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Health and Recommended Products

Here are a few products that I have used and which have helped me:

-Colloidal silver. It kills all microbes and viruses in both humans and animals. You can purchase it in a drug store or buy a machine and make your own. In my Scandinavian forum I have a thread about it with videos in English that will help you learn more and make your own colloidal silver:

- Oxygen. Taking oxygen in liquid form takes it to the cells which is where it needs to go in order to kill all viruses, bacteria, microbes and cancerous cells. Check it out at

This product has an unwanted side effect, it makes the teeth brittle and they end up breaking, at least sensitive ones. Some people do not have any problem whatsoever, but others do and very soon, even if they rinse their mouth afterwards. In these cases one can drink water with ozone or get MMS. You'll find it on the internet.

- A herb used by the guarani Indians in the Andes is highly beneficial to us. The guaranis used it as a cure-all for pretty much all diseases. Its name is lapacho or pau d' arco.

- The Healing Codes were discovered through prayer and channeling by dr Alex Lloyd. This technique consists in neutralizing the frequencies within our bodies that were caused by the different negative feelings that we've had through our lives. First we heal spiritually and then physically!

- At you can get many different homestudy courses. The one I have used and found helpful me is Spring Forest Qi Gong.

- Holosync is a system through which we can do automatic meditation at an accelerated speed and attain with only an hour per day the results that Tibetan gurus have attained through years of day-long meditation. It consists in inserting two different frequencies in each ear, whereby the brain is forced to produce new neurons that go from one brain hemisphere to another. The two brain halves ultimately become balanced, which means all negative feelings and addictions disappear. Ultimately, enlightment is achieved. You can read about it at .

-You can have a past-life regression sitting comfortably in your arm chair with my recording in English. It lasts about a half hour and it will guide you step by step into a past life. Go to your Paypal account, select Send money to family and friends, insert my e-mail address and send 8 euros, together with a message with your e-mail address and the language you want the recording in and you’ll get it within 24 hours. The regression is available in English, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian and Greek. If you miss a few answers, you can go to the same life as often as you wish and explore it thoroughly.

-If you have trouble finding good quality holy water in your country I can send you a bottle for 15 euros to countries within Europe and 20 euros outside of it.

-Αn alternative product for a good night’s sleep is Melissa Dream,

-To neutralize laylines under your bed, here is a variety of methods and how much they neutralize them:

a.Earthing sheet, 98%

b.Biopyramid, , 97%

c.Orgon, 88%

d.Charged salt by these batteries, , 63%.

e.Charged clear quartz obelisks, 42%

f.A glass of salted holy water that is changed every week, 27%.

Personally I combine the charged salt, the quartzes, the orgon and the holy water.

-In order to neutralize electromagnetic radiation from your computer put a two inches high orgon in pyramid shape under your monitor and a small glass of holy water with salt. The orgon will have an 89% effect and the holy water an 11% effect.

-Commercial recordings are almost always spiritually dirty, even if they have spiritual content, like music for meditation, affirmations for self-improvement, etc. It is good to get in the habit of cleansing them before you listen to them. Place the CD on top of a glass of water with holy water for a week and it will be cleansed! If it’s a recording in a computer, copy it into a CD and once clean copy it back on to your computer.

-If you have an allergy to cats, take 3 times a day a table spoon of water with 4 drops essential oil of lemon, peppermint and lavender. If the symptoms are in your throat, gargle first. If you have cats inside your home, buy an air cleaner, wear a mask when coming close to them and touch them with gloves. Once you have a soul retrieval those symptoms will disappear permanently and you’ll be able to touch your pets with bare hands! Αcupuncture also helps.Don’t allow your pets to masturbate themselves on you, because that can be a spiritual cause for allergies.