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Protection Against Psychic Attack



The following measures are recommended for those who are targets of negative energy, psychic attack or sorcery. They will thereby become stronger and the entities who torture them weaker, thus making the final releasement of those entities possible. However, each case is different and if you know that you are under psychic attack, contact me. My psychic co-worker and I will recommend the best method for you to follow.

1. Wear at all times a piece of mirror on you, so that the negative energy sent to you is reflected away from you. If you don’t want to attract people’s attention, have a silversmith make a medallion with a small piece of mirror on it. You can also glue it onto your belt, bag or jacket. Make sure the mirror side is on the outside.

2. Do the following ritual: Take a white candle and a brown piece of paper (a piece of a grocery bag will do), light the candle and concentrate for a while on your intention, keeping negative feelings at bay. Write on the paper “I ask the Light (God) to freeze all negative influences from x upon myself, be they physical, mental, psychic or spiritual”. Sign it and date it. Take a plastic bag, fill it with water, throw some sea salt into it, dip the paper in, close it hermetically and put it in the freezer. Should you unfreeze your fridge, do the ritual again.

3. Visualize on a daily basis your whole body being filled with white light and finally a huge white light sphere with you in the middle. If you have difficulty visualizing, ask the angels to surround you with their light.

4. As you lie down to sleep, imagine you are covered by Archangel Michael’s golden wings.

5. Place images of Archangel Michael in every room except the bathroom. Any images of angels or saints that you feel close to are good, crosses or a pentacle on you or drawn on the floor where you sleep (with its tip on the top).

6. Smudge your home with sage or frank incense and sprinkle it with holy water (you can find some in orthodox churches or buy it in catholic product stores). Make sure you smudge around door and window frames,  electronics and drawers, all the while wishing all evil entities to go away and that only good ones be welcome. You can also drink some of it every day (you can add to it water from the tap and it will become holy upon contact).

7. Paint your home in bright colors, redecorate, put bright color spreads, dress in joyful colors.

8. Put fresh flowers on the table or flower pots on your terrace.

9. Listen to classical music. Avoid watching the news or other negative shows. Avoid sad movies; a comedy is a good choice.

10. Pray, go to church, even when it’s empty, to mass, take the holy communion, use holy oil on sore spots. Frequent power spots or places with light holy temples. Every morning, take some holy ater before drinking or eating anything else.

11. Eat healthily with plenty of vegetables and fruit.

12. Sleep with a protective stone under your pillow, like a turquoise, a malachite or a lapis lazuli.

13. Keep yourself busy with creative activities, crafts or art, read uplifting or interesting things.

14. Avoid negative or miserable people, as well as energy vampires. Maintain a positive attitude, hope and optimistic thoughts.

15. Only hang out with people who make you feel good. If there aren’t any, you’re better off alone.

16. Listen to recordings with positive suggestions.

17. Allow sunshine into your home. Take long walks in the countryside or even in town, if that pleases you.

18. Exercise.

19. Put in your bedroom a bowl with salt and a clear quartz crystal. Change the salt every month or more often, depending on how serious the problem is.

20. Stay away from addictive behavior (alcohol, smoking, drugs, too much food or candy, meaningless sex, too much TV or videogames, etc). A bit of everything is the best choice.

21. Travel, even alone, preferably  to a faraway place with a different civilization.

22. Keep yourself and your home clean and get rid of clutter.

23. Adopt a pet, preferably a cat (cats absorb negative energy).

24. Come in frequent contact with children.

25. If you’re the target of black magic, visualize a shield around you. Strengthen it many times every day and experiment with different metals. Visualize a foamy part in the inside that will absorb strikes. Visualize a mirror on the exterior. You can make a shield for someone else too, or include them in yours. Visualize a mirror on your solar plexus when confronted with an enemy.

26. If you suffer from nightmares, place your shoes or slippers pointing in different directions in front of your bed.

27. Change your hair style or get a haircut or even dye it.

28. A little bit of “shopping therapy” won’t hurt. You can buy small and nice items for very little money.

29. Make a new food or pastry. In short, get out of the rut.

30. Forgive everyone who has harmed you in the past, yourself included.

31. If you’re in danger of being abducted by aliens do the following ritual: Buy enough copper wire so as to wrap it around your bed and 5 clear quartz crystals. Charge each crystal holding it in your right hand, visualizing the color blue and say 33 times: ”I call upon Archangel Michael’s protection to be in this crystal”. Wear one crystal on you at all times and place the other 4 at each of all 4 legs of your bed.

32. For those who prefer to say a prayer, I propose the following one to Archangel Michael:

“St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the Devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray, and do thou, O Prince of the heavenly hosts, by the power of God, thrust into hell Satan, and all the evil spirits, who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.”

I must point out that prayers should be recited with engagement, feeling every word in our heart, otherwise they don´t reach their recipient optimally.

33. Here is another prayer to the archangel: “Archangel Michael in front of me, archangel Michael behind me, archangel Michael on my left, archangel Michael on my right, archangel Michael below me, archangel Michael above me, archangel Michael inside of me, archangel Michael all around me.”

34. To break contracts with dark entities you can use the renunciation of the darkness, but this might enrage them and make them attack you. Just because you broke your deal doesn’t mean they’ll go away.

“-In the name of the Light, may God rebuke you, darkness

-I renounce all activities of the darkness.

-I revoke all contracts and agreements, invitations and invocations, rituals and initiations with the darkness.

-Throughout eternity, for as long as my soul exists.

-I adhere to the only Creator of the universe, to love and light.

-In the name of the Light, amen.”

You can substitute “Light” with “Jesus Christ”.

35. Purchase some orgons, put one in each corner in your room and under your bed and wear one as a medallion. The medallion will give you 20% more energy and it will dampen the attacks.

36. For those who have influences of high magic on them from previous lives the following daily 10-minute long meditation-visualization is recommended for a couple of months: Call the seven archangels and visualize them around you sending you divine white light.

37.The following prayer will help improve your karma and reduce karmic attacks:

“I ask God to lead my past life lost souls to the light and help my parallel dark selves see the light and stop their dark activity. I ask God to gather my lost soul fragments, past life selves and entities, cleanse them and take them to the light. I ask God to bless the food that I eat of any unholy and toxic elements and neutralize any unknowing participation of mine in satanic rituals that have been realized through food or sex. I ask God to destroy all clones of mine, etheric or physical, and foreign dark energies inside of me.”

38.From defense to  attack: Ask Archangel Michael for a sword and hit with it the demons that attack you or have attacked you in the past. There’s no need to see them, just with your intention you will tune into them. Imagine striking them so that they lose their dark energy and go to the light. For the nephilim ask for a copper-coated sword. You will know you’re under attack whenever you have a headache or any other physical or emotional pain, an accident or some electrical appliance breaks down. Do it with love, with no negative feelings. You can ask for more weapons, like mallets, light bombs, lassos, ropes, harpoons, etc.

39. After getting the sword from the Archangel and sending some entities to the light, you can build a huge light ball in which you will put your home. From this sphere of divine light there will emerge copper layered swords (copper is toxic to the Nephilim) light laser beams with copper chips, etc, so that all types of entities that try to attack you will be cleansed and hurled to the light, Nephilim, demons and aliens, i.e. those who are weaker than you. The stronger ones will be weakened. You can also insert light sponges that will absorb and neutralize the entities´negative energy and mirrors, so that part of it is returned to them. Program the trap with your thoughts to be activated each time an entity approaches the area with the intent of attacking you or your loved ones. You can design any type of trap you like, it doesn’t need to be a sphere. Renew it every night for a few minutes through visualization and it will work just fine. All my clients have been successful at it. Of course, the karmic entities can’t go to the light like that, for that to happen you will need a karmic cleansing. But by leading other entities to the light you will go up in soul level and your karma will be more balanced.

40.Imagine wearing an armor when going out, dealing with reds (dark people), or even at home or while asleep. Reds will flee and lights will respect you more. It will also protect you from non-karmic accidents.

41.Drink first thing in the morning a sip of holy water. It will make you more resistant to attacks.

42.You can make your own holy water and oil by putting some in a bottle, going to a church and crossing it three times while holding it in front of an image of Jesus Christ and asking Him to bless it. Then you can keep filling it with more water or oil and that will be blessed too.

43 You can bless any other object in the same way.

44. Rub some holy oil on sore spots.

45.Another helpful technique in order to appease pain is to ask and visualize a group of angels sending divine healing light to the sore spot. 15 to 20 minutes is usually enough.