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Remote Sessions


If you can’t come to Athens, you can have a hypnotherapy session with me and my co-worker from anywhere in the world through Skype, or in the worst of cases, by telephone, on speaker’s phone.  You have to take care of the following:

-Pay the corresponding amount in Paypal , a safe method for sending money over the internet. Another way is with Western Union or Moneygram. They will charge a small amount, but it’s much less than through a bank. If you’re in Greece, ask me for my bank account number.

-Let me know so that we can set an appointment. Make sure you have plenty of time in case there are any problems. Check out your equipment ahead of time. We exchange Skype names. Make a list of questions. For a channeling you don’t need more preparation.

For a hypnotherapy session, the following has to be taken care of:

- I’ll send you a link with a special recording to be used during the session. You will play it at repeat mode and it will help you to come to and stay at an alpha brain wave state.

-At the time of the appointment I’ll call you (if it’s through Skype) or you’ll call me if it’s by telephone (I do have free calls to 50 countries) so that you can tell me the matters we’ll look into. After that we’ll take a 5-minute break to adjust our rooms.

-Close the shutters or draw the blinds/curtains to make the room dark. Have an easy chair where you can spread your legs and support your neck. If you don’t have such a chair, bring the couch or the bed over and place it next to your computer. If you’re using a phone, lie down and put it on the pillow, next to your ear.

-Have tissues, a blanket and a glass of water next to you. Go to the rest room before we start.

-Shut all the cell phones and land line phones, as well as the door bell, to avoid any interruptions. Another person can be present, but they must remain silent. Lock the door, so that no-one walks in and disturbs you. Put your Skype name under the “Do not disturb” mode.

-Lock your pets in another room and make sure they have everything they need, so that you won’t be worrying about them and they won´t complain.

-It’s probable that the connection (whether it’s by phone or by internet) will be broken once. I will have given you the induction to count yourself up from 1 to 5 and come out of the hypnotic state. I’ll call as soon as the connection comes back (if it takes more than 1 minute, switch your phone on and I’ll call you, if your country is one of the 50 that I have free calls to). Otherwise you call me. Your hypnotic state will come back quickly thanks to the special recording.

- Finally I’ll send you a link to the recorded session to your e-mail address and the text with the exercises.