (Bird's head, human body)

-Mashraveh (Flying bull, human body)

-Kasrabah (Creature with its face shaped in its chest).

-Balah (Head and feet of a goat, human body)

-Narundh (Goat feet, human head with horns)

-Nahshrasmon (Giant with horns on his head, coming from the union between Lilith and the fallen Elohim)

-Titan (Giant human)

-Bashraneh (Also known as short, gray alien)

When the visible nephilim hegemony was over, in 33 000 BC, all sources of information about them were destroyed and those events were lost in history and became mythology, with the help of humans who continued serving them. Entire libraries were burned, many books were falsified, numerous archaeological finds were hidden and the truth about their existence was covered up. But if you look closely, you can discover the truth through archaeological objects depicting these beings, from cultures like in Egypt, India or Latin America. In certain circles human sacrifices are still being carried out and dedicated to these entities who thus get more and more rights. There are about 4 million Nephilim and their plan is to return to our part of the earth and reign like before, in a visible way, but that's not in the plans of the true God. The final battle may be close.