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The Council of the Light and Dark Forces


These are the “Guide Stones”, a monument in Georgia, USA. One of the guidelines inscribed on those stones reads as follows: Human population must be kept beneath 500 million. Is that a guideline to humans? Hardly. According to researcher Dimothenis Liakopoulos there is sustainable proof that they were erected by the ruling forces of evil, that are not human at all. Their goal is to destroy humanity or at the very least keep it under control so that they can again rule openly. However, in two of those photos we can see a bright shape like a whirlwind that doesn’t seem to be a dark force. Is it an Elohim, an angel or just a spirit/ghost?  Is there really a battle between good and evil?

The hundreds of hypnosis and channeling sessions realized so far have shown that it is indeed so. But also people from other professions, such as archeologists, theologians, anthropologists, astronauts, as well as ex-members of secret societies seem to agree. Past-life regressions to Atlantis show a similar struggle between two groups of people: the ones who were exclusively attached to the satisfaction of their senses and to material goods, the so-called “Sons of Belial”, and the “Sons of the Law of One”, who were spiritual beings and were trying to save the world from annihilation through meditation and teaching. Belial is one of the kings of the Nephilim, the half-human half-animal creatures who posed as gods to many ancient civilizations. Belial has a human body and the head of a wolf and belongs to the race of the Malcheh, the giant wolf people. The Nephilim were born out of the union of 201 fallen Elohim (angel-like shapeshifters) with earth’s women. Part of them followed Saturn, choosing power and selfishness and were called Nephilim and another part followed Zeus and were called the El gods. Zeus, selfish and power-thirsty as he might have been, was pretty benevolent towards humans in the beginning, but later he became hostile. Other El-gods helped humans then.The Nephilim were worshipped by taking advantage of people’s ignorance and fear and used them as slaves and even ate them up. They imposed cruel and meaningless sacrifices to satisfy their wild and violent instincts and their  crave for human flesh and blood. The El-gods fought against the Nephilim in a gigantic battle that took place in 33.000 B.C. They put them inside the earth where they still are. The El-gods left for Sirius (Nibiru), but some of them returned to again  catch the Nephilim who had once more escaped around 3.000 B.C.  and were reeking havoc, especially in America and Asia. In 1.200 B.C. they succeeded in coming out again and took over Asia by co-operating with the local kings. It wasn’t until 327 that Alexander the Great fought against them and put them back inside the earth. That expedition was Alexander’s and his army’s real mission.

Past-life therapy has shown that the souls of the virgins who were sacrificed in those rituals were handed over to the Nephilim gods and the demons and aliens they co-operated with.  On the other hand, the “Sons of the Law of One” believed in the real Creator God and preached about spiritual values. But they couldn’t raise Atlantis’ spiritual vibration and evil forces got the upper hand. After a war between Greece and Atlantis with the super arms that the old gods had, Atlantis was destroyed in 9.600 B.C. C But the battle between good and evil is not over yet, since the Nephilim go on governing humans from their underground bases. Some of them also go on walking among us, together with their extraterrestrial co-operators, in etheric form, by possessing people or in human form, following through their plans of conquest.