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-Hypnotherapy : 70 euros. This choice includes past-life and spirit contact therapy as well as future programming, where you are the one who is hypnotized. If it comes up and is possible, it can also include a partial soul retrieval or spirit releasement therapy.

-E-mail readings: 40 euros. You send me a list of questions and you’ll get answers after a week or so. This includes spiritual questions about your spirit guide, number and location of past lives, spirit level, advice for the future, etc. Maximum amount of questions: 20.

-Channeling: 110 euros. This option includes spiritual guidance or contact with a dear beloved. It’s done in sessions with my co-worker. It can also be done remotely by me in meditation, then the price is like an e-mail reading.

-SRT (Spirit Releasement Therapy)/Lifting of curses and breaking of black magic: 120 euros. It includes a spiritual protection shield. This service is also done remotely by my guide Nerea and his angel helpers and my meditations .

-SRT in sessions with my co-worker: 120 euros. Some people prefer to have live sessions where the entity is led to the Light. When there’s only one entity present, it’s often the preferred choice.

-Soul Retrieval: 130 euros. Our guide has gathered in advance all of our clients’ soul fragments from every lifetime and gives them back to them. It’s done remotely in meditation.

-Past-life reading: 50 euro. You have a choice between getting a detailed report on one particular life or a rough one on 3-4 important past lives, through Skype or by e-mail. You also get to know your soul level, your karmic lessons, the approximate number of your lives and the common people between then and now.

-Recording of guided past-life regression: 8 euros. The recording is a half hour long and it guides you step by step into a past life. You will receive it within 24 hours of sending your payment to my account in Paypal. Don’t forget to include your e-mail and the language you want the recording in. It’s available in English, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian and Greek.

-Etherical alien implant removal: -The charge depends on the size, absorption and amount of implants, ranging from 25 euros to 50 euros a month, for a certain amount of months. It’s done remotely.

-Veils: 50 euros, remotely in meditation.

-Shadows: 200 euros, remotely in meditation. It usually takes one to two years to clear a shadow, depending on the case.

Choose the therapy you need and insert the corresponding amount. Press the button and you will be led to my Paypal account, where you will be able to securely send your payment with your credit card. When paying by Paypal please choose the option "Send money to family or friends" since by choosing "Pay for goods and services" a percentage is subtracted from my fee. If you choose the second option, add two euros for every 50 euros of charge.

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