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The Levels of Spritual Growth

The first researcher in modern history to really get into the depths of the time we spend between lifetimes is Michael Newton. Thanks to the impressions of thousands of clients under hypnosis, he recorded the existence of 7 basic levels of spiritual growth. These were of course already known from other sources, like Hinduism and theosophy. This is growth in vibration. The weaker a soul is the lower its vibration, the stronger it is, the higher its vibration. As we act with unconditional love, forgiving ourselves and others, with modesty, bravery, selflessness and strength, we grow. If not, we remain stable and we’ll have to repeat the test.

In my work with hypnosis and channeling I’ve received similar experiences. The souls that incarnate for the first time are on level zero to one. They usually need a few dozen or hundred lifetimes to reach level four, albeit there are cases where it’s done in but a small amount of lifetimes. From level 4 and onwards one can become an apprentice guide or perform some other task in spirit, as of a healer, teacher, guard, counselor, etc. No soul is forced to incarnate in the physical world, but should it do so, its growth will be much quicker. That’s why most souls choose the incarnation cycle. A soul beyond level four can most certainly also incarnate to help and encourage others, as well as further balance its karma. Over the past few decades, more and more advanced souls have come to earth to assist earth in its spiritual ascension. More than half of my clients are beyond level 4. Of course this isn’t representative of the population since it’s usually advanced souls who most eagerly want to grow.

The “dark night of the soul” is a procedure of intense growth and immersion where we reach high levels of spiritual consciousness through trials, resistance and pain. The sooner we stop resisting by feeling anger, hate, fear or other negative feelings, the sooner we reach our goal. If after our death our soul gets stuck in the lower astral plane our higher self will send another portion (soul) to incarnate and develop. This procedure goes on until all the lost souls of a higher self go back to the light or stay stuck in the lower astral plane. A soul that has stayed in the darkness incarnates with the help of dark entities. Those are the so-called “red souls”. Theoretically, the more a red soul rises in level the more the parallel incarnated light soul originating from the same higher self falls. To prevent that  the light ones sacrifice themselves with illnesses or accidents. If all the energy of a higher self is up because its souls are in the darkness,  another soul (usually one that knows and loves us) will come over to give us the opportunity to get unstuck. Or it can attach itself to a person who will go to a therapist and get released into the light that way. When there is very little energy left in the higher self one incarnates as an animal. The more damage a soul does in the lower astral plane the higher it rises on the reverse scale, the dark one. Baal is at -56, the fallen seraph at -66 and Saturn at -86. Archangel Michael is at +460 and God’s Warlord at +390. Samael, since he was bound for a thousand years, is at level -53 and Lilith at -55. Before that, Samael´s level was -131 and Lilith´s -132. Saturn and Baal died at the Astral Armageddon and are now in the Light.


The eighth level corresponds in size to all seven previous levels. The ninth one is double the eighth one and the tenth one is ten times the ninth one. Beyond level 10 there is still growth and it’s measured as the eleventh, twelfth, etc. level.

Each level has a corresponding color, which is the same one as the chakra color:

First level: Red

Second level: Orange

Third level: Yellow

Fourth level: Green

Fifth level: Blue

Sixth level: Indigo

Seventh level: Purple

After level seven the vibration doesn’t translate into a visible color, it’s just bright light. These colors correspond to the soul’s vibration and should not be mixed up with the colors of the aura, which reflects our mood and keeps changing.

There is another scale of levels, the one that measures the spiritual vibration of our life, according to studies made by Dr David Hawkins. This scale corresponds to our consciousness, to our dominating feeling, to our life attitude and to our behavior. Our vibration can at any moment shift from 500, which is the level in which love vibrates, to 30, which is the emotion of guilt, should we go through a phase of guilt. Here are the levels and feelings/attitude:

700-1000 Enlightment

600 Bliss

540 Joy, Serenity

500 Love, Reverence

400 Reason

350 Forgiveness, acceptance, mercy

310 Hope, optimism

250 Trust

207 Integrity

200 Courage, empowerment (the limit of positive emotions)

175 Pride, Indifference, Scorn

150 Hate, Anger, aggression, vengefulness, antagonism

125 Desire, Craving, Lust, Enslavement, Denial

100 Anxiety, Fear, Withdrawal, Punishment

75 Regret, Grief, Despondency, Disdain

50 Apathy, Abdication, Condemnation, Hopelessness, Despair

30 Guilt, Blame, Vindictiveness, Evil, Destruction

20 Shame, Misery, Despisal, Humiliation, Elimination

Some correspondences may come as a surprise. One would expect hate to be the lowest of all emotions, but this is not so. When we hate, we possess certain strength. But when we feel ashamed, we give away our strength, which makes shame the lowest attainable level of consciousness.